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another happy day

5 Nov


another happy day today. i was at the library and after reading the newspapers and getting online, i noticed a gadgets of simon’s dangling on the strap of my gymbag. i wonder how it got there. i have been carrying it precariously entangled on my strap all the way from my flat on the bus to here in this library and not even noticing it until now and only because it was hanging right in front of my face as if from nowhere. it certainly was not there when i was lifting my laptop out of the bag, yet here i see it right by the opening of the gymbag.

well, all i can say is i m glad my soul dont want me to lose it.

do u know what it is for? i have no idea. must ask simon. anyway i must tell him i have put it on the shelf instead of on the chair.

 Digital StillCamera

i wonder what it is used for. added. he said it is his charger for the electronic cigarette.

it is simon’s stuff. he leaves it lying on the chair where i normally dump my bag whenever i get home. it must have got entangled in the strap of my gymbag. it could easily have dropped off anytime between my flat and the library and i would not be the wiser, and simon would be wondering where it went to, and asking me if i have seen it, and of course i would say no, even though without my knowing i would be the one to lose it. but thank my soul it did not happen.

i have noticed this happening with others too. i can only say their soul and ours do not want them to go through it. there was this woman who came on the bus and , this is quite a common thing, start to fumble in her bag to find the oyster card… and dropping first one glove than the other and not realising it began to walk further into the bus. but a passenger alerted her to first the one glove than the other. and i was thinking well there is at least two souls who dont want that loss to happen.

 though i was thinking that woman’s soul may want her to lose those gloves one day… by letting her keep that oyster card in the depths of her bag instead of in one of the side pockets where it would be easy for her to find it…or even use the card without need to take it out, as the reader can access the oyster through the bag.  this time she might not have lost those gloves but one day if she continues like that she will lose them. 

today i have added happiness, not only from not losing simon’s stuff, but also found a book to borrow in the library. it is lindsey davis, enemies at home.

Digital StillCamera

i do enjoy her crime novels set in ancient rome.

and then to top it all, i went to the waitrose branch near me and got a latte. and the walk back was very nice, through streaming sunlight filtered by the leaves and falling leaves. all the ingredients to make a happy feeling. oh yes, there is another thing. i had been having some pain in my left feet, so that it was painful to walk, which i realise was due to muscle spasm. so i took to stretching that muscle. i was stretching it whenever i could, at home, whilst waiting for the bus, and today it was fine. no more pain. and i could walk normally. well, being out of pain can really stretch your happiness i can tell you. haha. and no need for a survey to confirm it. 

my soul is up to some mischief

22 Oct

london wednesday 2014

things have been rather quiet in my life and my soul is wanting some excitement. it made me forget my sainsbury bag of library books that i was taking to the library to return.

i cannot remember whether i had it with me when i left the bus at the library stop, or i left it on the ground where i put it when i was waiting for the pedestrian lights to go green at the junction.

i went across the street to wait for the returning buses asking the 4 buses that came, but none of them know of it.

finally i asked where the bus company’s lost and found office was, and was told to ask the bus drivers hanging around the bus stop across the street.

one of them phoned the garage to give out a call to all the drivers about my sainsbury bag of library books plus my towel and swim wear and underwear. so far nothing. i was told to phone them again this evening .

i am getting rather absent minded about bags. Once, i left my knapsack at the bus stop and lost a library book and my swim wear and towel; so now I keep a hold on my knapsack all the time. i have learnt my lesson. now i got my chromebook in it, and i dont intend to forget it again.

so now i always have a strap of the knapsack round my shoulders wherever i am, even while waiting or on the bus. that way i can never forget it. 

now i guess i shall have to keep  a rope so that i can tie it to any bags that i am carrying and tie it to my waist or something so i dont forget.

i am hoping someone finds it and returns the books to the library. there were 5 books in it. the fine will be hefty.

ah well, i shall have a word with my soul and tell it to direct the soul who finds the bag to return the library books.  and while i am at it i shall mentally give it a tight slap for being so bloody minded. dont do it again.  

sometimes i wonder why it happens.

recently simon lost his car keys. he usually leaves them on the ledge by the front door. this time he said he remembers putting it in the living room, so it must be  somewhere in the room. so he searched high and low, and had to delay going to his mother’s house for his time off from his shift work.

fortunately he found it. i asked where was it? he said it was on the ground under a lot of clothes in front of the stack of drawers in the corner of the room.

now how in hell can those keys be lying there? one would have thought they would be on the table at least , or lying on furniture;  not lying on the floor.

i was thinking his soul is acting up. i would give it a tight slap and tell it to behave itself. 

anyway i went to the library, and tried to read the papers but what the heck, the place where i keep my reading glasses all the time… a toilet bag given by emirates airlines that i hang round my neck was open and no reading glasses. how irritating. it is always in there so why is it not in there now!!!

anyway i decided to carry on with my original plan to go swimming, even though i lost my swim wear and towel, and spare underwear.

but i figured it does not require these things. i was wearing a pair of football shorts under by long pants so i can use them for my swim wear. and the lack of a towel is not a great deterrant as i could dry off with the hair dryer there. luckily i got my shower gel and razor in my knapsack.

that reminds me never to put anything else inside these grocery bags.

so i had my swim and it was very nice, because i am quite good at the free style now. and i got back and guess what, i find my reading glasses on the chair where i put my knapsack. how did it get there?!!! i never take it out when i am at home as i got reading glasses for home use.

i remember now another time when something similar happened. i could not find my shampoo gel one time at the pool, and when i got home i found it on the chair. why it got there when i never take them out of my bag!!!. the only thing i can think of is that i was taking other things out of my bag and unconsciously removed these things to find what i was looking for and forgetting to put them back. sigh, is it old age making me forgetful? so that i dont even remember doing it??? now u can understand why old people get angry, it is more anger at themselves for being such old fools. well, i shall scold my soul instead haha. it should have reminded me or make me notice it sitting there. 

but being absent minded is not only due to old age, simon is prone to it too and he is younger than me. he leaves things all over the place and then forgets where he puts them.

i at least am very strict with myself about putting things exactly and always where i keep things always in the same place. i would actually get out of bed, or stop doing other things and immediately move it once i remember it, and put the things where they should be. this is because i hate misplacing things and not being able to find them immediately. 


15 Oct


i wonder if i am getting old but i think not, i think it is this library , trying to make me think i am losing my mind and getting old. 

this morning i am at the library and i could not find the usual library network to get online.

i see others and they seem to be online, though it is hard to tell as many may just be working offline. i could ask them but i did not want to do so. in a library i am reluctant to talk to other people as i like quiet.

anyway i went to the desk to ask them and at first the receptionist thought i was talking of the computers in the library which u can use, saying they work ok; only later she realised i was talking of the wifi. how strange, i would have thought she would immediately know that any puzzled query about the internet will be about this new change in network name.

I have been coming to the library to get online for  a long time and have only yesterday logged on using the old network.  for her not to realise that anyone approaching the desk complaining of it will be from this change makes me wonder what kind of people they have working for the library.

i have been using this network everyday and today is the first time i see this change. and there has been no notice pinned up in a prominent place or on the desks in the reading room to tell us of it. it was only when she realised what i was about that she gave me a leaflet telling me how to get online. 

all this reminds me of a post by someone who found an error in the official answer to the maths question in an exam. the answer was wrong, so that her child who gave the right answer was marked wrong. it can really destroy someone’s confidence if u do that. it’s the same with old people.

if u hide their things or move it about, you can really make them think they are losing their mind when they return to where they left it and it is not there. so all you people out there, dont move an old person’s things at all. leave them exactly where u find them. dont think u are doing them a favour by tidying up after them.

anyway after a roundabout route , so different from the previous one, i finally got online in the library.

i suppose it gives me something to write about. haha.

the man has come to test my tap water again. i was very reluctant to let him as the water board did not tell me of it. well, this time it better be negative, or i shall kick up a stink that the man was doing the test wrong. he was wiping with a cloth where the water comes out of the tap. that is not really very sterile, i did not question him when he did it, but now i have a think it seems most peculiar. why contaminate the tap before taking the water? i hope my soul will put an end to it and that the test comes out negative. 

been watching crime tv programs. this one called grantchester is about a vicar who solves murder in his parish. i know it is fiction, and the writer must make people do things like kill someone for some very small reason as far as i can see, otherwise there wont be a novel will there? but it just makes me think their souls just want to make their lives difficult. 

living in london pt 19

11 Aug


yesterday as i was walking to the library at about 2pm, there was a long queue of cars on all the access roads to vauxhall bridge.

it was a sunday and normally there would be hardly any traffic but that day the prudential bike run has closed down a lot of bridges and vauxhall bridge must be one of the few left open.

well, i did not have any sympathies for those car drivers. serves them right for wanting to drive across the river knowing full well that every year when this prudential ride happens, it causes huge traffic jams, with the most serious being the lack of bridges over the thames that are open for traffic.

it is not a good time to be driving  in central london or south of the river, and anyone living in london should know that. i got emails from tfl telling me of it and so should many of those who live in london.

all the buses would be disrupted too, and that we all know. that is why i did not go on the buses to charing cross library which i would normally do on a sunday.

Though come to think of it, i nearly did, and the only thing that stopped me was the torrential rain that pelted down in the morning just when i was thinking of taking the bus to the charing cross library.

my soul does not want to make my life difficult and i would like to think that it send the rain pelting down just when i was thinking of going to the centre of town.

you may laugh , what is all this talk of souls making your life difficult; but it stopped me from going there and suffering all the disruptions of bus routes and timing. it would have been a miserable time for me if i had gone.

so i guess i should not blame the car drivers…those car drivers driving around may have forgotten about that day, and took the car out and then got stuck in traffic jam and realised they forgot about the ####y bike ride. by which time it is too late. well they should kick themselves for being so stupidly forgetful, and tell off their souls not to make their lives difficult.

i have noticed the car drivers stayed in the queue, i saw only one van making a u turn and getting out of there;  instead of turning round and just go home and take the tube or train. 


man’s best invention, to be able to read and write.

5 Oct

The other day, Friday, 4th oct, I was in Leicester square. It was after I went to Trafalgar square to see the Malaysian festival there. It was advertised the day before in the evening standard, a free newspaper distributed in London, and it reminded me that it happens annually.

I was rather glad I went, because there was a grocery stall selling 3 hot chilli sauce for £2. Normally it would cost about £1.50 each.
And 5packs of mee goring for £1. I was thinking of buying some chili sauce from Chinatown, except they are expensive there and also they are not hot. Whereas I tasted a sample and it was real chilli hot , just the way I like it.

Anyway, after I went to Chinatown to buy sesame oil, 177ml for £1.55, and black soya sauce, I was sitting on the marble seats fringing the Leicester square, opposite the casino, and having my packed lunch.

A street cleaner came by and instead of avoiding the seated people, he began to push his broom with a load of leaves along the seated area and making people move their things aside. It was rather unusual behaviour. The guy sitting next to me have to move his backpack, and jacket.

I did not bother, so the cleaner swept round me. Haha. That is the difference between tourists and us locals.

Anyway, later I saw him (the cleaner) coming back with his cart, and suddenly I saw him dash forward, I look to my right and saw a £10 note on the floor next to that backpacker guy but as soon as I saw it, the cleaner had picked it up with his long handled pickup.

That was quick.
My thought was well I wonder whose it belong to, and also thinking well the cleaner’s soul obviously wants him to have it. And good luck to him.
Later I had time to think, and I think the money must have fallen out of that backpacker guys pocket.

Well, believing as I do, that soul calls forth things, I can see the cleaner’s soul has called forth that and the backpacker’s soul obliged.

I know all of you who are reading this must be thinking what a weird guy I must be to be thinking like this … but you know what, it makes me feel happy that the universe is like this.

The cleaner I am sure could well do with that £10, whilst the backpacker looks he can afford to lose it. Of course, it might not be the case, but whatever… their souls recognised each other and produce this.
Of course my soul could have let me notice the £10 note earlier but it did not, because I have no need of that £10.

I view life in this way… and so I don’t feel upset when I read in the papers of all kinds of deaths, or trouble or whatever is reported. And the news is full of such things… as we all know.

I think this attitude is known as being stoical, and from this u can guess I rather like that stoic philosophy.

Incidentally, I had tasted that mee goring, and it is not like the mee goring I know. Haha. The instant noodles are not really very filling, and don’t have much bite to them.

It did give me an idea though, that I can make my own and quite tasty too using spaghetti as noodles, and making a sauce out of black soya sauce, chilli sauce sesame oil, tomato sauce and it would combine all the tastes… spicy, sour, salty, sweet.

Today, I went back to the Clapham south branch of Tesco where I found the 16p spaghetti but there are none left, but I found them being sold for 20p at another Tesco store. So I guess that batch was an old one and now it has all sold out and the new price is operative. Still 20p for 500mg is v good value.

I find spaghetti make very good noodles for making stir fried dry noodles or in noodle soup. And are a good substitute for the Chinese vermicelli, or the flat Chinese noodles sold in Chinatown.

I have been reading rather a lot of books which I borrowed from the library. Life is wonderful that I can find so many books that I like to read.

And to be able to read is really one of the best things about being human. When u think about it, don’t you think it rather strange that we can look at the words and be able to speak them outloud, for others to hear and understand what we are saying , and the words can be read for others to know what the author wants to say… I tell you, it is a miracle. i think it may be the best invention man has discovered. 




view from london

17 Sep

I hope everyone is enjoying their life as I do.
Here in London the season is changing. It is rather nice to watch the annual show… autumn coming round. So far the trees are still green, but there is a lot more rain of the drizzly sort.

Even though it was raining and quite heavily too, I was out today, to forage for bargain meat at the supermarket near me as well as just to get out of the flat for a change.

I went to the nearby hotel where a property developer was showing their plans for 9 millbank, a rather imposing block overlooking the thames and overlooking the gardens of the  house of parliament. These offices have wonderful unobstructed views of the thames and were built by ICI, and they are going to turn them into flats. On the other side of the road from this block is the offices of MI6. this area is full of such developments… offices being turned into flats.

here is a google streetmap view of it

I saw lots of mince beef which have to be sold today … that means they will have to be reduced. The first time I went, it was reduced from £4 to £2.50, minced beef less than 20% fat. whilst the basic minced beef(less than 23%fat) was reduced £3.85 to £1.50. They were 750mg. But I thought they will be reduced some more as the day goes by, so I returned at about 5pm, and they were reduced to £1.65 and £1.11 respectively. So I bought the cheaper ones, I bought 3packs.

And divided them into six portions and freeze 5 whilst I cook a beef bolognaise with the rest.


added. 20.33. went again to get bargain bread, bought 2 warburton white loaves for .34p each.(simon will be pleased.haha) on the way back went into the tesco and saw the beef reduced further. £1.20 and .85p, so i bought another one of the 85p. there seem to be a glut of minced beef, because i saw a lot dated tomorrow being reduced as well. 


I try not to eat a lot of meat but it is nice, now and then, to eat meat.

If left alone in the freezer these will last me a long time, but I know simon will eat them. It is a pity because he has high blood pressure and should be more careful with meat eating or overeating. Not to mention when i want to eat them, they are gone. haha. 

Ah well, his soul wants it.

I have a friend who I occasionally chat on the phone and he does not like my viewpoint , that their souls wants it. i think because it implies that whatever happens to them is what their souls wants. and i think many people balk at that… it makes them seem so unfeeling and callous at the plight of the poor, or unfortunate. 

He says it makes me appear unfeeling and callous of the feelings of others implying it is all their fault. I am sure he is right, in that it makes whoever holds these views to appear in a bad light. Haha.

But I don’t mind what others think of me. To me the soul wants to experience life, and if it wants to experience deprivation, anger etc it will bring all those about. Asking other souls to come along and do them in and give them the chance to experience these feelings.

So it is not so much asking for it, as wanting to experience it.
My soul do not want to experience all those feelings of anger, or jealousy or fear, or righteousness or poverty or debt or having really bad relationships with other human beings , that is why I don’t have those things happen to me.

I like experiencing happy feelings and so I get them.

And getting food bargains like these haha. They are very small things, and you would think what a small thing that can make me happy… my life must be really dull if this little bit can make me happy. Haha. but my soul wants it. 
Most would say you ‘do you want me to be happy? Nothing less than winning £5million (no wait make it £100million) will make me happy’. Perhaps they mistook it for greed… i think if u want to be happy u must not be greedy. 

I laugh of course, because really the happiness u get from these tiny things, (like seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset , or just seeing blue sky overhead makes me happy)is wonderful and stays with you for a long time.

So now I got a good supply of meat. I shall be going later to the other supermarket to see if I can get a new supply of reduced bread. Haha.

Simon has eaten the ones I bought. I know he likes those Warburton white bread… that is why I bought them when I saw them reduced to 34p, but normally I prefer wholemeal bread. Not least because I know simon don’t like them and so I can at least get the chance to eat them as he wont deplete them in the freezer.

I try not to eat too much bread… I know it is not fashionable but I think bread (and milk, or cheese) are not really very good for you. I daresay it is one of those silly things that u get in your head sometimes. I don’t really have a scientific reason as to why bread and dairy products are bad for you. With cheese I just don’t like that they are so salty. But bread and wholemilk can be really addictive… esp whole milk on cereals which I have a feeling is not quite as healthy as they make out.
But of course, I have a easy attitude to these things. If I get the chance, now and then I do like whole milk with cereals. And even making porridge out of whole milk gives the porridge a really rich taste. If I do have milk I want the whole milk, not the skimmed ones. To me skimmed milk is a big con. Haha.

But life to me is just eating in moderation, of the things I like rather than eat a lot of them all the time.

Deliberately depriving myself of these things now and then seems to me quite good for my soul. I think that must be why people fast. It is a way to deliberately deprive oneself of food. I think it is a way of mimicking nature. Because in nature, animals experience feast and famine, and that makes their bodies cope with the natural cycle of feast and famine.
With our modern life, where we can get food all year round, and in abundance, there is no feast and famine, anymore… and I think that makes us prone to obesity and all the diseases that comes with it. People just eat all the time and a lot of it.

By fasting, we try to bring that balance into our lives so that the body can use up its reserves of fat and hence you can maintain a good balance between obesity and starvation.

Anyway it is just a theory of mine, to explain why fasting is a good practise.

I practise a modified version of it throughout my life… rather than do like the muslims do, allocate a month for fasting and not eat anything between sunrise and sunset.

That method makes for real binge eating in between. Or at least that is what I would think, but I am sure a lot of muslims will tell me it is not so. But it is interesting that in Malaysia, during the month of Ramadan, the malay food stalls are just full of really lovely foods that u never see the rest of the year. They sell them after the sun set. That must be a great temptation to binge eat surely?

there is something about swimming

1 Sep

It is September now, but if we did not have calendars, I would never have suspected that it is any different from august.

But I guess that is what having time and dates makes us… we are more aware of the passing of time.

It is a nice sunny day and judging from today, it seems the nice weather we were having all august may continue through sept too.
But of course, it might not be. Either way it is ok. I don’t mind.

My friend who visited me and left about a week ago called me yesterday to say that he had been out of action for 2 or 3days, laid down by a abscess. It seems someone  hit him in the face a few weeks ago, and it had broken a molar. That caused an infection for which he had been suffering all that migraine and swollen glands when he was visiting me. He is now on a 7day course of amoxyciline.. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic, taken 3times a day.

And he will have to get that root taken out in future.

I guess the dentist will be a bit concerned about his high blood pressure that must be why he was told it will be a bit complicated. Not the actual surgery but potential risks.

Ah well, so now I know what was the cause of all that pain.

I wonder why my friend’s soul wants him to have such a lot of bother in his life. I know, u will say don’t be ridiculous, as if we have a say in what happens in our lives. It is fate! Or it is God’s will…

But when he left, I found he had forgotten to take with him a bottle of flavoured water that he bought. It was a Sainsbury still water strawberry and kiwi flavoured drink.

Waste of money , then he waste some more money by forgetting to bring it with him and suffer not having anything to drink during his journey.

But why , you will ask(or maybe u dont ask because you buy these things too?), does he waste his money on buying these sweet things? It says in bold letters there is no suger added, but they mean there is a lot of sweeteners, which they conveniently do not publish in big letters.

Why do u think these things a so sweet? Haha. Did you think there is something in rocks  that when water seeps through them that  naturally sweetens the water? A spring that in some mysterious way got sweetened by the rocks it flows through? Haha.

Ah well, people’s souls do take them through strange routes. My friend’s route in life is rocky all right and not at all sweet.

Anyway, my soul has taken me to finding a rather nice discovery recently.

I go swimming regularly, as I get a card that allows me to swim free at the local swimming pool.
I know I can swim with my eyes open underwater, but somehow got the impression that it stings the eye, or something.

it does not help matters when i see practically everyone wears goggles in the swimming pool. though i did see one guy swimming with his glasses… obviously he have to swim with his head always out of water.

In the past, I have swum in Malaysian public swimming pools and I notice that the chlorine they put in it is so strong u can smell it as soon as u enter the pool area. So it does sting the eyes.

But this public swimming pool I go to don’t seem to have that strong chlorine smell. They periodically come and collect samples of water, and don’t seem to put in a lot of chlorine and so when I finally decided the other day to open my eyes underwater, when swimming, I was really pleasantly surprised to discover it is very pleasant.

A little water leaking into the goggles seem to be really uncomfortable and disturbing, which makes u think it must be horrible to open the eyes underwater…. but a lot of water underwater is fine.

Granted you cannot see so well , unlike if u wear goggles but u can see enough to make out objects and that is fine.

Well, this is quite a revelation. And it means I don’t have to buy a new pair of goggles. Haha.
And I can do the crawl, and keep my head level when swimming, which does help with the neck muscles not being strained.

It is a thrill to discover something like this, by my own volition, and dare is say it, bravery…
I know , plenty of u will have known this already and are laughing now at this silly person discovering the wheel , as it were.

But it is a great feeling, all the same. That is why I advocate letting someone find out for themselves rather than spoon feed them with facts or advise all the time.

I have also discovered a revelation with deep water, it is so much easier to keep afloat in deep water. Somehow it is more buoyant… seems so counter intuitive, in that if u cannot swim, being in deep water is rather frightening… so u stick to the shallow end, when really that end makes it even more difficult to keep afloat…