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23 Dec

london wednesday 2015 12.8C sunny

i was lamenting that i could not find the google spreadsheet whatsit, and dont know how to make a spreadsheet even if i found it, when lo and behold, a nice blogger i follow showed me how because her latest post featured a spreadsheet link.

thanks to anexactinglife. the example she gave gives me an idea of how to do it. and she used  chrome spreadsheet, which makes it even better because i am using chrome too, and all my data is automatically saved on my drive. 

so all this morning i have been adding data to my spreadsheet. this being december, i have a whole lot of months from jan this year to catch up .

so finally i am able to see the bigger picture. at one glance the whole expenditure for the year. next stop is to compile the data for 2014 and see how it compares.