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do u drink?

9 Jan

london 7.28pm 10.9C (don’t u think that is mild?)rain. saturday 2016

alcohol, i mean.

there is the advise to drink 14units a week. and this article tells u how much is a unit.

ALL DRINKS - What Does 1 Unit Of Alcohol Look Like V2 Copy 2

from this link

i tried to find out how many units u can drink before u go over the limit for drivers. but it seems there are so many other factors, weight, age, gender, etc that it is not possible to just put a number to it.

many people seem to think that if u wish to enjoy your life it has to be with a drink. if u are not a drinker you are a sad sack. haha. or after a long frightful episode, someone will shout, i could do with a drink, and everyone laughs with understanding… i would be thinking he is thirsty… and asking for a glass of water…

but it just goes to show what mindsets people have… and your mindset is what colours what beliefs u hold. and that will affect how you live your life, or how happy you are.

but back to drinking.

a lot of people think the advise is too much of a nannying by the state. no doubt the state wishes to let people know that any form of drinking is bad.( the advise concentrate on  telling you of the health effects.but i think it will make u addicted and then it becomes uncontrollable; but this is something that many advise dont seem to dwell on. maybe because many will say it wont happen to them). and that if u have to drink keep it to 14 units a week. 6pints of beer, or 7 glasses of wine.

you might think it wont happen to you , that u can drink and that u can control it, but you might find out too late that you are the  one of many who cannot.

it is said that there are some who can drink and never get to depand on it… i think it is a myth, i dont think anyone can control it. when they get into a crisis in life, they will tip over the edge and the drinking becomes uncontrollable. 

someone who drinks may find that they gradually move to addiction without realising it until too late. the only way is to not drink at all, that is my opinion. but of course it would be ruinous on our economy if everyone follows that advise. haha.

well, all i can say is i am glad i do not drink.  with one stroke i get rid of all that angst about whether it is what makes a person live to the full, and that it is one of the greatest pleasures that life can give u; or to grapple with all the debt and illness that uncontrolled drinking can bring. you might say i have deprived myself of the joys of tasting wine, and alcoholic drinks and deprived myself of that pleasure.

but i wont miss what i dont know. in this case, i think it is a good thing. haha.