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bus driver

25 Aug

london 8.36pm 16.7C tuesday 2015

i was on the bus earlier today, on my way to the supermarket.

usually bus drivers are really good drivers, but today, we were approaching the junction at camberwell,and there was a building with scaffolding very close to the road, so that it ripped off the kerbside mirror of the bus.

i was on the top deck on the side where it happened. there was a loud scrapping noise. the little girl sitting on the front seat right by the big front viewscreen jumped up with a little scream. no one was hurt.

when i went down , i saw the inspector handling the side mirror, it was snapped off. the front door was open so with a few other passengers i got off, as i know the bus will be taken out of commission. it cant go on without an intact side mirror.

that scaffolding is too near the road, and it might be this is the first time a bus got damaged from it. i could see a plank with jagged edges, suggesting that it had been ripped off, perhaps by this accident, as the wound looks quite freshly made. 

usually it is trees growing too close to the kerb that caused these bus mishaps. it is a hard life being a bus driver, so many things u have to look out for. i think compared to , for eg, train drivers, the train drivers got it easier. and they are paid more too.