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a day for going about in shorts

5 May

london 21.8C really sunny, blue sky thursday 2016 2.58pm

london is looking really lovely today. so warm that i went about in my shorts. took the bus to stockwell to the lidl’s there because i saw their advert in the metro this morning frozen king prawns 150mg for £1.59. they are allready usual priced quite a good price at £1.99, so this is even better. i bought 3packs to put in the freezer.

and the bus 88 has its airconditioner working so well, just the right cool temperature without going to the other extreme of freezing , unlike malaysian airconditioning in the buses or trains, where u have to carry around a sweater , even in the hot humid outside, just so u can wrap up and still shiver when inside their cold trains.

on the way back, i found a ear piece on the bus. it is a lovely blue colour. it is to hear sound in the laptop without disturbing others. i have wanted one so that i can hear things in the library… i have tried it out and i think one ear plug is not working. but the other ear plug is , so it suits me fine. and i have a holder for it,(found it long ago and kept it all this time) so that i can fold it up and it wont get entangled. 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i googled sas earphones, and found that these earphones are given away free by the scandinavian airline.

did u got woken up by the electricial storm last night?

18 Jul


That was what simon asked me just now. he said he got up at about 5am to go to work, and suddenly there was sudden huge pouring of rain and bright lights and thunder that shook the windows of the flat and flooded the flat with light. and it was over in 2 or 3mins.

I slept through it all. If he had not told me that he saw it, i could scarcely believe it.

when i read of it here, showing photos of the lightning flashes over london, i thought it cannot be happening in my area and must be localised elsewhere in london.

Not the first time i thought that what they said happened did not happen where i live. But after hearing what simon said, i guess i shall have to change my views about these things and just accept that i tend to sleep through the most momentous happenings. 

there is a video that they were showing in that article of the path of the lightning storm, and from it i can see why it lasted only a few minutes as it was a fast moving broad front heading across  england from south to north with the front bringing in torrential rain and lightning and thunder and passing over very quickly.

But i slept through it all. Next morning i did see the road was wet, and i thought a gentle rain had fallen last night. haha.

today is hot, 31.8C at 2.43pm according to this chart i follow. But it was very pleasant in my flat as my flat seem to be cooler. I was indoors.

I can take these temperatures without going mad and rushing out and sitting in the sun just because it is hot. most people are starved for days like these and cannot get enough of it, but i know better. haha. being from a hot country i dont worship the sun so much and want to avoid it.

in winter I will join everyone and walk in the sun and avoid the shady parts, every chance i get. because then, the sun is warming and welcomed.

but not in temperatures like today. thank goodness it is forecast that it will come down as soon as tomorrow.

the nice thing is that i dont have hay fever. i guess the pollen from that particular plant that i suffer from has gone. i think it is from grass, and most of the grass is turning to hay now. good. 

I saw a tv program about our discarded clothes that we give to charity, thinking that they are all sold in charity shops here, but it seems 80% are packed and sent to ghana, and places like that in africa. where the locals fight each other to get it to sell on. and it seems it has destroyed the local traditional clothes industry of the region. now they all wear western style clothes rather than their traditonal clothes.

it seems the people in africa like british second hand clothes, because the size suits them, unlike american sizes which are too large . and i read here that americans put their old clothes into landfill. and recycle the clothes by breaking them down. 

it is something i have noticed happening all over the world, traditional clothes giving way to western style clothes; in malaysia we dont see anyone wearing the traditional clothes for day to day wear, they are worn only on special occasions like weddings, or funerals, or birthdays or new year days. 

as it happens

4 Jun

Such a lovely day today. All that sunshine is making me see my windows are obviously dirty. Haha.

So I decided to clean them. I haven’t cleaned them for years.

My views on cleaning is that after a few years the dust don’t get any thicker.

Anyway, it is quite easy to clean these windows. I say easy to clean, but not easy to clean well. I use a very dilute washing up liquid, and spray it on and wipe it with pieces of newspaper. Very easy, even though it means hanging outside the windows whilst twisting the body to get at the glass. And it is because of this contortion that it is not easy to give it a thoroughly good clean. So there are smears on the window glass, but I am not too bothered with them.
After they dry off, the smears are not noticeable.haha.

My view is it is not necessary to do a thorough good job when it comes to cleaning especially with things that will need cleaning again.

The downside to a hot sunny day is the pollen in the air. But not only pollen, for some reason the trees are shedding bits of flowers that have dried up and these bits get blown about in the wind and right into my eyes. Then there is the allergic reaction to the pollen which causes the eye to itch as well as makes the throat itchy. (though the hay fever is not that bad yet) So u can well imagine it is not really very pleasant for me to be outdoors.

That is why I view these hot summer days that are now upon us with mixed feelings.
I also find I cannot sit in the sun for too long. I get burnt, and that sensation is not pleasant… so what to do…

Now you know why I am not too bothered about warm weather, or not. Any weather in London is great to me, they all have their plus side.

In the end, I stay indoors, even though it is so glorious out there.

For the first time this year, I went out walking to the library with shorts and sandals and t shirt. But it was quite a cold wind blowing giving me goose bumps.

Anyway, when I arrived at the library to read the papers , I found that my reading glasses which I always keep in my gym bag was missing, so I had to glance through the telegraph and not bother to read anything else.

I came back, passing by the Pimlico station to grab the free metro newspaper.

When I reached home I looked around to see where the glasses were. I thought I had dropped them somewhere but luckily I found them under a pair of pants that I had took out of my gym bag earlier.

Hmm, it sometimes makes me wonder of all the sheenanigans going on, what makes those glasses get entangled with the pants to make them come out of the bag with the pants? Ah well, I found them in the end, so that is allright.

I am glad I found them as even though they are quite cheap to buy (only £1 from the 99p store) it is a bother to go and buy them…

And anyway, £1 here and £1 there can add up to a lot of money if I get into the habit of losing my glasses.

Now I am waiting for a call from my friends who are arriving today from Istanbul. It is 8pm and they have not arrived yet. Even though they tell me their heathrow flight arrives at 5.40pm. Wonder what happened to them.