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flowers and spiderman

2 Mar

london 2.18pm 14.5C sunny saturday 2019


very colourful flowers growing in planters in the estate grounds; the colours are so vibrant. i dont know what they are called. i used the image to search in google and it came up with primroses, so that is what they are.


i went to the disney store in oxford st, just to see if they have any of those lunch boxes because from googling it, i find the variety and range of these lunch boxes are vast and comes in all kinds of designs. but strangely there are no lunch boxes in store. just these spiderman toys and huge model of him. there were some t-shirts and shorts with the spiderman image on them , and a luggage on wheels with the spiderman logo. and that was about it.but i was rather disappointed that i could not find any lunch boxes.

its quite amusing to see macho looking men with armfuls of frilly little girl dresses that they are obviously buying for their little girls. the dresses all got puff sleeves which are so old fashioned; rather reminds me of old maids dresses. and to think they are going to be worn by little girls, making them all look like they are old maids. haha. there are more dresses for girls than costumes for boys. the only ones for boys i see are those that look like darth vader and storm troopers. with the girls outfits, it comes with wig and sparkly shoes too. they are really pushing the boat out with the girls’ getup. 

added. i have been going to google to look at all these spiderman lunch boxes, and could not find the one i found. until now. here it is. it is in ebay, someone selling it ,, original cost about $14.95 came out on sale in 2016 but selling in ebay now for $29.95 with $28.71  shipping costs to uk.