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went to chinatown

9 Jun

london 7.25pm monday 2015

one of the nice things about living so central, is that it is quick to get to chinatown frm my place by bus.

i bought the wrong soya sauce, got the light soya sauce instead of the dark soya sauce, and found out only when i got home.

earlier i went to soho, to get my haircut and that was when i bought the soyasauce in chinatown. i got the bus 24 too, which normally dont come to my area, but its normal route via victoria st has been flooded because of a burst water pipe, so it has been diverted to pass by my flat. bus 24 goes up charing cross road and passes near my barber’s who are just behind the palace theatre in cambridge circus. they still charge £6 for a haircut. this time i got a japanese looking girl who cut my hair real well. she was in the back room which usually gets real hot in a hot day, but today it is cool, so it is bearable. i mentioned it to her and she agreed that it can get real oven like .

nowadays i buy only dark soya sauce, as it is multipurpose. i think they have diluted it a bit, in the past dark soya sauce is real thick and black… but now it is diluted and more watery and so can be used as a all purpose dark and light soya sauce combined. as far as i am concerned they have destroyed the market for the light soya sauce, at least for me. haha. and i find the advantage to me is i save money. no need to buy the light soya sauce.

i had no trouble from the shop, when i explained i bought the wrong soyasauce, in replacing the light soya sauce with the dark, it is only 10p more. it costs £1.35 for 500ml.

the dark colour of the sauce makes the food more attractive. without it, the food looks pale and ghastly. its psychological i think, it certainly makes me like eating the food more when it is darker. 

added. 5.58am tues 9 june.

i wrote all the above yesterday, and wanted to add to it as the day goes on, but felt so sleepy at about 9pm, i just have to sleep.