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1 Sep

london 5.28pm 25.4C sunny (high of 26.8C) saturday 2018. sunrise6.12am sunset7.47pm

some might say we are starting autumn now. and yet it is warm, and the trees have not turned. yet. but for me, real autumn starts on 23sept(the autumn equinox. it moves about each year), and then seal the deal when we changed the clocks about 1 month later.

i read today that the EU might be considering keeping to summer time all year. how likely is it going to happen , i wonder? as usual they are trying to bind every country to one rule. spain is particularly disadvantaged because of the present time being fixed to german time. spain is on the greenwich mean line. and should keep time similar to london. german time is 1hr ahead of GMT. and in summer is 2hrs away. if u keep to the right time for your latitude, it means that when it is noon, the sun is at its highest. so the spanish never did get anything like a normal day , the sun being out of sync with the time all year. i think if i were spanish i will feel a bit cheated. spain is so far south, it could keep to GMT all year. no need to move the clocks at all.

Madrid today sunrise 7.43am, sunset 8.49pm. just think! if it were on GMT, it would have the same sunrise time as london, at a more logical hour 6.12am, instead of so late at 7.43am to see the sunrise. i for one will find it awful to wait so long to get daylight. so if i were in vera playa for eg, i would wake up at 7.30am to the dark. and to my mind, having sunset so late wont compensate.

so now i am enjoying this lovely evening. its only 6.06pm but allready i had my dinner. simon cooked a pork chop and mash with brocolli and peas and gravy.

Digital StillCamera

i allready had a nap earlier, and so am quite rested. earlier this morning i was at marylebone high st. its quite fun to see life there with people sitting out on the pavement having their lunch. it reminds me of when i was on holiday, eating out in the pavement, enjoying a coffee and watching people go by. though i did it in paris, and it is more fun to do that in paris somehow. 

added. 8.37pm . i went to the tesco, justnow, and see that the £1.60/kg chickens are in. plenty of them. but maybe i was so full , i did not buy any. why?  i wonder? perhaps i have allready eaten chicken the last few days and not fancy having any. instead i bought celery, and a 10p loaf, 800mgwarburtons white bread, which was drastically reduced. i am thinking i fancy soft boiled eggs with toast made out of these. its very nice to cut bread toast soldiers and dip it in the half boiled egg. oneof the really delicious simple pleasures of life. its usual to have it for breakfast esp under a morning sun.


spanish politics

2 Jun

london 7.16am 15.6C cloudy saturday 2018

spain has a new president and a different party in govt. and the new president is not even a member of parliament at all… so it means that power is invested in a president, not a primeminister who has to win an election… it is a strange system . all from a vote of no confidence. what i dont understand is why that has not triggered an election. normally when the govt in power loses a vote of confidence, parliament is dissolved and the whole country gets an election to vote in the next govt. but this did not happen in spain.

perhaps this case is different because of the corruption of the leading party that formed the govt,  and its conviction by the courts. it seems corruption is quite wholesale within that party, and many of its members have been jailed. this article tries to explain why. but after reading it i am still not clear why parliament is not dissolved and the whole country goes into an election.

from the look of it, the corruption has been known for quite some time, and even then, the party had been re elected many times. so it would seem the public is not interested in the corruption and it has not influenced their choice of which party gets to form the govt.

i personally think that they should have an election and see if the public agrees with this different party forming the govt… maybe spain follows the american system, with a president , instead of prime minister as its head of state. combining both offices, head of state and head of govt. hang on, that cannot be right. because they have a head of state, who is the king of spain. so it seems being called president is the same as being called prime minister, except by having a president, the person need not be a member of parliament. confusing or what.


spain’s long siesta

4 Apr

london 11.37am 13.1 sunny monday 2016

this article today in the times is interesting. it says the spanish prime minister rajoy is going to change the working hours so that the working day ends at 6pm. instead of at present,  8pm with a long 2/3hr lunchbreak from 2pm.  and he wants spain to turn the clocks back one hour to  follow GMT. when i was holidaying there , oh a long time ago, i did find their hours very inconvenient. they start work at 10am, then everything closes at 2pm till about 4 or 5pm. i wonder why he does not just let each business decide when they wish to open.

like in the uk. here our supermarkets open from 10am to 10pm, most days.

of course it does make u feel you are abroad, when you are in spain when these strange opening hours are operating. and as a tourist, i suppose it makes sense. between 2pm and 5pm you are at the beach , or sleeping the previous night off. though actually, come to think of it, the reality was that if u were clubbing late last night, you would most probably come alive around 2pm, just in time for the shops to shut. haha.

added. 9.4.16 8.37pm 9.3C dry. saturday 2016. looks like the spanish want normal hours too

just chatting

19 Jan

london 3.8C 9.59pm tuesday 2016

so here i am sitting in my living room , didnt feel the need to have the heating on, quite comfortable, because i am dressed warmly. my indoor thermometer reads 15C. it’s forecast to be -2C later on, in the early hours of the morning.

but i have noticed these forecasts do not apply to central london where i am. last night was supposed to go as low as -2C , but it was only 0C in actuality. so i suspect it will be the same for tonight. i think the suburbs might be colder. i see someone using a drone to show the view high above to show the sprinkling of snow in crystal palace. but no snow where i am.

i am seeing a tv program about bargain brits in the sun; living in benidorm, in spain. quite a sad program in a way, showing a elderly couple from bournemouth who winters there. and walking a mile and half to get to an exchange currency bureau that will give them 1.32 euros or so for their £s.

i think they must have got the reasoning for being there wrong. the logic is not correct. why not stay on in uk? after all, the only thing going for benidorm is the weather, and allready i hear him say it is getting too  hot and he is glad to be going back to uk… at the end of his sojourn there.

they are staying at a caravan park, and i was thinking their place in uk is allready paid for , they are still paying rent on it whilst they are in spain, and here in spain they are bearing the burden of paying rent for the caravan. maybe the caravan  is cheap but still, it is money that is avoidable, if they just stay in bournemouth. i personally dont think the hot weather is enough compensation for the increased costs. in the past, when the euro was weaker, it makes sense for people to winter in benidorm, the monthly rental for a hotel room can be cheaper than the heating bills back home, even when u include the flights as they were so cheap then. not any more now.

now, if u tell me, that  they dont have to pay rent in uk whilst they are in spain, then it makes sense to go to benidorm and winter there. but that is not the case. they only save on the heating costs. it certainly cannot be as much as the air fare, the caravan rental , transport in spain.. (in bournemouth they will be able to travel on the buses for free on their freedom pass).

added. perhaps it is the change of scene, that may be the one big benefit they get , like migrating birds flying south for the winter. and seeing how cheap they can stay in spain is part of the fun of going there. i can relate to that actually. haha.

then there are the other expats featured… all trying to make a living whilst not knowing the lingo, so they try to set up a bar, thinking they like to drink, so running a bar must be a doddle… to find that they have to stop building work because it is august and it is not allowed … and then to find the council wants them to get a architect to draw up plans for the renovation… so that is another delay.

there was another chap, saying he had to find work,as he got a wife and his daughter with  him; because they cannot claim benefits or anything… when in uk they willbe able to get benefits, and housing, and god knows what else all on the dole. to exchange it all for a bit of sun??? its silly really.

somehow i dont think that is my idea of enjoying life … the hot weather is just not enough to compensate for all these petty troubles. 

( a lot of the eastern europeans know that if they work in low paying jobs in uk, they become eligible for work tax credits, and it could double their salary at a stroke). that was meant to help the low paid uk citizen, but of course the eu wont allow discrimination against eu citizens either, so they get the benefit too. so that means that tax credit is now in danger of being abolished or reduced. another reason why the poor uk citizen is paying for the huge influx of people coming into uk from the eu. if i were poor in uk,and need the benefits to help with income, i would vote to get out of the EU.

then there is the tv program about tricks in the restaurant trade. how they reuse left overs from yesterday and create a dish and call it the daily special. haha. there is nothing wrong with that of course, i do it all the time at home, but it costs nothing extra when i do it at home, so i benefit. when i go out to pay good money to eat in a restaurant, i dont want to have that done to me… haha. and they were showing how the restaurants buy ready made foods and selling it at a mark up. desserts especially.

they showed the presenter who is a chef hand- make a cake, and in the time he made one, the men using machines were able to make 18. i dont blame the restaurants for these short cuts, but i dont want it done to me when i eat out, so that is why i dont eat out much nowadays.

i guess u should pick what u eat, sushi, would be hard to buy in , though the supermarkets do them and sell them cheap at the end of the day… and they taste quite good still. and if u want sashimi, it is easy to just buy fresh tuna, or salmon, and cut it up and eat it at home with some wasabi and soya sauce. (they say u need years of training to be a sushi or sashimi chef, but i cut up the salmon anyway i like, and it tastes just as good. haha)its delicious and taste the same as in any fancy japanese restaurant…

or how about u go to a malaysian restaurant where they stir fry… a char kuey teow dish have to be freshly prepared … but then it is quite easy to do it myself.

ah well, i suppose go to a restaurant to feel the experience of being served and have the ego boosted by respectful waiters… and not have to do the washing up. haha.

sigh, looking at all these things, it makes me feel very world weary and jaded doesn’t it?, like saying , done it all, and bought the t shirt, so what’s new? and not want to repeat it .