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8 Nov

london 9.56pm sunday 15.8C

not sure if my weather website is correct, but 15.8C at this time of night is really mild. yesterday i was browsing the supermarkets and saw morrisons were selling basmati rice 10kg , 2packs for £15. that is rather a good price. i tried to find out from the website if it is only basmati and not a mixture of inferior rice with basmati, as sometimes they do, and sell at a lower price. but there was no information. 

i was tempted to go and buy it, even though i might discover it is mixed rice;  especially since i saw their pork is also £2/kg.

this sunday, today, i will be going to the library at paddington to read the sunday papers and then i go on to another library. and i remember this sunday is remembrance day and so whitehall will be closed to buses.

so my plan was to take the bus number 2 to my stop and get back to take the shopping trolley that i have found years ago but never use. i would need the trolley because i intend to buy 20kg of that rice and it will be too heavy to carry. i dont have a bag for that trolley, because when i found it, it was missing its shopping bag. i only found the frame, but it has a seat that you can drop down, and i was so taken by that design that i kept the trolley anyway.

but guess what, i was walking from the paddington library to catch the bus to the other library and i passed a pile of stuff dispersed on the pavement. someone or some thing had disturbed the bags of stuff. and i saw a shopping bag lying there. i walked off and only realised that i could do with that, and returned to pick it up.

it turned out to be really useful. as it can be fitted over the trolley i found and it was stable. i was thinking of using a laundry bag as a shopping bag, but this one is better. so i got my rice and was able to transport it back without breaking my back. haha.

i can manage to carry 15kg, which i did the last time i bought so much rice. it was at asda in the old kent road. that cost £4 each 5lb bag. and so the weight was distributed nicely between two hands. that was why i could carry them. but this 20 kg really is heavy, even with the trolley i could feel the weight. ah well, i shall be ok for rice for 6 months now.

fortunately, the rice is unmixed and all basmati rice. otherwise i wont have bought it. in fact, i nearly did not buy it because there was only one bag on the shelf. and it was £9 if u buy just one. i asked the staff if they would let me buy the one bag for the reduced price, but he said no. i was returning it to the shelf, when i looked across the aisle and saw a stack of these bags on the other side. well i was very glad i saw it. the journey was not wasted after all. i could not find their pork for £2/kg but that does not matter as i got the rice. so that was my rice saga today. haha. 

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 i haven’t thought much about shopping bags before this. its something we see around us all the time and so is invisible in a way. now i find myself looking at other people’s shopping bags esp if they are on wheels. i must say i like this one i found it is so colourful, and i hadn’t realised they can be so bright as most times i see quite dull versions.

result of shopping bag usage in scotland

20 Oct

london tuesday 10.9C 9.24am 2015 cloudy

scotland had the shopping bag price imposed one year ago, today. and the results are in. 80% reduction. scotland had previously used more per head than anyone else in uk. but in terms of figures, it is 800million bags compare to england which used 7.6billion bags last year. haha. so the impact of the price increase in england will be more significant when it gets reduced by this time next year. it is all to the good , this 5p charge on shopping bags. i am all for it. 

as usual you will get some idiots trying to over-react, by stealing the shopping carriers and trolleys. but they will get short shrift from the security people soon enough. its so easy to carry around a reusable bag, there is no excuse not to.

i like the method by sainsburys. where they dont even have any of those bags, just bags for life which is kept by the cashier. that way it stops people from taking the one off bags without paying. and they have bags for life, for almost the same cost as a one off bag. though this is not covered by the giving to charity. the supermarket can deduct the cost of the bags, etc, but since the whole exercise is not a money raising one for charity, this side effect is just that a side effect. the main aim is to reduce the shopping bags in the environment. 

i am glad that i can be online

31 Aug

london 15.5C 5.47am bank holiday monday 2015 sunrise 6.10am

it has just struck me that it was very fortunate that i corrected the glitch in my chromebook yesterday, instead of just returning home and hope that it will correct itself. if i had not gone to the google store so soon after the glitch appeared, and had it corrected, i would be having a useless chrome book not working at all during this bank holiday. and with the shops closed today i might not be able to get the same expert help at the store today as it wont be fully manned. so i really have saved myself a lot of grieve by going there yesterday and get it sorted out so quick.

so now i am a bit shell shocked as it were, thinking of what it might have been and how i escaped that. i should be ecstatic at missing that fate, but i think humans cannot feel great joy at having escaped something we dont know what we missed.

i can imagine another timeline where i did not escape and am suffering the angst at not being able to get online as i would normally do. i am trying to savour that feeling of having narrowly escaped a calamity.

the sky outside my window is beginning to lighten now. as it is 5.55am .  it’s very quiet here; no dawn chorus from noisy birds , one of the joys of living in a city, as opposed to the country where there are more birds about.

even the seagulls that normally would be nesting on the chimneys of the block of flats opposite me have gone. their young has grown up and flown off i think, that is why they are gone. and not because of the hawk which the estate hired to try to scare them away.

yesterday i was just on the outskirts of the nottinghill area, where the carnival is on, the police have placed road blocks on all the roads going into that area. i was not affected as the paddington library was just outside that area. must be real inconvenient for the motorists living there. i think they got good weather yesterday, in that the threatened rain did not come.

they expect the real rain to come today. the festival is still on today.  huge rain clouds can be seen on the weather maps coming into london marching across london and  practically covering london for the whole day.

the libraries are all closed today, so i wont be able to go there as i normally do to read the papers.

i read here in the papers online, ( i found a great aggregate website for it, better than the one i had before which got lost when the chromebook got glitched)that walking 20 mins everyday will be useful to keep off ageing. i suspect as much, but it seems fresh evidence has been found to support it. i think i will walk to the library now instead of taking the bus as i normally do.

it is so tempting to take the bus, as it is free for me. it will certainly save money for my westminster council  for bus fares, as they pay my fare. haha. here is a case where it discourages walking. but people must do the healthy thing and forego the bus;  and just because it is free, does not mean u must take it.

it is the same with plastic bags given away by the supermarkets. for years, i have taken my own bags because i dont subscribe to that attitude where if it is free, i must take it. well, from october, everyone in england will have to pay 5p for each of  the bags. in wales and in scotland, this payment have allready been in place and dont seem to present problems so i am sure it will be so in england when it is implemented.

hope everyone bring their own bags. though i have been using the free bags that simon brings home  to line my rubbish bins and use as rubbish bags. we shall have to find another solution to that. we used to buy plastic rubbish bags. but that would just propagate more plastic bags surely? i wonder what other people would do to solve this? sainsbury bags are bio degradable, maybe they all are nowadays, so maybe the whole thing has come too late, and no need to ban supermarket bags, but to make rubbish bags biodegradable instead. hmm, u can see solving one problem, or thinking we solve one problem leads to another , and worst one.

contactless cards are going from strength to strength. esp from 1sept, the limit will be raised to £30 per transaction. i have not used it, because i prefer to pay cash. but in uk plenty like it. i think once the buses and tubes adopted it, people become used to it and so it becomes a normal part of their life. it is a bit like credit cards … i remember i used them like as if they were normal when i came to uk, even though when i was growing up in malaysia i never use them. 

added 7.50pm i think i know what happened to cause the glitch in my chromebook. i used a different email from what i registered with. instead of using the email with the @gmail.com , i forgot and used the @hotmail.com address. so that locked me out of my account in the chromebook. there must be a way to start again , but i dont know how . all i saw was the box asking me to type in my password, there was no box asking me for the email address again. so let this be a warning to those who are using chromebook. use the gmail account when u log on.