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11 May

london 11.10am monday 11C sunny 2020

its sunny out there, but quite windy, so i was out to do my tesco shopping to the superstore in vauxhall. the wind makes it so i get grit in my eyes.

there was no queue at the supermarket to get in, thank goodness, so i shall remember that fact, and to do my shopping on mondays at about 10am.

the temperature was supposed to drop today, but it is very sunny, so that even though it is only 11c, it feels warmer inside the flat. and outside it too inspite of the wind.

all this feeling of cold or warmth is relative really. i feel warm now because i am sitting in the sun in my flat, sheltered from the wind. but even when i was outside and get the full force of the wind on me, i was wrapped up rather warm in my hoodie, so did not feel it much.

i got lots of vegetables,(savoy cabbage, sweetheartcabbage, celery,chilli, tomatoes) and two 1kg packs of chicken thighs, £1.88/kg are a good buy. i will stir fry the chicken in vegetables. it is the quickest and cheapest way of cooking chicken, or any meat for that matter. instead of roasting them, which is the most expensive way, because it uses so much electricity.

i wonder if the chinese invented stir fry. if so, it just confirms to me how very clever the chinese are. i think it is the most useful invention , and might rate as good as the invention of the wheel.

(i think the single most important invention or discovery is human beings discovering fire and how to make it.)

  i think no other race or cuisine has stir fry. the regional cuisines in asia dont count as they are copied from the chinese and/or are a mixture of local and chinese influence which over time becomes   a distinct cuisine to call their own.

i would have thought even if the other cuisines did not invent stir fry first, surely they must have learnt about it, and adopt it, as it is such a useful way of cooking. you would think that wont you? yet if u look at the recipes of french cuisine, or any cuisine away from the region around china,  there are no stir fry dishes.

today uk moved a bit out of lockdown, with people allowed unlimited exercises, and sunbathing outdoors. i think it sensible, unlike the so strict lockdowns in europe. and i am glad we dont have to fill out a form and carry it with us everytime we go out, to show to any busybody wanting to know if we have a good reason for going out. i like that, the way the uk do it. some people might criticise and say uk has not done enough quickly , but i think they have got the balance right. and now i think they should let businesses open and bring commerce back, let shops open and trade begin. 

added 1.17pm

KODAK Digital Still Camera

i put so much rice, i must have been hungry and it was delicious, i finished it all.

UK lockdown

stir fry

27 Jun

london 3.22pm 23C sunny thursday 2019

stir fry is a really perfect technic of cooking , requires so little effort and is so quick, so that u can make a edible meal out of anything in moments. who invented it? is it the chinese who have invented it? i thought so but i think maybe it is the south east asians. because i have noticed that in china stir frying  food is not widespread over all china. only hongkong chinese do some stir fry, but it is not a big part of the cantonese cuisine, unlike  what they do in south east asia. there lots of  dishes are produced by stir fry method.

i think the westerners dont like stir fry because it causes a lot of oil to spread into the kitchen and every surface. i guess that is why asians like a separate kitchen, even one that is outdoors, separate from the rest of the house. 

it is nice weather today, very sunny and blue skies, and all below 30C, which to me is the cut off point where it becomes really uncomfortable. and i have no hay fever. i wonder why? maybe the plant that produces pollen that i am sensitive to is now past it best and so the air is not full of its pollen. whilst new plants are now producing pollen but i am not sensitive to it. that seems to me to be the only explanation to why i am not afflicted with hay fever whenever i go out even though it is really sunny like anything. i am very happy about it whatever the explanation. haha.

i bought washingup liquid from asda recently, because they sell 15%-30% anionic surfactants, for 89p. there are some like lidl who sells it slightly cheaper, but it is 5%-15% anionic surfactant. i suppose more is better. haha. but i noticed that simon dont rinse off the plates afterwards, to get rid of the washing liquid. i wonder if all british people not rinse off with water. maybe if they dry it, they dont think it necessary to wash off the soap. i think we malaysians all rinse off our plates to get rid of the soap, and we dont dry but just stack up the plates to air dry. those malaysians who are conscious of saving water will have a separate container of water to rinse the plates, instead of rinsing it under a running tap.

i will rinse it under the running tap, because i dont have a meter so it does not cost me more to use more water. fortunately in london, there is no shortage of water so no need to save water, unless you have a meter, in which case u might want to save money. 



7 Sep

london 6.42pm 17C sunny friday 2018

there has been quite alot of reviews of places that serve vegetarian food in london. one place is even bringing out a vege burger that bleeds… using beetroot i think. it mustbe just a publicity gimmick, because even with meat burgers, you dont get blood leaking out. that would be really dangerous. only with steak can u do it so rare that it bleeds and can be safe to eat.

minced beef should never (?) be eaten raw. (once i ordered a  medium rare burger, which was a mistake on my part and a mistake on the waiter, it should never be an option. fortunately i did not suffer any ill effects that time but i must not do it again.  medium i think would be the limit of rawness for burger. some might say even that is not safe.  any other meat, should never be eaten  raw nevermind that bleeding is apparent.

added 9.9.18 sunday. i  just remembered, there is steak tartare. that is raw minced beef. now tell me how do they make it safe to eat? so maybe that is the same method they use when they make those beef burgers that u can cook leaving it raw on the inside.

there are plenty of other veggie places  do just veggie fare without trying to mimic meat. some vegetarians dont believe that it should be dressed up to mimic meat like this or look like meat.; or even that the veg should have the texture or taste of meat… as usual u will have different views about that amongst vegetarians. the fact that there are so many variants suggest that it is a choice.

and i suppose if london wants to be a world class city, it has to offer such choices to its customers and inhabitants.

i wonder are there any restaurants that makes and sells a stir fry dish of veg with meat as a meal in itself. (hang on, i think wong kei does it. haven’t been to wong kei for ages, but i think they would do u a dish like that if u ask).

like this

Digital StillCamera

this picture is blur, but i have eaten that dish now so cannot take another pic.

this is a dish i cooked for my dinner. it is stir fried savoylettuce and green beans with strips of beef,cooked fresh and poured  on warmed up fried rice with cougettes and chicken pieces  left over from yesterday. 

today i read in the papers that some researcher has said those probiotic yoghurts with its live bacteria dont really do any good. the general idea is that u take these live bacteria and they colonise your gut, but it seems the gut in healthy people allready have its mix of bacteria, which then prevent the probiotic bacteria from colonising the gut. and in fact they found out after a course of antibiotics which destroys your ordinary gut bacteria, eating probiotics may replace it with probiotic bacteria, and prevent your ordinary gut bacteria from reestablishing itself. and it seems the probiotic bacteria are not all that great for the gut. so i guess if u eat yogurt , just eat it because u like the taste of it. reading it all, i just wonder where the other bacteria comes from. they must have been ingested at one point, but how is that possible, if we are supposed to eat well cooked food and all that. all the germs would be killed so where did we get all those gut bacteria that grows in normal healthy people’s gut? from our cutlery? and anything else we put in our mouths?