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no spam now

18 Mar

london 8.16pm 11C dry night wednesday 2020

i notice the empty shelves in the supermarket now, so that it is hardly worth the bother to go there anymore. what is new is that the supermarkets have now limited the number of products people can buy, to two or three maximum. so perhaps they can catch up with replenishing the shelves and keep them for longer.

anyway, as far as i am concerned that is the only visible disruption i can see in my life now. everything else around me is still open… for eg, the library is still open, schools are open, but will be closed on friday 20.3.20. the post office is still open, so i can pay in the service charge cash. the system only allows me to pay in £200 each day. and i have two more days to go before i pay off the amount i owe. the public transport is still running. but since everyone is asked to work at home, there is no rush hour now. and they are saying they might have to reduce the service to run like weekend timetable. 

reading the news, i came across this one, about travellers trying to get back to uk, because all the european countries are asking them to leave, and closing their hotels. europe is going further by  closing its borders to incoming non EU  citizens.  uk is allowed in for now, but it wont be long before even that is closed.

but if everything is closed even to its own citizens, there is not much point for tourists to visit those countries anyway. with every thing being closed people will lose their jobs and get no income. surely it will wreck the economy. all of this just to flatten the curve of infection to allow the health services to cope. 

even malaysia is closing the border with singapore, making all the malaysian workers who commute daily to decide to remain in singapore for the two weeks the border is closed.

one thing i noticed, i dont get spam mail anymore. hotmail always get spam, but not now. why that should be so i have no idea since it cannot be affected by the real virus. i assume all this generated spam mail must be automated and computer controlled. but it seems not because they have all disappeared from my email server. it might be temporary , this disappearance of spam from my email. 


the ‘block email addresses’ in my hotmail account dont work anymore

4 Aug

london 10.26pm 21C dry saturday 2018

ever since the new outlook hotmail was introduced, i have been getting spam emails with my own address, so that i cannot block them. i wonder how they are able to use my own email address. and what is the point of it, because they must know no one pays attention to what they are sending. and if they have been using my email address to send to others, the others can block my address so what is the point of it all? if they are making money out of it, i cannot see where the money comes from.

i dont get any of these spam mail with gmail. that is why i really think hotmail is deliberately letting these people use my email address. they are not preventing it , in other words… bad ,bad hotmail and microsoft who owns it.

maybe they are making money out of it, by letting these people use my email to send me these . perhaps they sell them our email addresses. ah well, it is the price we pay i guess to have these useless messages sent to our mail box and having to delete them in exchange for a free email service.

i have noticed that even the old system where we can block the spam messages does not work anymore. i still keep getting messages from addresses i have blocked. they have a new domain that i have not heard of before. it is .email  . could be one that hotmail uses to bypass the blocking service. 

i have another hotmail address where i never get these spam. it is still on the old system.  which makes me convinced that it is the policy of the microsoft company to make the new outlook to make it easy to  sell our email addresses and allow those who pay them to send us spam. 


29 Jul


i just saw a video about how if u use free wifi when you are out and about, your movements are tracked and the information is used by whoever sets up the wifi to find out about what u like and to push adverts that you like your way. it says it is a bad thing to do. but is it?

maybe i am mistaken but to me it is a good tradeoff. i get free wifi, and you get info about my movements or rather about my gadgets movements, which is not the same thing because i could lend my gadget to someone else and their movements will be tracked.

also, if they can send me stuff that i like, i would welcome it. for eg, if they find out i like freebies, maybe they will send me vouchers to redeem free drinks or food, which they will know i like. haha.

better than they sending me spam , which i define as anything that is not of interest to me.  it is a win -win situation, dont you think? they get my business and i get to find out things that i like.

whether i follow up on the adverts sent to me is entirely within my control, and that is something they can never take away… so what is the harm in letting them know about my likes and dislikes. right?

All those who say our privacy is breached, seem to go on the assumption that we are so weak willed we will fall for everything they send our way and buy it. like we are robots or something.

maybe there are some people like that, but i should think most of us can say no.

or if u are one of those who cannot, you better shape up and start learning to say no, or u shall be end up being ‘eaten’ in this city jungle.