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one way to spend sunday

12 May

london 2.05pm 16C sunny sunday 2019

4pm 17C sunny

i went as usual on a sunday to the paddington library, and as usual before going into the library i  went to the waitrose nearby, and i saw lots of their sausages reduced to 55p. so i took 5packs and got a free coffee as well. last time i got one pack for 45p, and discovered it is quite  nice sausages and said if they reduce it like this i shall get some more; so this price is a nice one. i shall freeze most of it.

this trip to the library is a pleasant outing for me, an excuse to get out and enjoy the open air. in the past i would go for the newspapers, but now not so much. even though they have got a lot more newspapers. in the past they only order the sunday times, now they got the sunday telegraph , sunday times, and the mail on sunday. i only managed to read the sunday telegraph, the others were taken, and at the end, the mail on sunday was available, but even so  i did not feel like reading it.

coming back, there were lots of families (just women and their children, the husbands are no where to be seen) boarding the bus at paddington station bus stop, who were bearing placards as though they were going to a demonstration, and i saw them gathering at hyde park corner. they were not blocking the road, but the police put a police car across the road to block it anyway.

later, looking at the bus 88 timetable i saw the parliament square area was blocked for buses as there was a march going on for international mother’s day. so i must have seen the start of the march. it was about 12.30pm or so. 

 the uk have its mother day on march 31st this year, but i guess today’s is any excuse to march hey? its something for families to go to, instead of the normal outing to museums and such. its a nice day to go marching. 

Digital StillCamera

tesco has been selling pineapples for 49p each, i bought one yesterday and it is so sweet and delicious, i shall go back and buy another one. haha.


17 Mar

london 5.58pm 8.6C dark clouds sunday 2019

its quite cold today. it is the wind . i went out to the library in paddington at about 12pm, it was sunny, and i thought just one hoodie should be enough. but the wind was so biting cold, that i returned and put on another hoodie. on the way to the bus i saw two children  wearing only t-shirt and shorts . my ears got so cold ,that in the bus, i was trying to warm them up with my hands and had to put my woolly hat and gloves on, as i was getting a headache from them being so cold. can children generate so much heat that they dont feel the cold? those two kids did not look like they are frozen with cold. yet when i look up the weather website, it seems the temperature was about 8C. normally other  days when we get that temperature it feels very mild but then they were windless days. maybe the wind makes all the difference, or where it comes from. if nothern wind, that makes it a cold wind.

the bus was busy, which surprised me; with many people getting on and off. this is a sunday. there was a herd of kids at the bus stop. is it some kind of school outing, do you think? i dont recall it so busy in other sundays’ past. the library was busy too, with all the seats taken. i wonder what is happening. either school is on, or it is the school holidays again. (all the adult computers were taken, but the children area with its computers and seatings was empty, and when i sat there to read the papers, the library lady told me not to sit there. they are trying to separate the children from the adults. these are the times nowadays, you mix with children at your peril. )

my foot is much better now. i have finished off the gout medicine the hospital gave me, and it makes the swelling go down quite fast. so it must be gout then. in the previous attacks when no one suspect gout, it took a long time for the swelling to go down. it is a strange thing, diagnosis, and is quite an art as well as a science to make an accurate one. 

added. 10.22pm i was reading a blog and was reminded it is st patrick’s day today.so that was why it was so busy today with so many people moving about. must be some kind of do going on some places to celebrate this saint’s day.

quiet sunday

25 Nov

london 8.08pm 7.4C dry now, but the ground looks a bit wet, so maybe it rained earlier. sunday 2018

sunday i usually go out on the bus to the paddington library, but i have to stop doing that now that the foot is broken. so i just took the short bus ride to the pimlico library instead.

there they only have the sunday times and even then the main paper was being read so slowly by an old man. in the end i did not bother to wait till he finished. i read the other parts of the paper. i know from past experience that there is not much of interest in the sunday papers these days. 

but i was able to borrow a book , gone with the windsors by laurie graham. it was in diary form, about an american divorcee who is friends with wallis simpson and the diary was written by her set at the time she met wallis simpson when they were in england and how they met the prince of wales and the outcome of that meeting.  it was fiction of course but rather interestingly told.

my foot seem to hold up well with a surgical boot and a crutch for support so that i was able to bear the short walk to and fro the bus stops without reopening the break.

cycling in tandem

3 Jul

london 7.34pm 20C sunny sunday 2016

its quite cloudy earlier today but now it is very sunny, blue sky. i had a nap and woken up to this really sunny time. the setting sun is shining brightly into the flat.

i think even london can be affected by a sunday quiet mood. i was out this morning and it seemed particularly quiet, with very little traffic on the roads.

so this father and son (presumably) with a male friend accompanying them seem to have got a good day to cycle about.i first saw them cycling by my flat as i came out this morning, and i thought it was a rather good arrangement.

 i go regularly to the library on sunday morning, taking the bus all the way to paddington library… and it was very quiet….not only traffic on the street but the library as well.  only a few weeks ago i cannot find a table free in the library, what with so many students in there. i had to sit on the floor next to a plug to charge my chrome book and to read the sunday papers. but i think the exams are over and their school holidays must be on, ( or if not their holidays there is now no need to go to the library to study..) because they are no where to be seen now.

the sunday papers were rather dull, and noticeably thin, with fewer pages than normal. and most of it full of the conservative leadership battle. so i skimmed through them all and could not help mentioning how boring the papers are this morning to the librarian. there was no queue to borrow those papers when i was there.

i thought i will go to regent st, where today they are closing it to traffic and having a transport exhibition. i suppose it must be that july is a slow month for shopping, otherwise they wont close down regent st…they intend to close it to traffic every sunday in july. i think it really ruin the trade of the shops there not to mention it disrupts the bus routes; but then what do i know. haha. maybe all the shops lining the regent street were full of people out of my sight. who knows. i got to find out all the various patterns of fabric that they use to cover the seats in the buses and tubes. 

it is a common sight to see fairs and celebrations on the street in tourist towns in spain, and i used to think it is there to bring people in and keep them there. it seems even london have to do this, create tourist events to keep the people coming into the area.

perhaps that is why trafalgar square is so eager to celebrate any ethnic holiday and festival. this saturday they are going to celebrate eid… what malaysians call hari raya puasa… to celebrate the end of ramadan, which is on 6th july. it is on a saturday instead of a sunday. sunday would be the quieter time, but it might not be so busy as saturday. 


saw this man and his kid riding the bike earlier. the front wheel of the kid’s bike is lifted off the ground and attached by a rigid bar to the adult bike.

the regent street transport for london exhibition.


i thought this artist , exhibiting his work in the charing cross library is very good with fish paintings. he does other subjects too, oil paintings as well, but his fish ones are the best.i think.


12 Jul

london 11.37am sunday 2015 19.5C

i am in the library in paddington, and allready read the telegraph and the times. not a lot of interesting things there and i read them quickly.

there was a guy who was reading the sunday times before me, and when he returned the paper, i borrowed it and he saw me and on my way back to the seat, he asked me was i waiting for the sunday times and waiting for him to finish?

i said i come here to read all the papers, not just the sunday times. ( though even so i lie, i only read the telegraph and the sunday times, and ask for my library card back, ( you have to give them the card as a deposit, so they can  make sure u return the newspaper) .i just could not be bothered to ask for the independant or observer(which is the guardian on sunday). 

he said he is different from others who read the papers for a long time, he said he takes just 15mins to read it.

i agree with him that there are not that much to make us read it for a long time.

not like the old days.

but then so much of these modern days have changed. we can read all this online now and much of the writing is light weight. people maybe dont like reading the heavy analysis of news in the past. they like fluffy travel articles about countries overseas, or cities overseas.

even though the weather here in london is really very nice and it would be better to just stay in uk instead of travelling abroad. in fact there was an article in one of the papers of a guy who said just that. haha. but there is a caveat, it is not always sunny here in uk. take today for eg, to me it is very nice, but it is not sunny. it is warm enough, so i am wearing shorts and sandals now.

 so if u want the sun, u will have to go abroad. but if u are the kind of person who likes the sun, i think u will be the kind of person who wont like uk anyway.

i used to like hot weather, but i have realised it is silly. hot weather is very uncomfortable and breeds a lot of vermin like flies,mosquitos, cockroaches, rats and ants and bedbugs, that bite and sting.

i have reach a stage of my life where i find them horrible and dont want to tolerate them. so i welcome winter when they all get zapped and die. hahahaha. (oh there is a caveat too …. this only applies to households who dont have central heating, or who dont have heating at all; period. haha. if u have a heated house u will get lots of vermin breeding in your warm house. serves you right too.)

in malaysia we are used to them, so bear with them. well what can you do, you cannot eradicate them, so for your own sanity, u better get used to them…  until i come here and dont have them at all, and realise what a blissful life it is not to have them around.

Sunday Supermarket

19 Jan

i did not realise until reading this blog that germany also do not open on sunday. i lamented that france and spain has their siesta hours and sunday closing, but germany too!! it is europe wide, i wonder why? are they all christian countries that are so religious that they do not want to upset the sunday rest edict? or are their unions so strong that they can prevent workers from working on sundays, or enforce very high overtime pay and the supermarkets just dont want to pay those rates. but whatever, it is a pain, and i am glad uk is not infected with it. and then not to accept credit cards!!! it looks like they are there for their own convenience and that customers are  those horrible little people to be tolerated. haha. another reason to be living in the uk.

Pluto Calling

Supermarkets aren’t open in Berlin on Sundays. At least, ninety-nine percent aren’t. It’s as if the whole city decides to honour the traditional day of rest and inexplicably shuts down. Except for nightclubs, which don’t seem to close anytime between Friday evening and Monday morning. If I could just order milk and a loaf of bread with my next drink then life would be a lot easier.

I recently found myself at one of the few supermarkets open on a Sunday. Regrettably, it seemed like half the population of Berlin had also googled ‘Supermarket actually open’, because I was not alone.

After wading through a sea of human bodies, I managed to locate some last-minute dinner ingredients and made my way to checkouts. I quickly realised, however, that the queue began at the back of the store. So I trudged back the way I’d come and settled into a tortured position next to frozen…

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disadvantage of living in the sticks and relying on train service.

14 Oct

I got an email from john, who lives in poole and is visiting me later this month. During his stay with me, he will be attending a orgy in a house somewhere in the sticks in zone 4 in south London. He is staying overnight and he tells me there is no train service on Sunday when he wants to get back.

This house is in south London, no tubes , but a train station nearby.

That reminds me why I don’t like living near a train station instead of near a tube station. Haha. Normally it wont matter so much if u live on a busy line, or near a busy train station like crystal palace for eg. But this one is a small station in the sticks.

Normally the train people provide a replacement bus service, which takes them through all the train stations that the train would stop; (and the time is quick , only 18mins by train to Vauxhall) but it seems they are not even doing that for this line closure. No bus replacements, which means people have to make their own way by taking the local bus service( stopping constantly at the bus stops every 200 yrds or so haha) to the nearest tube station. It will take ages.
That is the price u pay for living in the sticks and far from civilisation. Haha.

Ah well, I told john to get a bus and go to the nearest underground station and take it from there. It seems it is colliers wood on the northern line.

I am not joining him to the party… because I get bored seeing the same people. If I go I would not stay overnight so wont have this problem of getting back. Fortunately the trains run on Saturday night, the night of the orgy, otherwise john will have even more trouble getting there.

This reminds me , as so many things often does, how glad I am that I live centrally. Roflol.