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easy sunday

13 Mar

london 4.38pm 10.4C misty earlier in the day, but now clear and blue skies. sunday 2016

the govt wanted to bring in all day trading for sunday but was defeated, by the SNP of all things. haha. you might wonder why the govt is so keen on bringing this , when most of us are ok with big shops having to close early and letting convenience stores do business later on the only day they dont have to compete with the big stores. it also means we can access the reduced prices earlier in the day, like 4pm today when i went to the tesco and got reduced minced beef 750mg for 60p , reduced from £3. 

its not often i can catch that, because the stores are now wising up to it and not having so much reductions on a sunday just so there wont be too much of a fight for it. so there were not many people hanging about the reduced shelves, and no one grabbed the minced beef before i could. haha. i am making a dry curry out of some of it, and a smaller portion i shall steam it when i cook my rice.

i myself have stopped going there for the reduced price on a sunday, simply because of their policy of not having a lot of stuff out to reduce. it so happened that i went there this time to stock up on oats, i buy the basic oats, there was only one bag left and just got lucky hitting it at the time when they were putting the final reductions on the stuff not sold.

i notice the supermarkets  now spread their reductions to the other weekdays and later in the day too, just to reduce the big scramble.

i am sure the workers themselves must be happy that the govt is defeated and they can close the store at 5pm and go home and still be able to enjoy  daylight when the leave the store . and for all us bargain hunters we are glad they are closing early just so we can get our bargains earlier too. 

but online shopping has made this ruling of early closing on sunday rather disadvantageous for the stores as opposed to the online shops…that is why the govt wants to allow all stores to open late on sundays. if they dont,  it will be giving the online stores an advantage over the physical stores. in some ways the online stores are really having an unfair advantage they dont have overheads like rent, etc.

and for us bargain hunters they never have any sell by date reductions either.that is why  i think it would be a bad day if shops and stores are no more and we all have to shop online.  

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it’s very easy to cook and very quick too. smells heavenly and i just cannot resist eating it straightaway.