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another twit

16 Feb

london 4.17pm 8.5C sunny (its been sunny all day) tuesday 2016

this one is another example where twitter becomes a way for people to give only one side of the story and raise outrage for nothing. it is a twit by some woman twitter who dont like starbucks .

The user, Manar N, has no tweets dating before this month and the majority of her messages have been anti-Starbucks. She has repeatedly posted a sign in a Starbucks window which tells women to “send your driver” (i.e. a man) to order drinks. One version has been retweeted more than 1,000 times.

so a feminist group in paris start demonstrating in a starbucks in paris, and asking for boycotting starbucks. when told why the poster was there, (it is because in saudi arabia , there must be a wall in the premises that physically separate women and families from men). instead of being outraged at such a law , they kick the business that has to obey that law.

it has been a criticism of feminists that they dont go for the hard targets , saudi arabia laws that really clamp down on the freedom of their women folk, in the guise of protecting them; but to hit at businesses instead. 

if u want an analogy, it is like the west restricting women, keep them separated from men, and have really strict laws that regulate how and when they can meet men and how they dress, and how they must cover their faces and not expose any flesh.  that way there will certainly be no way for men to rape the women, and so can be argued it is for the women’s best interest to protect them.

you know something, that was how the victorians tried to solve the problem with their women folk. protect them by restricting their freedom… and i suppose u cannot blame the saudis if they do the same thing .protection of their women folk seem to be the most common thing in all societies throughout history. and all of them have found ways to do it… mainly by restricting the movement and freedom of their womenfolk. it is only in recent times, that women have won their freedom, but this comes at the cost of them being exposed to danger . perhaps women should accept that, with freedom comes danger too. but modern feminists wants the freedom and still be protected against the danger. they want to turn it around and instead of restricting women, they want to restrict men. keep men segregated from women but let it be women who decide where to segegrate them. will a future happen where men are kept behind closed doors? i doubt it, because when another tribe wants to raid that society, the women wont be able to defend themselves and will have to fall back on the men. u can say it is nature, men fight and women nutures. women will forever be handicapped by being the one to be able to bear a baby. 

with the call tohave separate train carriages, perhaps the west is edgeing towards that solution.

local life

12 Nov

london 3.33pm 15.3C cloudy thursday 2015

i saw my downstairs neighbour getting into her flat when i went down just now to empty my recycle bag in the recycle bin just outside in the courtyard;  she said the bench they have paid for to commemorate a dead neighbour has been put in the wrong place. seems they paid £1400 for it, and she said for that price they jolly well want it where they want it. haha.

there are plenty of benches in the communal garden, so i think they dont want it there, and it was put in another courtyard not the courtyard they want;  even though not many people sit in the courtyards.

i sometimes bring out my collapsible canvas chair to the courtyard outside my flat,if i want to sunbathe there but now it is november, the chances of the sun being out is getting less and less as we approach winter.

i hope they put the bench in a sunny spot; they dont give much information on these benches about  who those people were that the bench is supposed to remember.

they just say the name/s, not even the dates they lived. as the years go by fewer people survive who can remember them at all.

i myself dont care if i am remembered or not, but i think there are some who want to be remembered.

well, when u see biographies written long after someone is dead and the liberties that are taken when they interpret that dead person’s life, i think maybe it is better to be forgotten… and when they make a film of it , it is even worst, the liberties that they take. i am thinking of all those films about steve job, the microsoft founder. its the one with kate winslet and fassbinder. i thought that film had a very record breaking opening weekend, but i read now that it has been pulled from the cinemas, after a poor showing on general release. it seems the public is not going to see it.

and yet they see the martian,its breaking box office it seems,  a purely fictitous film based on a book about an astronaut being stranded in mars. i guess people like fiction better than real life. its a space robinson crusoe story… do people still like to see that kind of story? people are always looking for new things to see and do. that appetite for such novelties is endless. is that what life is … the search for new things, all the time. is that the secret of life?

well, a more down to earth new thing is starbucks giving out 2 for 1 coffee drinks in the afternoon 2-5pm today and continue every day till sun15th nov. i saw it advertised in one of the email newsletters that i subscribe too. they dont advertise it in the papers, so not everyone knows of it. i suppose if u are desperate for it u might like to hang around starbucks durng those hours and just ask someone to get a free one for you when they order a coffee. why not, if u are brazen enough, or desperate enough for coffee. haha. 

Starbucks launches wireless charging in UK shops – Telegraph

21 Jan

Starbucks launches wireless charging in UK shops – Telegraph.

i found this via google news. i think google news is rather good that way. i tried to go to the original telegraph website but could not find it even when i typed in their search box. luckily i looked at the url and saw it was in their tech section.

added. here is a link that is not the telegraph,in case u have used up all your quota for the telegraph this month. the starbucks system uses powermat charging.

my chromebook just shut down after i wrote a lot about this, and the whole thing was lost. luckily i can recharge as i am at home, but i was thinking it would be great if i were near one of these starbucks charging points.

The initial ten installations will be available in by the end of January in the branches at Princes Street, Kingsway, Wardour Street, Pentonville Road, Harewood Place, Berkeley Street, Great Portland Street, Moorgate, Fleet Street, and Euston Tower.

i wonder if it will charge my chromebook or does it have to be only iphones.

added. 30.1.15. today this charging gadget will be operative. but a thought struck me. i was at a starbucks near the westminster cathedral, near victoria, and i remembered i was able to charge my chromebook by plugging into a socket there. so really, it is possible to charge a chromebook in anybranch of starbucks, by ordinary plug in to a socket in any starbucks; as i should imagine this plugin facillity cannot be unique to just that starbucks in victoria. i think i am missing something here. i dont have a tablet, or a iphone, or smartphone so maybe these cannot be charged from plugs sockets. 

added. i forgot that the public libraries all have free charging , not only for phones but for laptops too. london is really spoilt for choice innit?

recently i have been getting adverts in my outlook email saying starbucks is offering £1.50 for coffee before 11am. that offer has been extended to end on 23.1.15. rather good dont you think? though i can allready get free coffee from waitrose, but it is a chance to build up your rewards card if u have one, and advance to gold membership and it seems u will be able to get free refills. it is in usa but i think maybe they also have it here in uk? added. no, dont think it applies in uk, though i suppose if u go to one branch often enough, they might give it to you. but u will have to drink hell of a lot of coffee with them. haha.

earlier i read a google news item in the financial times about croatia fixing its exchange rate with the swiss franc for 1yr. or rather the govt is proposing to pass legislature to do it, to protect those who have taken out mortgages in swiss franc. there is opposition to it, they say you protect one group, another group will pay, and maybe the croatian taxpayer. intersting that, dont you think? i think the croatian govt is trying to protect its banks because if all those mortgage payers default, i think the croatian banks will be in trouble. because i cannot see the logic of a govt trying to protect just one group … those privilege mortgage holders denominated in swiss franc. the point i m trying to say about this post is that if not for google news i wont be able to read it, as the financial times wants you to pay a subscription. but for the google news item they only asked me to vote on whether i want the uk to stay or not in the eu.

added. 10.33am. i am at the library now reading the FT, and there was no mention of the starbucks , nor can i find that article about croatia. hmm, i wonder why? most probably the news came in too late to meet the publishing dateline of the paper print. 


14 Nov


i got an email today from dailymail giving me a voucher for a starbucks coffee. it was part of their promotion whereby u exchange a unique number printed in saturday’s daily mail and they will send u a voucher to redeem at starbucks.

i did that about 2or 3wks ago and never received the email with the voucher so i sent them an email telling them of it. i did not get any reply and thought well that is that. haha. and decided to write it off. well, today i got an apology from them and a voucher. which i hope to print off and redeem that coffee.  

i was just thinking it makes life less stressful if u dont let it bother you.

these things happen and if i were a chap who wants to make my life hard, i would most probably get all angry and writing and phoning them and screaming at them.

but i have noticed that if u let them know and then sit back and forget it, (and in fact, i was thinking perhaps it is just as well, as those coffees are really full of suger) sooner or later someone will come back and correct it.

and if not, it might be a blessing in disguise , stops you from indulging in such a unhealthy activity. it certainly stopped me redeeming more numbers for the coffee as i would lose points , quite a big number too 75points, if i did. 

something similar  happened a long time ago with ryanair . that time ryanair was infamous for never refunding your plane fare for whatever reason. it so happened that when i was booking a plane trip on their website, i inadvertantly hit the submit keys twice and got two tickets for the same flight. well, instead of calling them which is on a premium line and cost a lot of money not to mention get a lot of grieve from it, i just sent them an email telling them of it. i heard nothing from them and i just put it out of my mind.

much later i got an email from them telling me they will put the money back into my credit card. i find that is a good philosophy, just dont sweat these things. if it is lost it is lost , forget it, and if they refund you the money, well that is nice. it is only money after all.

perhaps that is the secret of a happy life. just forget about the lousy things that happen. haha. 

Added.2pm. i am at the starbucks near the westminster cathedral,(the catholic one not the church of england westminster abbey), and using their wifi. it is very good, very fast, and also u can get online without having to register. and what is more, allows me to download gay websites, which a lot of other wifi wont allow. no wonder people like to go to a starbucks to get online.

(i spoke too soon, you still cannot get online to a gay website if u go direct, but if u go via a link in a email, you can. that was how i got through the first time, via a message from someone who wrote a message on my page and sent to my email from the gaywebsite. that is a useful thing to know.haha)

i got my eggnog latte. though this time, i did not get the whipped cream, it seems u have to ask for it. last time the woman asked me if i want it.

 they are very careful to get your name and want  to look at the email with my name on it. so not anyone can just print multiple copies of the voucher and use it. 

added. there is no eggnog in that drink. i dont know why but the name makes me think there is and i kind of look forward to tasting egg in it, but there isn’t. i dont know how other drinkers dont get a bit disappointed at it. starbucks have all these fancy names to their drinks but there is no substance to it. after my experience twice with these named drinks that dont have any of it in it, i am wise to it now and so dont want to drink them anymore. i wish they would put eggnog flavour in it. it cannot be that difficult to concoct and artificial flavour in the lab. they are able to invent so many chemicals that give u strawberry flavour, etc etc, it cannot be beyond them to make one that tastes and smells of eggnog, or pumpkin.

enjoying a free tall starbucks pumpkin spice latte

19 Oct


i have read it advertised everywhere, this pumpkin spice latte and i got a chance to taste it with my free voucher from the dailymail. it is a promotion they have this weekend, to publicise their reward scheme. 

so i am sitting in an easy chair in this starbucks in soho, looking out of the floor to ceiling glass window at people passing by. it is near the old compton st.

and I am getting online using the cloud network. i have allready put in my particulars and allowed my chrome to remember it, and so getting online is easy.

it seems the tall is the smallest cup, and i asked for a porcelain cup instead of the paper ones. it is quite big enough though i think only half of it is coffee, the rest is whipped cream. it is £3.25 which is not something i would pay if i have to pay for it. haha. it is easy to make at home. 

 it is quite a nice drink, there is a hint of cinnamon, nothing of pumpkin but then pumpkin has a very delicate taste which will be swamped by the spices. but very clever of them to use the word. it conjures autumn and halloween. but what makes it distinctive is the cinnamon.

will they use cloves, aniseed and create more drinks? i think that is what malaysians do with their teh tarik, they add these spices to tea and make it something special and tasty. so it is not surprising if they do that for coffee. i have noticed this about starbucks and that might explain why they are popular. they add these things to their coffee so that it makes it unusual and different. most coffee places just sell you espresso, cappuccino, latte, and dont flavour it with different things. so that is their secret selling point. humans being what we are, we like variety… couple that with caffeine and suger addiction, it provides a nice excuse to indulge. i read in their website that they stock a huge variety of flavours… not something they say so in their menu board, so it means u have to ask for it and that will appeal to those who like to think they have the inside info and one up on others. 

ah well, its all very nice and enjoyable but i am glad i dont get free vouchers for these everyday. i think if not for the suger in it it wont taste as nice. they dont ask if u want less suger in it, or give u the choice, esp when they are giving u a choice in everything else or seem to do so. they know that if u ask for less suger it wont be as tasty and that will put u off the drink and then u wont be coming back. i can see why they are so successful. even i am enjoying it and that is really saying something. haha.

8 Feb

This is rather interesting to me because it seems i am the type who drinks the so called ‘nastier’ kind of coffee. haha. i dont mind being called a drinker of nasty coffee. haha. it is just a matter of taste.

I find the coffee in starbucks too strong for me. i am sure it is a superior coffee to the instant coffee i like to drink, but my tastes for weak coffee do not lend itself to these expensive coffee made with arabica beans.

i wont know the difference as far as tastes go. all i notice is that strong coffee is very bitter to taste. too bitter for me. whilst weak coffee is mild and i dont need to add suger or milk to mask the bitterness. it is rather similar to my liking weak tea.

Or rather i should say i make my coffee mild, because of course u can vary the strength with the amount u use when u brew it. i simply use just a small teaspoon full of my instant coffee powder to make a mug full.

of course, people who think they are dedicated coffee drinkers will be aghast to hear the way i make coffee. haha.

ah well, it is rather a good thing that in this world there are so many people all having different likes and dislikes. so that there is a niche for every taste. the world is big enough to accommodate us all.

it looks like there is another aspect of this story. it seems that in the past when arabica shot up in price, coffee makers have mixed more robusta beans, and find there have been no complaints. and found their sales went up.

So now that arabica has come down in price, will they revert back to arabica? it seems not. it seems consumers dont taste the difference. it seems i am not the only one who equates strong coffee wiht being bitter. so the more bitter it is the stronger the coffee and that is good. or so we like to think. we feel we are getting our money’s worth if we buy strong coffee instead of weak in the coffee shop. it seems the robusta beans make things more bitter, and so u can get bitter without spending on arabica.

The report below makes me think that might be the case.