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no point buying a smart tv

5 Sep

london 7.30am monday 2016 rain 15.2C

In the past, Google API changes have resulted in YouTube no longer working on older Apple TVs and other devices running previous OS versions. 50 Sony BRAVIA TVs models released in 2012 are about to loose support for YouTube playback due to recent changes made by Google.

Sony does not cite the exact specification change, but Google recently announced that all YouTube connections will soon be encrypted with HTTPS. link

this is saying all those 2012 smart tvs are not working with google changing their encryption to https. it suggests people just use chromecast instead. that would mean no point buying a smart tv, really. i myself cannot see the point of buying smart tvs. glad to see my instinct has held true. haha.

i think it also apply to old laptops too. my chromebook has always only connected me to urls only if that urls have https. it is a safety feature that i appreciate a lot. because it means someone trying to hack into it wont be able to see anything that i type into my chromebook and steal info.

 and i have noticed some library users cannot log onto the library free wifi . i think it is because of this https and they were using old laptops with old software.

 the library tried to remedy it by removing the https , because for a time i could not log on with my chromebook though others in the library could. i brought it to the attention of the librarian to be told well others could, so it is your problem. or words to that effect. so i was resigned to not being able to log on in the library. but recently it has been fixed. and i could log on. 

our future will be bombarded with ads

11 Jan

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some interesting stuff in this roundup in overspill. it warns that panasonic smart tv TC-PVT50 series has got a start up banner ad come up whenever u switch the tv on, and also when u change the volume . hmm, we are now finding out that having a smart tv is not that great. haha.

from this post i found out that hdtv was first showcased in ces (consumer electronics show) in 1998. it took me about 16 yrs to get it in my home. 

simon nearly bought a smart tv during the sales in january last year. he thought he bought one, but found out later that it is not a smart tv, ( i think if it were me, i would not have realised, and carried on with it still thinking i got a smart tv, and i think a lot of people may be fooled that way too)and told the company, and they admitted they gave him the wrong model, but the smart tv on the sale that he wanted has sold out, so they asked him if he wants a refund or get a reduced price for the ordinary HD 40″ tv he got. he opt for the reduced price, ( about £60 less, not a lot of difference, which means a lot will opt for a smart tv. it costs about £230 i think after the reduction. )and so we inadvertently got ourselves an ordinary HD tv, instead of a smart one.  

now i think we had the best of both worlds. with it i can see the programs on hi-definition and it really makes a difference in the picture quality.

 the tv works, in that i can get all the channels even when i have switched off my wifi. i have a feeling the smart tv would not work unless u are on the internet all the time. this one is not dependent on the internet to function. it just works via a box that connects the rooftop aerial, and gets the tv signal and converts it to HD. and we can see all the channels . it is only if we want to get iplayer, or see programs that are one hour old, or other programs shown allready, that we need to connect to the internet. or if we want to  pay for netflix, or get subscription channels , neither of which we are interested in. 

i have a feeling that being connected to the internet allows whoever is on the other end,to monitor what u use or see. at one time i read that they can even see you watching the tv, or hear what u say… i wonder what happen to that… did they stop it or are they still secretly doing it?

just monitoring your usage and what u watch is not in itself intrusive, i mean  u dont notice it so in that sense it is not intrusive, but still, it is nice to know that i can switch off the router, and see the tv anonymously.

and now with that panasonic smart tv, they can send u ads too, even when u are not watching any programs. 

but now i am made aware  from this mention that they are putting ads on the tv itself rather than link it to a tv program. it wont be long before the ads pop up within the tv, as an extra to the actual tv program u are watching. they do it when u change the volume, but they can do it when u change channels, or do any adjustment , like change colour , contrast, etc. 

all this so called smart tv , or smart gadgets means that u will be bombarded with ads wherever u have them. so u will have your fridge or toaster suddenly yelling at u in loud volume and splashy colour what the latest thing to buy. haha. 

but of course, you can escape all that if u dont buy smart gadgets. but i envisage a future when anything u can get free, or is offered free, will come with a caveat, that u have to watch the ads.right now we are allready getting a taste of it… our tv is full of ads in between the actual program. only the bbc is immune to it, but if they dont get any increased funding from the tv license, they may well be let loose  to advertise.