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storm doris dont seem to be affecting london that much.

23 Feb

london 5.46pm 10.8C (about 12C all day really ) strong gusts of wind. thursday 2017

storm doris seems to manifest itself in the area where i live in short strong blasts of wind. and not much rain, mainly dry here. the poor daffodils are tossed strongly,waving wildly for a bit of time, most of them survive the tossing, one or two got their stems broken. that seems to be about all the effect of this storm. i daresay other areas get it worst.

but i think the weather forecasts have made a lot of shop keepers of the stalls in brixton decide to take a day off. there were empty spaces where before u can see stalls with bowls of veg on them.i went about 12pm and the market seems emptier than i have seen it. 

the toilet in brixton market was not opened today. i saw workmen setting up turnstiles at the entrance, so it looks like they are finally going to install coin operated gates and it wont be free anymore. before , there were the gates without turnstiles, so can walk in free. 

i got ginger, 260mg for 50p. not as much as the usual amount, but then i guess it is winter and things are scarcer. though it is still cheaper than in the supermarkets.

on the way back i stop off at the lidl, in stockwell, and got two cauliflowers @59p each. now and then i do like to eat cauliflower , and these are the cheapest . they are part of the weekly reduced priced veg promotions by lidl.  and when they come up, i then get a chance to eat cauliflower. it works out well, as it is much tastier if u dont eat it all the time, which is true of most things. eat it all the time and you can get fed up of it. that is why variety is the spice of life.

hmm, that might be the secret of enjoying your life, inject variety into it. perhaps all those people we see doing and searching for new things to do, are the ones who are searching for variety to inject into their lives. but it is not necessary that u do a new thing every time… 

i take myself as an example. I do the same thing all the time and i enjoy it. the reason is because though  i do the same thing  all the time, the outcome need not be the same all the time.

for eg, i go to the library all the time, but i read different news, i borrow different newspapers, i go online and browse different things on the internet. sometimes, i even meet and talk to people, and different people too. oh, dont forget, i borrow different books.

 so you remember that old saying, which tries to tell people that if they want different results they must change and do things differently… ‘dont do the same thing and expect a different result’, may not be true  after all. it depands on what u relate to. you can do the same thing and get different results… i walk past the recycling bins all the time, and do that same thing every day, but what i find there changes all the time. never do i find the same things. so i wonder what saying covers that kind of situation. so far no one have coined a phrase to cover it.

 added. it looks like the trees falling onto the railway tracks are the cause of the biggest disruption to london. train travellers are the ones most affected with rail services suspended in practically all the major railway stations. that is if u want to believe the newspapers, showing pictures of crowds stranded at the railway stations. though interestingly enough, my friend took the train from victoria to bromley yesterday to visit a friend,  and stayed overnight. he came back today (friday 24.2.17) and he said there was no trouble with the trains at all.