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unknown unknowns

26 Sep


i am at the library, on another lovely warm day, and read in the times newspaper that sainsburys will stop offering a refund if what u bought fromthem is more expensive than the similar thing in tesco.

you have to buy more than £10 worth of stuff from sainsburys before the till will find out for you what is more expensive than tesco and give you a voucher of refund.

since i never buy anythng more than £10 at any one time, it is no use to me.

all i can see when i view the prices in sainsburys is the upfront cost and so many of their stuff is more costly than tesco. simple things like milk powder, basic instant coffee, basic spaghetti, etc, even basic bread… oats… practically everything really so much so that i stopped going to sainsburys.

i used to wonder when i was there how come it is so busy with people, when it is obviously more expensive than tesco, and i used to wonder how come i never hear of sainsburys profits being hit , like we hear so much about tesco’s falling profits and market share.

so now i know why. people rely on the refund that the computer will find out for them; maybe not realising that  sainsburys have upped their price knowing that only those who shop for small amounts will pay the increased costs and those customers are not really to be wooed anyway as they buy so little.

now according to today’s news article they say they will stopp the refunds.

so maybe people are realising it is better to go straight to the cheap supermarkets like lidl, aldi, rather than fluff around with buying more expensive stuff and getting a refund back, in vouchers what’s more that means coming back to the store to redeem it and only if u buy more of those higher priced stuff. that might explain why sainsburys is dropping that scheme.

Another unknown unknown i discovered is my cistern in my wc. sometimes it does not flush, because the water does not rush in to fill that gadget which house the plunger .

so i tend to leave it for a bit, and it soon fills up with water. this time something new happened. i can feel the inside of that gadget that cause the flush is full, but the water does not drain down to the bowl. i tried it a few times but it still did not work. so i press hard on the top of the gadget and whatever it did, it made the thing worked. well well, some unknown unknowns i have dislodged there. 

my problem with the washing machine double check valve may be solved. simon managed to fit one all by himself. the water engineer came yesterday to check it and signed it off.

he was the one who recommended this to be fitted to overcome the slight contamination of my water.

my initial suggestion that i disconnect the washing machine and not use it luckily is not needed now. i admit it is nice to be able to use the washing machine.

i guess it is nice to live with other people, who can take the trouble to fix it rather than live on my own where i would take the path of least resistence where it can lead to a bit of inconvenience. i would highly recommend living with others. 

from midday today there is a malaysian food festival in trafalgar square. it is to promote malaysia and malaysian foods sponsored by the malaysian govt. i shall go most probably just to see what is going on.

added later. well i have just been to trafalgar square and bought some malaysian foodstuff from the malaysiakitchen stall. 1kg frozen fish balls £5.50. dried instant noodles pack of 10 , 40mg each for .50p.each pack.  i bought 2packs. and then there is the 3 for £2 malaysian chili sauce.  i was not going to buy them but there was a guy there with samples to taste and i just happen to ask him what is the difference between them and he said one got garlic, the other got ginger, and another is sweet. well that kicked me into buying the garlic and ginger ones. as i must have bought the suger ones last year as it was so sweet and i was put off buying them again . so just goes to show u have to have someone tell you what it is different about them.

the frozen fish balls are really good value. they did not sell them last year.  normally 200mg cost about £2 fresh in the chinese shop in chinatown. these are about half price. i cant imagine how ordinary people will buy them as the fish balls will thaw out by the time they go home. i live nearby so i can go home and put them in the freezer and still be able to get back to trafalgar square later today if i want to. who knows maybe they will reduce everything as the evening approaches and they close shop. haha. they even have frozen roti chenai £1.50 for 6. i did not buy them as i dont know what to do with them or if they taste the same after thawing. i am quite attracted to roti done this way and i see roti king who i hear do quite authentic roti blatha. and was quite tempted to try them. it costs £5 though.

some western guys were buying it, but only the roti, no sauce. i said aren’t you supposed to eat that with curry sauce? one of them said yes, but you can chose how to eat it. i must say even though the customer is king… and we are all supposed to accept it;  but really how are u to get the real experience of eating roti blatha if u dont combine it with the curry sauce?? it is just not the malaysian way.

i glanced at the staff in the stall and i can see the guys in the stall kind of having a glazed look in their face. i guess they have learnt never to correct the english customers. haha. just let them do whatever they like.

i have noticed that about all this ethnic food being sold in uk, esp in london. they mix and match and just adulterate and add stuff that u dont associate with that dish.

that is why i am not surprised if one day an indian restaurant would serve curry and chips… if one had not allready done so. i can understand why some italian restaurants lament at how the british diner will add stuff to the pasta sauces and call it bolognaise, or puttanesce, which in the country of origin would never agree to it.  

I call myself a malaysian but even i am confused with the various names for the roti. i know it as roti blatha, but i have heard it called roti chenai, prata. are they mean all the same thing except for dialect difference?

added. 7pm. i went there again at about 5pm. i cooked a noodle dish with the fish balls and noodles and it was very nice. i bought another of those noodles at 50p after i chatted with a malaysian student who said he was here only 8days having just arrived to do his university degree which will take him 3yrs. he pays £100 a week for a room share with another student. i told him about the noodles as it is quite ideal. i told him he can use a stock cube to get the flavour. and then add whatever he wants like mince beef, or frozen cheap fish, or fish balls, veg etc. and that is a meal allready. he bought 3 packs. 

and i got the address of their shop. it is quite a long way away. chuang lee unit 4 meridientrading estate,28 lombard wal4l, london se7 7sw. nearest station is charlton station. or go to greenwich station and take bus472 or 486towards thamesmead centre and get off at peninsular park road. i think it is too far for me to go considering i only buy a few items. i will just have to wait next year when they come again to trafalgar square. 

I also got to see a chef doing a masterclass of roti chennai making. the dough was already prepared so we dont get to know how it is done. i guess we shall have to buy his cook book, but he demonstrated how to toss it. and then it is fried . alot of oil used. video  

Anyway afterwards i asked him why is there so many names for it? he said roti prata (or blatha) is a singapore invention. the original name is roti chennai, (or they spell it cennai,) from a place in india.

the spelling is all over the place, it is also spelt roti paratha, roti canai.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

added.13.10.14 i just read in the metro newspaper today that chennai was formerly known as madras. so the name roti chennai must be new, i think roti prata, blatha, paratha, must be the original name. i know it as roti blatha, a corruption of prata and paratha i think. i wonder whether it exists in madras anymore. if it does maybe they call it a diffrent name.

added again. 14.10.14 found this …(from wikipedia)

‘Changes to the local name of cities in the indigenous languages is less common. However, a change in English may also be a reflection of changes in other Indian languages other than the specific local one. For example the change of Madras (Hindi मद्रास Madras) to Chennai (Hindi चेन्नई Chennai) was reflected in many of India’s languages, as well incidentally in English, while the Tamil endonym Chennai (சென்னை Chennai) had always been Chennai and remained unaffected by the change.’

so perhaps it is an old phrase and means ‘tamil bread’. south indians are the main people who settled in malaysia, and most south indians are tamils.

living in london pt5

12 May


A continueing joy in living in london is the apples. even supermarket apples are delicious, firm, crunchy, sweet, juicy. so much so that i can eat two apples on the trot one after the other, and i eat all of it, only the stalk left. they are that good. my favourite is gala apples.

but just now, i bought 8 for £1 in tesco , after my swim, and took a bite of one when i left the store and was surprised that it tasted awful. very friable, soft, tasteless. I was thinking to myself do i have to eat all of it? and dreading it. It was that bad.

then i remembered long ago when i was in malaysia, and bought some fruits from the night market from some local malay guys who have set up a stall there, and they were not sweet and i actually went back to the street market and returned them and got my money back. i regret doing it, because those were natural fruits, and if they are not as sweet as i expected it is only because it is nature. i was very young and foolish in those days.

so i thought if i can return the fruits to those guys who least deserve it, why am i not returning these fruits to tesco right now? i have only gone a few steps away from the store… its not like i have returned home and found out. so i turned tail at once and returned to the store and asked for the store manager.

I told him the fruits are too old and i want to return it. I was actually holding the half eaten apple, it was that bad. he asked if i want a replacement, but i did not trust the rest of the batch were any better so i said i will take a refund. and of course he gave me my £1 back without any fuss. so i have to qualify my praise of apples from supermarket that it is not always that nice. haha. Still, it is the first time i got a bad batch in all my years of buying apples in london. and it is still one of the best things to enjoy about london. haha.

Gala apples actually are not native to uk. most uk apples like braeburn, russet, bramleys, are quite sour. but i think some local farmers are growing gala apples in uk now. It’s possible the apples are not that nice because it is not apple season now. that season comes around autumn time. 

I wonder what are the seasonal fruits we can get to eat now . it is spring now. i cannot think there are any fruits ripening and  available now. after all, the flowering season have only just started. But i remember reading somewhere that apples can be stored throughout the winter and brought out to be sold in batches.  but if there are no fruits actually growing now, what fruits are we to eat? that is assuming  we want to eat only seasonal fruits?? Unlike in malaysia, or seasia, where pineapple , papaya, guava, lime, jackfruit, bananas, starfruit, grow all the year round, we here in the temperate zone have winter where nothing fruits. You can see why there are no pure vegetarians in the prehistoric peoples who live in temperate climates. haha. any who are foolish enough to want to just eat vegetation will die. in winter, people will have to hunt animals or rear them to survive.

I just have a thought. all those religions, buddism , hinduism, which advocate a vegetarian diet are started in the tropics… where it is possible to live on vegetation all year. so those religions are suited to the peoples who live there.

and desert religions like jewism islamism, christianity seem to be in place to regulate people’s use of scarce resources. how much easier it is to get obedience when you tell people God wants it rather than pass man made laws that people will flout.  and the idea of a single god is so no other gods will contradict each other. 

You can understand why those religions came about in those regions of the world, but why should people in the temperate zone take up these religions?  (one of desert areas, the other of tropical areas), and force it into a temperate zone or cold climate way of life? It does not make sense, does it? 

A religion that worships the sun and time people’s activities according to its progress in the heavens as the seasons change… that would be more useful as a religion to the people who live in northern climes. maybe that is what stonehenge and all the other stone circles allude to, and druids are the high priests of such a religion. but they were all swept away when the romans came to britain and introduced christianity. and impose a religion for the desert areas to a northern climate country and people. Ah well, just my thoughts about religion, and how it comes about. 

 Added. i googled it and found out that rhubarb is the only fruit in season around now. first of all, i never knew rhubarb is a fruit. i had always thought it to be a vegetable. anyway, I have never seen any supermarket with a glut of rhubarb to sell. they make very good rhubarb crumble that is the only use for it that i know of. 

starting anew

21 Apr


I thought i will have to buy a rucksack to replace the one i lost. but i found a spare lying around. it was given to me by london underground.

It says ‘you’re better off by bike’. so it must be one of the boris bike publicity thing when the bikes first began operation. must be 2or 3 yrs ago.

don’t remember what was the occasion when it was given to me. it has a small pocket in front to keep small things so avoid rummaging in the depths of the main space. 

And i dug up a rain coat to replace the one i lost.

i found that along with the other raincoat in the park after prince william’s wedding( i have a commemoration mug dated 29april 2011) so this raincoat is that old. never been used since i found it.

there was no date when the raincoat was bought so not sure how old it is.

I found both of them lying around abandoned in st james park. This was when so many people came to london to see the wedding and left so many things in the park after they have been camping on it overnight.

it was a virgin marathon raincoat. when i wore it to a gay group walk, one of the guys there told me it was sold to people who have applied unsuccessfully to compete in the marathon. it was a sort of consolation price for not being able to run. that is interesting. i wonder if that might deter a person from wearing it, as it would mark them out to those in the know as being losers. wearing something that shows they did not run in the marathon at all… 

The london virgin ( is virgin still sponsoring it? maybe not anymore!googled it and found out it is renamed virgin money now)marathon has just finished a few weeks ago. one chap died after finishing. so it is quite dangerous thing to do.

i knew this knapsack  would come in useful one day, even if it took 3yrs to come to its own. haha. the raincoat took 3yrs too so it must be about the time of the boris bikes.

which surprised me somewhat. i never knew i had it for so long. i was using the other raincoat all that time.

i thought i will have to buy a swimsuit to replace the one i lost, but i found one that i did not realise is a swim wear . i have been using it like it was  a spare pair of shorts , and lucky for me the swim centre allows people to wear shorts to swim ;

unlike in malaysia where they insist u must have speedo style swim wear. shorts are not allowed. i wonder why?  maybe they dont want people using their daily shorts  that they use and wear when they are out and about.

it being very warm, people who wear shorts in malaysia are labourers. when i was visiting there, i was the only one who is malaysian, who is not a labourer who was wearing shorts. The other group of people who wear shorts are the male european tourists.  

so maybe they realise anyone who is malaysian and wears shorts is likely to be a labourer who wears his shorts as workwear. they  dont want to encourage riff raff. that is my guess for them imposing this blanket ban on shorts in the swimming pool.

here in uk, there are no such restrictive rules. people can and do wear any style of swim wear in the pool.

and i found a spare pair of swim goggles too. so it looks like i am hardly inconvenienced at all at the loss of that knapsack which i left at the bus stop. 

I was browsing in the sainsburys this evening, looking for food reductions.

it being the bank holiday bargains may be had. i got 2loaves of organic wholemeal bread 800mg for 29p each. and rump steak 300mg reduced from £3.47 to 89p. there was a lady who bought all of them , she was standing over the sales assistant whilst it was being stamped with the reduced tickets, and when i approach she said  all the packs stacked up on the trolley were hers. sigh. but luckily she missed this one. haha or rather she might not like the look of it. it was two strips of meat instead of one whole slab.

it was just the right one for me as i was kind of craving a good rump steak. this was because the other day i read a newspaper article talking about the angus steak house in london and saying how puzzling  why they are still so profitable and in business when they are just not good at all.

one of the critics was a owner of a upmarket steak restaurant and he said the beef he ordered was inedible.

i really wonder… it shows u must not get a rival to be the critic. he is not likely to praise the beef right?

in the tripadviser, the angus steak house got praise from the customers so they cannot be all that bad.

It is pricey though, £15 for a steak.(that was the price for a rump steak in their website) and nothing else. side dishes, gravy, etc are extra.

added.23.4.14 found the article . read it here. they were charged more because they ordered sirloin.

I think rump steak is a really good steak and is my preferred choice to sirloin or fillet. 


but really u can eat the steak with nothing else. Steak is that good, which is what i did when i had the steak. I think to douse it in gravy is a sin. It is no way to treat a steak. 

steak is so easy to cook, a fool can cook it. so it stands to reason that no one can make it bad.

just tell them u want it medium rare… and hope they do know what medium rare is … haha. though I find if ever a restaurant make a hash of it is to overcook it. it is quite easy to do it in a busy restaurant with the chef rushing to fulfill orders.

i like if the middle is still just slightly red, but not oozing with blood. if u cook it at home, u can always cut it through with a knife to see whether it is just right. i had it with a bit of english mustard and spring onions. heavenly. 

The sainsburys tonight were selling off vegetables for 20p. mainly precut salads, which i was not interested in. though i did buy a large bag of satsumas, for 20p from £2.

i have found i can defragment more finely , and this time the computer is doing it by prioritising files. not sure what that means but it sure is taking a long time. almost 2hrs it says. it is still doing it now, about 1hr more to go. it is only 60% done.

Hang on, i just checked and it is done. so it was really not 2hrs after all. it says the duration was about 1hr 30mins. ah well, it is prioritised now. 

16 March, 2014 10:57

16 Mar

London Sunday

I am sitting by my kitchen window blogging this. It is not my usual place , as I tend to use the lounge partly because the wifi signal is stronger there, but also simon uses the kitchen to smoke when he is online.

It is a nice sunny day out there, and I can see the blue sky easier from here than from the lounge window. The window sill is also low lying and I can lean out of the window whilst sitting down.

I am writing this in the word processor and then I shall copy and paste it to my email and post that to wordpress. That problem where I cannot log on and access my blog to write in it is still an ongoing one for me. So far I don’t read anyone else having this problem, so I guess it must be local to me. Maybe my connection is so slow that logging in takes such a long time that wordpress automatically kicks me out .

But not to worry, I can still read other people’s blogs on wordpress as long as I read it as a non subscriber to wordpress; and I can post on my blog using the email.

Though I cannot edit it whilst I have posted it.

I just had a snack lunch of English mustard (its 30p for 180mg. Very nice price and as far as I can tell it is just as nice as the branded ones) and fresh tomato sandwich and even though it is a basic Sainsbury English mustard, it is very sharp, like wasabi. On the label it says a new recipe with less heat, but boy, I find it hot enough now. What must it be like in the old recipe I cannot imagine. most times when they make it less hot it tastes of nothing, but not in this case. this amount of heat suits me just fine. i think it is why english mustard is so good, unlike the french mustards. it is so much hotter than any of the french style mustards. it does not surprise me that expats would go out of their way to get hold of english mustard.

I have been shopping in morrisons a llllot lately. They are having trouble with sales and profits going down because of competition from lidl and aldi, and have changed their policy by reducing their prices. so now u can buy 3 veg items usually 69p each for £1.50; and they even reduce their broccoli and iceberg lettuce to 49p each; making it come in line with lidl or aldi, and since it takes only one bus to get there from my place, unlike having to take two buses to get to aldi or lidl, i find myself going to morrisons now.

and there is a new branch opening up near me,in stutton ground, so i can walk there, though it is one of those funny things, it takes longer to walk there and there is no direct buses so it really is easier to go to this further branch than the one nearer me.

I have not used morrisons before but now that they are changing their policy and reducing their prices i shall use them more. And if they have sales promotions like the one recently where they have chicken for £1.75 a kg, that would make me go even more.

oh the sun is really out now and shining strongly. i shall go out and sit in it for a bit.

poor workers, holidays, bananas,

25 Feb


The following is rather trivial, so bear with me and take it as a light hearted read.

I enjoy living in london very much but there is not much to say about it. now and then, i read of things that the newspapers talk about, like the bananas prices and how they are so cheap. frankly i dont think they are cheap, even though they say u can buy a banana for 11p. it is only if the banana is very small, which fairtrade bananas are. i bought 2 of these fairtrade bananas as i wanted to know if they are really 11p each. i chose the two largest size i could see, and they are 14p each. even then it took 2 to satisfy me. they cost .68p a kg. granted this price has remain so for years, so i suppose u could say prices of bananas have decreased if u take inflation into account. the supermarkets used it as a loss leader, they said they continue to pay properly to the plantations in the caribbean as a fair trade agreement, but i bet the owners keep the profit and dont pass that down to the workers in the fields. they say those workers should be grateful to have a job in the first place.

added. i realise sainsburys have a basic pack of 8 for £1.15. they are smaller bananas than the ones i bought loose, yet cost as much as the ones i bought, and the ones i bought were larger. usually u expect basic packs like these to be better value, but this reminds us it is not always so and dont assume it. 

Bananas are not something u have to have. if they are too costly people just wont buy them and then everyone will lose out. we for not having them so readily available and cheap, the farmers get no money because not many are buying them, if their prices go up, and the workers in caribbean will be laid off. so now they may complain they are too poorly paid but it is the owners and middle men taking the profit for themselves so that it makes it worthwhile to keep the plantations going. Even at the same 69p a kg, they are making money. It is just that the profit does not filter down to the poor workers in the fields. the capitalist system would like to make us believe that there is a trickle down effect, and that the workers in the lowest chain will benefit. but it is not so. the boss and middle men take all the profits and squeeze the workers as much as they can, and because the workers are too many… and they all fight each other to work , the pay gets smaller and smaller and still these poor people continue to want to work. the bananas have make the whole area a monopoly employer and there is no competition for workers from other businesses. I have often wondered why people continue to want to work in these poorly paid jobs, like pakistanis, filipinos, indians going in droves to dubai , abu dhabi, qatar…for shitty jobs low paid , not being paid, and terrible working and living conditions and get abused as well, why??? are their home places so bad that they prefer to go and work for slave wages there??? 

added.27.2.14 this article about the filipino maids being shafted in doha, is one of many we read in the press. i have a feeling none of these press articles ever get published in the filipines, that is why the poor saps never know what they are getting into when they come to the middle east to work. and the filipino embassy do not stop these bad firms from recruiting in phillipines. i suppose there is no money to be made by vetting these firms and a lot of money to be made getting bribes from them to let them carry on.

Someone commented there that part of the problem in qatar is because the indian run firms in gatar are the ones exploiting their fellow men, so it is not only qatar owned businesses. it was in response to another comment stating that india is turning a blind eye to the safety of construction workers in India itself, and is earning so much money from money sent back by its migrant workers, it does not care to stop that cash cow. 

 But lets get back to holidays, i like staying in london all year round, so much so that i dont fancy travelling abroad anymore. john, my friend who lives in poole is starving for winter sun, and usually he would be in thailand now, staying for about 1or 2mnths. this year he has decided not to go. and is now feeling the effects. he had been to gran canaria. maybe he got robbed that put him off going there again. after thailand, any place will find it difficult to live up to expectations for him , i think. anyway he is thinking of his summer holidays and he knows a guy who has a house near capdagde, and I got a email from him today when he asked me if i would like to go as his friend has invited me too. I had a look at the flight prices and boy, they are expensive. £200 by ryanair to beziers. too much but it is august so i guess some might say it is the norm.

I told john i wont be joining him, but encourage him to go alone and suss out capadage; and  tell me if capdagde is as good as it used to be when we visited it in the late 90s. i have not been back since then. I hear from forums that it has become very textile, in that people dont get naked anymore in the town, only at the beach. the whole ethos is that it is a place to live a naked lifestyle, but i think the straights have decided it is a place for the hedonist lifestyle and that does not include full nudity. so capdagde for me has lost it. i confess, i myself have gone off the naked lifestyle. it is nice to have, but not practical, living in northern climes like uk, where we have winter and summers are not that hot. i find i prefer such a climate, rather than the really hot weather u get in the tropics or desert areas. so i dont mind letting the naked lifestyle go. Many areas of the world are turning its back on nudity, or becoming less tolerant of allowing it. San francisco has made it illegal to be naked in the city, so also barcelona. and many nude beaches are reverting to textile. quite a worrying prospect for those who want to live the naked lifestyle. 

Added. EVen France, the home of naturism, has convicted a guy who goes about naked, of exhibitionism and put him under house arrest for 1month. shame on france. this video shows how conflicted nakedness is even amongst nudists/naturists. 

Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer

3 Nov

Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer.

a very funny article poking fun at the govt for trying to dictate what the supermarkets can or cannot put next to the checkout counter.

mitchell was taught by his parents that people who impulse buy sweets at the checkout, are foolish, and if only all parents taught their children this there would not be this kids screaming at the counter because the parents said no.  it is common sense really.

i always wonder why parents always have to answer all the questions asked by kids. if the child asks for sweets, say nothing. such questions are not worthy of a reply. and faced with no response the kid will just forget about it. but say no, and it is like waving a red flag in front of that bull of a kid.


i also read this article in the same paper, about a woman journalist who is worried about being cold. she is so used to getting warm from a central heated house, she has forgotten that u can be warm with clothing alone. no need to warm up all the air inside a house to keep warm. and the govt is no better and feeding on this fear by saying the house must be kept at 20C.

As a consequence of her thinking that the only way to keep warm is to central heat the house she become anxious and fearful… a state of affairs that seem to afflict even normal people nowadays. people seem to be anxious about the smallest things these days.

we humans are so great and so exasperating as well

29 Oct

London Tuesday 29.13.10
I was in the sainsburys after my swim, and a old lady asked the woman stacking the bread where the 50/50 bread 400mg was kept. She pointed it out, at the top shelf and the old lady asked me to take one down for her. So I did.
It cost 75p. She saw the end date was 1nov, and asked me to look at the others on the shelf if any were later. But none were.
Then I noticed on the middle shelf the 50/50 bread was costing £1.25. For the same 400mg. It turned out these had their crust removed.

Now I wonder what market research made Sainsbury think people will pay almost double to have the crust removed. I know. It is to cater to those who aspire to being uppercrust and serve cucumber sandwiches. It seems u must have crustless bread for that. And it is a bother to cut them off not to mention u can never get a sharp edge to it, or a uniform shape. So that bread is to appeal for the upwardly mobile.

The old lady was muttering that she cannot finish off hers, when she found there were no bread that expires longer than 1nov. I said u can freeze it. She went off and another lady came by looking for bread. And we both marvelled at the price of crustless bread . Though when I mentioned they can be freezed and keep for a long time, she said she never buy frozen , she only eats fresh.

Hmm, I wonder if she knows that a lot of the so called fresh have been lying around in the shop or warehouse for days. And/or have been thawed from frozen. Or have been picked green and transported hundred of miles and then controlled ripened in the warehouse.

But we humans really have this remarkable ability to believe in something and find it difficult to disbelieve it even if faced with evidence.

And the converse applies, we have the same ability not to believe in something even though faced with the evidence.

In other words, this ability to refuse to change our opinion once we have made up our minds is universal and might well be a survival trait.

I would be so bold as to say all the great discoveries made by Man are made by someone who refused to believe it cannot be done or refused to give up on his belief that it can be done.

added. am rather excited about this new discovery li fi. instead of wi fi.