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Do you switch off gadgets instead of standby?

28 Jun


Simon do not believe that gadgets that remain plugged in still uses electricity. I do, that is why I switch off at the socket or pull the plug on all gadgets except the electric stove/oven, kettle, microwave and fridge. it seems they do use up electricity but it is too inconvenient to switch them off. I am reminded of this from this telegraph article telling that u can lose £80 a year from these gadgets that are on standby.

A wireless router is the worst offender at £21.90 a year. I have switched mine off when i am not using it, because i can feel the adaptor remains very hot even when i am not online. also i dont want anyone hacking into it even though it is password protected but u never know with these gadgets how easy it is to hack it. so it seems without realising it i have done the right thing. though it did shorten the life of the adaptor as i pulled the plug in and out. now i got a extension with a switch so i dont have to pull the plug out but just switch off. 

I think the fridge is a special case, you have to keep it on, otherwise the freezer will thaw out. Even then, i keep the fridge at minimum coolness. the freeze box has its own temperature that is not subject to regulation which is a good thing as it is not necessary to play about with that temperature. it should be 0C .

But one must weigh the extra cost against convenience and i think most people will accept the cost just so they can leave their gadgets on standby. especially nowadays when wall sockets do not have a switch anymore and so u have to take the plug out. That is really inconvenient and can ruin the socket inlet if u do it too many times. you might even ruin the gadget by taking the plug out and/or putting it into a live socket. Even multi plugs extensions dont have a switch any more. 

in the grand scheme of things most people wont feel the £80 a year loss (its 22p a day) and most would not use all the gadgets anyway and so the actual figure might be a lot less. If you have all those gadgets mentioned you are allready in the top percentage of households with high income i think.

For me, it is just my dislike of waste that prompts me to not leave any gadget on standby. In the long run i suppose it is just to appease my conscience; like when i switch off a dripping tap even though i pay a fixed tariff for water. I dont get irritated by the dripping noise made by the tap, though some might just switch the tap off just for that reason and nothing else. 

I have notice my conscience is quite selective. haha. I am aware of it and take it as being quite human. that is why when i see a person being inconsistent, (for eg complaining of london’s air pollution whilst puffing on a cigarette…) i just laugh and let them carry on with it. we are allowed our inconsistencies I think.