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15 Feb

london 7.49pm 11C dry night friday 2019


the daffodils are out , in my area of london. i think it is early but it is difficult to tell, as london has a mini climate that is warmer than the surrounding areas. certainly these few days have been mild.

i was going to meet ian at the ageuk tavis house and was setting out from my flat at about 2pm,  when i noticed the bus 11 coming down my street. it is way off course, it never comes this way, so i suspect something is happening in parliament square to divert it here. and sure enough, when i walked to the square , there was a bunch of student types sitting on the road just outside parliament and hence blocking all traffic. its a tactic they are using now, in the past they would sit in the middle of a bridge , lambeth bridge is a popular spot for them to do it, but i guess this time they realise doing it in parliament square is more disruptive.

there were some signs they were carrying which was  talking about climate change, so i wonder if these are supporters of that student strike that i hear about, something about students going on strike and not going to school. it sounds rather silly to me really.

one of the students was interviewed and i caught that interview and he was saying uk is actually quite good about responding to the climate change issue, but they are striking to show the world they are not doing enough. well,i  suppose china will hang their heads and ask for forgiveness and consider themselves to be well told off and will be quite scared and will promise to do better after they see the students doing this strike. ah if only life is that simple and its problems so easily solved.

added 9.14pm, found this article from the daily mail, talking about that strike. i came back at about 5pm, passing through parliament square, but the traffic jam was all gone by then. so i missed that black cab protest that followed the student strike.

my bus 88 was jammed with people, and now i realised why, they were the backlog of office workers who were held up by the blockage. i thought it was the usual office rush and was always so crowded like this, but of course now i come to think of it, normal days the buses come at short intervals and so are very frequent and so they can cope with taking these workers home, so they are never so crowded like this.

everyone on the bus is very good natured about the crowded conditions which is quite characteristic of the people here. 

a rare sight, a real student in the library

30 Mar

london 11.47am 10.6C cloud/bright wednesday 2016

i have read of libraries closing, with the guardian asking people to write in and tell them what their local library means to them.

the common view that libraries are full of old men, tramps and migrants is quite true . i have come to this library near me for ages and it is so. today i was lookng at this old chap sitting next to me, sleeping… and wondering how come he can get away with it without the librarian coming round  to wake him and it make me think that i know that librarians are forced to do so by the rules, to make sure no one died in the library.

i was thinking maybe they should not be blamed if someone did die in the library. it is a easy death if u can just fall asleep and die. there are worst ways to die.

anyway i was looking around me and saw a student, a young chinese looking guy sitting opposite me. he has his school books spread out and there was no laptop. just charging his smart phone. i was so surprised because this is the first time i seen a student here.

what is the world coming to. haha. imagine! a student in a library.!!!!!

added. what next? someone borrowing a book from the library perhaps? it maybe just me,  but it is rare for me to  see anyone borrowing books in this library.

The slow death of Silicon Roundabout | Cities | The Guardian

10 Mar

The slow death of Silicon Roundabout | Cities | The Guardian.

this article says the silicon roundabout area (near old st tube station) which everyone thinks will be the seedbed for our own high tech industry is morphing away. hackney council controls the area and is approving development building student housing for the rich kids come to  studying in london and is razing the area and kicking the startups out because the reduction in office space is causing rent to rise.

i should say using the word ‘kids’ to describe the students is a misnomer. a lot of them are adults come to study in london, for eg there is a fashion school just down the road from the roundabout, london seems to be a hotbed for students studying these things andnot just old style students learning in universities and colleges etc. in fact in nearby kings cross there is going to be a big building housing scientists, and they would need accommodation. 

i have noticed another student high rise being built right next to the plaza hotel in that roundabout south of westminster bridge. at the time i had wondered is it that lucrative to build  new high rise solely to house students? where is the money in that? because to my mind students are the poor. but it seems in london, students are rich. haha. they come from overseas. and i have a feeling that even if that bubble bursts the new housing will be in demand from others , because it is so central. studio style housing will be in huge demand … it is like a modern version of bedsits.  i was also thinking once the students are on summer holiday, their rooms can be let out to tourists for the summer. a win-win all round.

I have a feeling that the silicon roundabout area is the victim of its own success. like gay old compton st, when it became popular with us gays, the landlords came in and raise the rent and priced out all the gay businesses that started there. in this area, with its run down 60s style flat roofed buildings it is ripe for redevelopment with high rise. and the silicon roundabout hoohaa simply brings that area to the attention of property developers.  Soon, if not allready , there will be no area of london not ripe for such development, and even the most run down areas in central london will be desireable places to live. 

added.11.3.14 another viewpoint on the same subject.