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free steak sandwich and film preview

5 Apr

london 3.38pm 13.6C sunny all day thursday 2018



i wonder if this is forsythia, a bright splash of colour to relieve the browns in the communal garden.

it’s a lovely sunny day today. i went to the freebie , steak sandwich given away free for 3days to advertise a new restaurant opening in soho. usually costs £8, and consist of slices of medium rare steak in a baguette. if u like your steak medium rare it will be for you. i like it. but i am not sure it works well in a sandwich. it can be a bit off putting to see raw meat in a sandwich. on a plate with salad and side dishes it is fine. 

not many queued up, so even though i lost my way, (i could not find the place even though great windmill st is very short),  it was still only a short queue when i did finally found it.

i was expecting to see a long queue, but when i got there  earlier there was no queue that is why  i passed by the place without realising it was there.   foolishly i did not note down the address before going there . i thought i would find it easily enough because there would bound to be a queue…little did i know what actually happened. i wondered around soho, asking two places where people were queueing up asking them whether it was the free steak sandwich queue. haha. 

it was only when i was about to give up and returned to the street that i saw the queue. i was surprised at how short it was, the queue. chatting to the staff, i found out that it was to advertise their new restaurant next door, and it was a huge place, with lots of seating. the food is mainly centred around steak. sophie’s steakhouse and bar its called. but the free steak sandwich was given away from their little pop up side shop next door. it is really surprising how easy it is to overlook a place. the free offer continues tomorrow from 11am so another chance to eat it before it officially opens on saturday. 

whilst i was in the area i went to the virgin lounge to while the time away before another meetup at a pub nearby by the ex lyc group, that east -west group.

it was a lovely bright sunny day… so i did not stay too long, as it was too nice a day to be indoors really. 

added 4.07pm. 15.2C sunny.

hmm, i just posted this and then i saw an email telling me i got a ticket to see supervized, a film about old superheros which they are showing to a targetted audience to get their feedback. i was on the waiting list and this email was to tell me i have now got a ticket to see it tonight at 7pm. it would be interesting to see a film about oldies being given roles as heroes. hope it will kick off more films showing older people in hero roles. though the trouble with being old is that you dont look so good as when u are young. i mean i am an oldie myself but i must say given the choice i would prefer to see young actors and good lookers in it. 

i think any film would be better for having  young good looking  actors. i suppose u can chose old actors who look good… but lets face it, they cant be too old. and films being so visual, to look nice and have nice bodies is a big plus. will they be able to make the old actors look attractive and to have a story line that would glorify old age? quite a fantasy to pull off i think. 

added. 9.19pm 8.3C dry night. i have seen the film. and as i wrote in the questionnaire, it is just very saddening to see it. it is not personal that i did not like the film. the subject matter just makes me realise it is very saddening growing old. and that is the reason why i did not like the film.. others found it funny and i can hear them  laugh out loud at some scenes, i could not make out what was said. i could only laugh once.

it was set in an old folks home, so that alone is gloomy. i remember an old tv series about an old couple (it is not one foot in the grave which is  is played by richard wilson portraying a grumbling old man famous for shouting i dont believe it!. i googled it and found it is called waiting for god.) i wonder if i were to see it again whether i will find it as funny now that i am older and nearer the ages of those two. 

 i think we need another george burns, someone who can make us laugh at old people jokes. it would be nice to be able to find things to laugh about in jokes about old age; without feeling the joke is too close to home and reminds us of our getting older. 

steak dinner by simon

20 Jul

london 3.52pm 20.4C cloudybright thursday 2017

sirloin steak meal. with blood pudding. (that black bit you see at 10 o’clock.) it seems the lining of the sausage like thing can not be eaten. i ate a bit including the lining before simon told me, and it does make it taste plasticky. haha. the pudding itself tastes salty. can’t say there was any other taste than that. the salt swamped whatever it taste of. the steak was delicious. and smelt lovely when he cooked it. i think the fat is delicious. most people trim it away, but i think that is defeating the taste of it.

earlier this morning i was at the virgin lounge. i like going there. 

free steak

1 Dec

london 6.52am tuesday 2015 13.3C

still dark outside, sunrise is 7.43am.i am surprised it so late rising. sunset is 3.55pm.

yesterday i went to flatiron, for a free steak dinner. it is to commemorate the opening of a new branch in henrietta st in covent gdn.

i have heard of them, offering £10 steaks , the cheapest in town and getting high praise; now i got a chance to find out if it is any good. they open at 6pm, and the queue was formed at about 5pm, it was raining too, but not heavily.

later the queue was so long that they have to split it by moving us to the other side of the door. and they gave us mulled wine and popcorn while we wait. 

when it opened at 6pm, it took me half an hour to get in. (it pays to be amongst the first in the queue. i was number 21. )

if u opt for a seat at the bar, which also includes two small tables u can get in quicker, meant  for single diners. or a huge crowd which came after me. this group of friends took over the whole bar seating.

in this promotion, you get only one type of steak, and the steak is medium rare,(which i like) comes with green salad, and you can chose  a side dish. its a thin steak, though, so dont expect a thick slab of meat. 

there was choice of roast aubergines,(£3.50 normal price) (which i should have chosen, instead of the chips), a salad with blue cheese, or chips£2.50, and another choice which i forgot. there was a choice of sauce too, but i did not want any because i like my steak plain. 

the steak was very nice, and quite a nice portion size too, 10oz (about 280mg). they salted it too much i think, but then i noticed it because i did not smother it with sauce. 

there were no  salt or mustard or ketchup  on the table for u to add. oh, the waitress was nice enough to put a big carafe of water on the table without being asked, which was needed as the salt can make you thirsty.

not having mustard or ketchup on the table means those who just like those will not be able to have them. not everyone wants those fancy sauce they provide. i think u have to pay for that, not sure as i did not have the sauce. 

when i cook it(i favour rump steak) at home i dont add much salt, and i sear the steak on the outside, so it has a lovely barbecue smell, but of course u never get that done in restaurants. most health advise say dont do that as it can be cancerous, so they dont. but i do miss that lovely flavour, smell and taste of charred meat. i do it when i cook but then i so seldom eat steak so i can do it and not be worried about the health aspect.

the promotion is on today and tomorrow, wednesday, so u can have a go at it if u want.

its a rare treat to get a free steak. most times free food means a burger. 

here is what people are saying about it in the twitter feed.

added. 10.27pm 1.12.15 tuesday. i have written how i enjoy reading  wordpress bloggers but i have cause to find they are much more than that… they show me things i did not know. this restaurant called flatiron , the name i thought was just a name, maybe named after the flatiron building in new york, but i found out from this blog post from bunnyeats that it refers to a kind of steak. isn’t that interesting…