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the future is here, but it looks like the same

16 Nov

london 9.50am 11.6C cloudybright thursday 2017

i was at the chelsea library yesterday and wanted to borrow a sci fiction novel , but the machine wont let me, saying my library card will expire before the return date, and to go see the desk about it. so i did and the librarian extended the date to 2020. i could see her doing it on the computer screen and it struck me that i have arrived at the future. haha. actually i have seen this date before, when my freedom pass was renewed and the expiry date was 2021. but it did not register in my mind; but now it struck me i have arrived at the future.  

we sci fi fans have always thought of the 2020s as the future. and we are getting to that soon. but when i look around me i dont see any futuristic things , have you? where are the flying cars, or robots, and flying skateboards, or future clothing… everyone looks ordinary wearing clothes that are not much different from the 1920s, people still wear heavy overcoats. though the fashion is for michelin man duvet style jackets now. hardly futuristic, as michelin man has been around for ages. and footwear has become trainers now.

but isn’t it strange that there is nothing futuristic to look at. what is futuristic is the internet, but it is not visual. even the so called updated advertising board in piccadily circus looks like the old one…

it is kind of comforting for people like me, that the future looks very much the past. i dont have to make much adjustment in my life. but perhaps there are others , of the younger generation who lives in houses that are so wired up that they do live like in the future. they can talk to their homes, and call the house for all kinds of things just like how we imagine the future to be like. but i think unless they invent the all purpose robot, things will not look very futuristic. 

added. 11.42am 14.2C brightcloudy i was coming back by bus 2 and saw this cadbury milk tray chocolate box , along with 2 other smaller choc boxes in the metro newspaper box. their plastic seal is still intact. i wonder who left it there, obviously to let people pick it up along with the free paper. i thought this box is more desireable, as it contains a selection of their chocolates.

its unusual to get this happening… free chocolates on the bus. haha. and another surprise, i thought the box is rather deep and wondered if it has a double tray , and sure enough it has. two trays of assorted chocolates. isn’t it great! 

Digital StillCamera

afraid the top tray has two chocs missing, i ate them, before i thought of looking underneath that tray …

added. 17.11.17 i thought i shall find out how much it costs normally, and was looking all over the box trying to find how heavy it was, it was 360g,googling it i found it normally costs £3, but guess what , i saw the expiry date it was 13.3.17… so that is the reason why it is free. haha. but i am glad that person decided to let us have it, rather than throw it away in the bins. even though expired, it tastes good. 

jim butcher, the aeronaut’s windlass

7 Oct

london wednesday 2015 drizzling,14.4C  18.04pm

yesterday after going to the opening of a erotic exhibition in the strand, i wandered onto trafalgar square and into the book shop at the corner there. there were loads of books on display, and i saw this one by jim butcher. a new book of his, start of a new series too. 

 and read a chapter whilst there and it captured my attention because it got a heroine who is not a namby pamby weak female character. i think he knows we sci-fi readers dont like weak females. i don’t. haha.

i am allready a fan of his, via his harry dresden series, so to be with him at the start of a new series is exciting. i saw this book  in my library this morning and immediately borrowed it and read it on the bus to aldi to do my shopping. they got some real good bargains 59p for a pack of 3 sweet peppers. i wanted to buy their gala apples a pack for the same price but it was all sold out. 

anyway  this author has a  load of ideas , he is a prolific writer. i am a late comer to him, as i had confused him with tim butcher, who i know as the author of blood river, which i like; but it is not a sci fi novel.

i just realise i am now reading all the first novels of his 3 series.  

added 9.10.15 i have finished reading the book. it is not as accomplished as his other two series. reading the others , it flows well and the whole thing is well thought out. this one, the world is not well thought out. it must be difficult to create a whole new world with strange technology, usually the technology is not described in detail, kept purposely vague so that people will accept it but this one he goes into great detail about the technology, and it does form quite a lot of the story, and the details can be jarring, and inconsistent. anyway, after finishing the book, i try to analyse how i feel about this story… it is just so so. and it says a lot for what i really feel about it, that i dont have a desire to read any more followups to this series.

of course, he might do a better job with the next book of the series, and that this is just a setup , to set the scene, and so might be limited by that.