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a ship cruise

21 Dec

london 1.37pm,

i have been on a ship cruise before,in fact twice, once on the queen elizabeth 2, on its 5day voyage to new york, the other on a gay cruise in the caribbean, leaving from fort lauderdale, florida.  . i think i did not appreciate it both times. maybe u need to be a certain age to enjoy it? to this day, i dontknow why i did not enjoy those cruises. you would think being on a gay ship with all the gay guys sailing in warm seas would be ideal, wouldn’t you? i wanted something more active,(but really that gay ship was very active though i did not join in the activities; so that cannot be the reason.  

but ships are not places to run around and see new sights. but places to relax, chill out. that is why maybe i am thinking now that i am older, i might realise what they are about and get to enjoy one. who knows right?

anyway, i got a invite for two to see the telegraph ship cruise exhibition in the excel, in the royal victoria docks. on 8-10jan2016. u can enter competitions for a free cruise, that will be the only time i get to a cruise these days, as i dont want to pay for one. memories of those olden day cruises i went to does not encourage me to spend money on them. but i still harbour hopes of really enjoying one. one day.