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found thing

25 Mar

london 4.31pm 12.1C sunny sunday 2018


the bag has a fine stippled pattern which is rather pleasing. its a deceptive bag, its base is small, but it spreads out above it to a very wide opening. i have never seen such a design before. you can carry a lot of things in it. the front flap has D TURKMAN on it. i thought it was the initials of whoever threw it away… a novel idea i thought to initial your shopping bag with your name so it does not get mixed up with others… but i googled the name and it seems it is a brand. but there dont seem to be a company website.

i found this shopping trolley placed beside the bins of an old folks home. it was actually not as nice looking as this when i first saw it. the bag  was all crumpled up on the frame , it had no  base cardboard. only later did i realise the base cardboard was taken out … i dont know what made me take the trolley, maybe because i was on my way to the tesco supermarket and thought a shopping trolley will be useful. it was only when i was waiting at the bus stop nearby and was examining it, that i realise it has not got a base… so i went back to get it, because earlier i saw a rectangular board covered in black plastic lying near it… and put two and two together and realised it might be the base. it was, fitted perfectly  which was good to have, as it firms up the base of the bag and let it rest securely on the frame and enable it to support heavy things in the bag.

the wheels were white and look like new. usually the threads are worn down with constant use. but not these. and it turned out to be just what i needed to carry lots of vegetables that tesco was selling cheap.

i bought cabbage, carrots 1kg, brocolli all 3 for £1. and celery for 29p. this trolley is quite compact so that it is easy to carry around , it is very light when empty, which is an important factor i realise, because i have another trolley that is quite big and heavy when empty and i find i am reluctant to carry that around when i go shopping. it is useful for those times when i know i am going to buy rice… because the trolley is quite long handled, and that gives it a lot of leverage and make it very easy to carry very heavy loads.

its quite a fun thing, to come across  unexpected things in the rubbish bins that turn out to be so very useful.