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raining all day

14 May

london 7pm 2015 thursday.

it was only yesterday that we had such a strong sunny day, but today practically rained the whole day. and quite heavy rain too. i don’t mind it, because i know it dont last long, so that it gives me pleasure for the variety’s sake.

i am reminded of malaysia where if it is the rainy season, the rain is everyday, so that every thing in the house is damp, and it is cloudy with dark clouds and u never get to see the sun at all. and it can go on for months. and all outdoor activity ceases, the pasar malam getting rained on and the stall holders losing business if it rains, and esp the night time hanging out in mamak stalls; so that u yearn for it to end. than the dry season comes and for the first few weeks it is glorious, and then the heat gets too much, everything is dry and parched and dusty, and its hot hot hot. and it last for months and you yearn for rain. it is like everything is just too much of it. haha.

that is why i like the english weather. nothing stays too long to make me fed up of it.

that reminded me… i wonder what the weather is like in kuala lumpur now, so i googled it and it shows forecast of thunderstorms all week. so it must be the rainy season now there. the top temp is 35C, so at least the rains will make it feel less hot. right now it is about 2am in kuala lumpur and 26C.