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why do people kill themself?

4 Nov

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i have always been puzzled how people can commit suicide just like that. why do they do it? this guy writing here tells me why. and it seems his mind is the reason. he cannot control it, and it just bombards him with everything. the mind noise is too much. it seems he does not know how to control it.

 meditation is learning how to control the mind.

i think he could benefit from it. the main thing he can get out of meditation is to learn the skill of controlling his thoughts and his mind. the most simple thing they teach you in meditation is to empty the mind of thought. it is a very useful skill to acquire. from there all else follows, peace of mind, a quiet mind, a well disciplined mind that wont give him anxious thoughts or fearful thoughts, or depressive thoughts. i think this skill should be taught in all schools. taught to everyone. it is a basic life skill. it can help a person build a mindset that would serve them well in life. perhaps others will say it is too simplistic this solution to suicide, depression, etc, but i say it is the only way. better than drugs. the mind is powerful, and can be used for good, but because of it very power, an uncontrolled mind can be  very destructive.