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no idea how to use a smartphone

17 Jan

london 12.57pm 9.3C sunny tuesday 2016

simon bought a lenovo smartphone for £20. it is sold by O2, so quite legit. amazingly low price, because it is a recycled smartphone. they dont sell it with a charger, u have to pay extra for that, but they give u a usb , so u can charge it via your laptop. however, he is having trouble with it because he has not a clue how it works. for eg, he could not find the alarm button. there is a button to alter the volume of the alarm , but no button for him to set the alarm and switch it on.  he had expected the alarm logo to appear on the screen , but it did not come up on the screen as you would expect such things to do… i suppose it is such a basic function everyone and his dog knows how to bring it up, so no one bothers to put in instructions to tell you how to do it. … that is the trouble with these gadgets. they all assume u know the basics. but if u are new to smartphones you are   like a primitive aborigine given these gadgets … no clue which end is up even. you could be seeing it all upside down and have no idea you are doing it. well that is the experience simon is having now and it is very irritating for him. 

i had thought of getting one of these, after i heard he bought it for only £20, but after seeing him being baffled by it, i decided i dont want to deal with it, and so i have  rid myself of any thoughts of buying one. thank goodness, is all i can say. one less bother to bother with.

he will need to find someone who has a smartphone to show him the basic things. 



i am not a smartphone user

8 Mar

london 7.21am 3.2C sunny tuesday 2016

i read this , ‘in search of the amazingly elusive non smartphone user‘, and realised the marketting world have noticed us and are trying to sell to us. are our numbers rising?

For a consumer who is very price-conscious, like the non-smartphone owner, they have no intention of using the increased capabilities so see no need to pay for it.

the above quote from the article sums it up nicely i think.

i have been fascinated by smartphones and thought i shall be able to use it if i get one, but the costs have detered me. not only the initial costs of buying a smartphone, but especially the cost of phone plans, every high for very low data quotas.

the  call plan can be like £30 a month and u get only 1G a month limit. when you consider that using my chrome book i use up 40G a month, and that is not even using video or tv watching,(i realised simon uses it too and he watches the tv on iplayer) this was when talk talk showed me my usage, but since they give me unlimited usage they have stopped showing it. 

it is obvious that those smartphone users are always going over their data limits and paying a premium for it.

and i now come to realise that practically everything that can be done with a smartphone i can do using my chrome book and easier too, as typing on my chrome book is so much easier.

it seems to me people have been fooled like me with the hype and thought they will be much better off with a smartphone rather than a chrome book, and now realising that it is not all that great.

but i think they have now got the smartphone, and got used to it, and so shall just carry on with it. once u get familiar with something it takes a lot to ask you to change, the habit is established now.

it has its advantages , in that its small size means they can carry it everywhere with them, and they have learnt now to write on it, and surf on it, and many of them now use twitter which limits how much they can write, which i think turns out to be a big factor… writing short pieces is now encouraged and that suits the smartphone user a lot. and many use the radio or music section because i see a lot of people wearing the ear phones and not talking, so they must be listening to music. and with whatsapp, they can text each other free, and so many need to just be on a the basic call plan.

the article says marketeers should look at non smartphone users as they are a potential marketting source, but i think we are not consumers of stuff, and it will be hard to sell stuff to us. though having said that, we as a group have money to spend. if they can find something that we like, they will find a group that have the money for it.  

i seem to be fascinated with smartphones

22 Jan

london 8.05am 8.2C cloudy. friday 2016

even though i dont have one. i wonder why? haha. i think i secretly like the idea of having one. even though i am aware i dont really need it. i can do almost everything with my chrome book and it is free and easier to type on it than on a smartphone. 

this article i found talks of tracking and spying on a lost phone. it seems it can see pictures taken with the stolen phone, and can track it. the experiment was to test 3 different anti theft apps. so if u find a smartphone, even though u might be tempted to keep it, it might be everything u do on it, is tracked. it also applies to 2nd  hand phones too. is that the reason why we seldom find it being sold in the shops? or in charity shops?

though the tech can go haywire, as in this post showing how one address in atlanta keeps coming up and people have gone there to ask for their lost phone back, to find it is a tech mistake. 


17 Dec

london 10.43am 15.6C (so warm!) thursday 2015

this morning on my way to the library i went into the victoria coach station to get a free copy of today’s metro, and i saw a table all laid out, with a board saying draw for a £500 voucher from megabus. they were doing a promotion.

but also there were coffee cups there saying get your free coffee!! well that made me take notice so i went over and found out it was a megabus promotion.

well i know of them and have used their £1 fare to bournemouth. that is a real bargain. though interestingly enough in their leaflet there was no mention of the bournemouth service from and to london. this is because there is no bus service but it has a train service which is a better service, as it is only 2 hours instead of 3 by bus. but they dont advertise that one. instead they advertise their services to france, germany etc. if that is all for £1 i dont quite see how they will make money unless of course they only reserve a limited number of seats at £1 and the rest at usual prices. anyway i got my coffee and am now in the library enjoying it whilst i am surfing the internet. haha.

i told some of the people there about the free coffee. and this man who had been there often, came over to me and showed me his smartphone and asked me how to get rid of the logo which says other services. i said why do u want to do that? clicking onto it i saw a button saying connect to wifi so i told him u could use that to connect to the library wifi and u can get online free and surf the net. so i did it for him, and found he gets connected straightaway without asking for registration. that is strange but maybe smartphone users can do that. later i asked him has he got online, and he said no. so i checked and found he does need to register.

he is still doing it now. because he got a really long email address. one of the silly mistakes people make, he was using his name and boy he is from africa with a long name. and typing all that in a small smartphone screen is murder. so i told him next time if there is a next time use a short email address. haha. another person, a lady asked me how to get onto the library wifi so i told her. and she got it quickly.

that guy is still doing it, writinghis long email address. so i told him write any address, they dont really check. but he does not believe me. haha. i dont think he got online even now. haha. well, he illustrates the old saying u can bring a horse to water but u cannot make him drink. haha. u can shove a smartphone on someone but he still have to learn to use it.

usually there is a leaflet on the desk telling people how to do it, get online in the library. but there is none today.

it is so easy to be connected to the web in london, but i realise it is not so easy elsewhere, esp in india. i read an article about wifi and internet in india and how google and android are trying to get everyone connected . google introduced android one, supposed to be a cheap smartphone so everyone can get connected but it is not doing well. no one is buying it. it seems.

they say the reason might be that it is 2G and not 4G, but i think it is just people being suspicious that if it is so cheap it cannot be that good. in india where people cant even get a signal, to talk of taking 4G instead of 2G is laughable. i wish google will sell those phones here in uk. i would buy them. a smartphone for £25 would be a god send . here u can get a free smartphone but u have to shackle yourself to a monthly pay plan, for 2yrs. not really free.

and now i got a free mobile sim from talktalk,i dont mind a cheap smartphone.  i recently got an email to confirm my order, i am hoping to get the sim delivered in a few days. ( i made the order on 1.12.15 but i never got an email confirming it, that is why i did not receive the sim. so that i had to go back to their customer services to ask them, and to reorder. ) they even sent me my mobile phone number on that sim, and it is very easy to remember , so i shall keep it rather than change it.

added 12.47pm there is a voucher from burgerking for £2 king burger and bacon double cheese burger plus fries. i am tempted.  not often u get these discount vouchers from burgerking. most times, it is macdonalds. 

Guys Achieves Ultimate Lazy Achievement | Ya Ma Donkey

4 Jul

Guys Achieves Ultimate Lazy Achievement | Ya Ma Donkey.

this shows a guy hooking his smartphone onto his ear and so frees his hands , and also prevents arm strain holding it against his ear. i wonder how it is done.

i think it is very practical and i wonder if anyone have invented a holder that will do it.

the smartphone is not really very comfortable to hold for calls, great for using as a laptop but awful as a phone. this way you can talk on the phone with someone hands free.

perfect i should think.

EE set to give free power bars to all customers

4 Apr

EE set to give free power bars to all customers 

this sounds like a good marketting ploy.

i was at the fulham arcade and saw their shop with the poster for this offer in the window. at the time i did not realise what exactly it was. but this article shows me what i missed. haha. that poster never mentioned u can just exchange your empty one for a fully charged on at any EE shop. so the offer must be recent.

the gadget is like a portable rechargeable battery.

the strong attraction , to me anyway, (not that i got a EE subscription , or even a smartphone for that matter haha), is that u can just go into a EE shop and exchange your empty gadget for one fully charged up. this is really great because it seems it takes 4hrs to charge one up and just think of the electricity and money u need to use if u charge it on your own supply. why it takes so long to charge up is a mystery. cant they invent something that is quick to recharge?

i guess for anyone thinking of getting a monthly plan, this giveaway might tip people to take up a EE plan. would you? or is EE plans more expensive than the others.

here is an article saying PAYG (pay as u go) is much cheaper in the long run. but it means paying for a smartphone upfront. 

this one in the same article shows how to find good mobile plans.

the cheapest smartphone i could find so far is this. samsung , it costs £40. i am still looking for a £25 smartphone. haha.

3G, the mobile network, their PAYG for smartphones charge 3p/min for calls and 2p per text … that is even cheaper than what i am on now, 8p/min and 4p per text. but i make so few calls, it is not worth it to buy a smartphone for £40 just for that cheaper tariff.

may have to go to india to get a $25 mozilla smartphone. it uses firefox os will it  work in uk? the US says it might contain spy ware , it is made by a chinese company. it has very few apps, for eg no whatsapp, which is what i want if i get a smartphone.



$30 smartphones are here—and they’re getting better every day – Quartz

18 Dec

$30 smartphones are here—and they’re getting better every day – Quartz.

a friend who likes to phone me and chitchat, because he got a smartphone and have a call plan with free calls and text for £6 a month, asks me if i got a smartphone. i said i got a chromebook which is just as good. but if this article is true for uk, and we can get smartphones for like £21, i can see myself getting one in future.

the biggest obstacle to me getting a smartphone and using it like a laptop, is the fact that typing on it is difficult. one day perhaps when they perfect voice recognition, it will be possible to dictate messages, in which case a smartphone will be perfect.