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16 March, 2014 10:57

16 Mar

London Sunday

I am sitting by my kitchen window blogging this. It is not my usual place , as I tend to use the lounge partly because the wifi signal is stronger there, but also simon uses the kitchen to smoke when he is online.

It is a nice sunny day out there, and I can see the blue sky easier from here than from the lounge window. The window sill is also low lying and I can lean out of the window whilst sitting down.

I am writing this in the word processor and then I shall copy and paste it to my email and post that to wordpress. That problem where I cannot log on and access my blog to write in it is still an ongoing one for me. So far I don’t read anyone else having this problem, so I guess it must be local to me. Maybe my connection is so slow that logging in takes such a long time that wordpress automatically kicks me out .

But not to worry, I can still read other people’s blogs on wordpress as long as I read it as a non subscriber to wordpress; and I can post on my blog using the email.

Though I cannot edit it whilst I have posted it.

I just had a snack lunch of English mustard (its 30p for 180mg. Very nice price and as far as I can tell it is just as nice as the branded ones) and fresh tomato sandwich and even though it is a basic Sainsbury English mustard, it is very sharp, like wasabi. On the label it says a new recipe with less heat, but boy, I find it hot enough now. What must it be like in the old recipe I cannot imagine. most times when they make it less hot it tastes of nothing, but not in this case. this amount of heat suits me just fine. i think it is why english mustard is so good, unlike the french mustards. it is so much hotter than any of the french style mustards. it does not surprise me that expats would go out of their way to get hold of english mustard.

I have been shopping in morrisons a llllot lately. They are having trouble with sales and profits going down because of competition from lidl and aldi, and have changed their policy by reducing their prices. so now u can buy 3 veg items usually 69p each for £1.50; and they even reduce their broccoli and iceberg lettuce to 49p each; making it come in line with lidl or aldi, and since it takes only one bus to get there from my place, unlike having to take two buses to get to aldi or lidl, i find myself going to morrisons now.

and there is a new branch opening up near me,in stutton ground, so i can walk there, though it is one of those funny things, it takes longer to walk there and there is no direct buses so it really is easier to go to this further branch than the one nearer me.

I have not used morrisons before but now that they are changing their policy and reducing their prices i shall use them more. And if they have sales promotions like the one recently where they have chicken for £1.75 a kg, that would make me go even more.

oh the sun is really out now and shining strongly. i shall go out and sit in it for a bit.

poor workers, holidays, bananas,

25 Feb


The following is rather trivial, so bear with me and take it as a light hearted read.

I enjoy living in london very much but there is not much to say about it. now and then, i read of things that the newspapers talk about, like the bananas prices and how they are so cheap. frankly i dont think they are cheap, even though they say u can buy a banana for 11p. it is only if the banana is very small, which fairtrade bananas are. i bought 2 of these fairtrade bananas as i wanted to know if they are really 11p each. i chose the two largest size i could see, and they are 14p each. even then it took 2 to satisfy me. they cost .68p a kg. granted this price has remain so for years, so i suppose u could say prices of bananas have decreased if u take inflation into account. the supermarkets used it as a loss leader, they said they continue to pay properly to the plantations in the caribbean as a fair trade agreement, but i bet the owners keep the profit and dont pass that down to the workers in the fields. they say those workers should be grateful to have a job in the first place.

added. i realise sainsburys have a basic pack of 8 for £1.15. they are smaller bananas than the ones i bought loose, yet cost as much as the ones i bought, and the ones i bought were larger. usually u expect basic packs like these to be better value, but this reminds us it is not always so and dont assume it. 

Bananas are not something u have to have. if they are too costly people just wont buy them and then everyone will lose out. we for not having them so readily available and cheap, the farmers get no money because not many are buying them, if their prices go up, and the workers in caribbean will be laid off. so now they may complain they are too poorly paid but it is the owners and middle men taking the profit for themselves so that it makes it worthwhile to keep the plantations going. Even at the same 69p a kg, they are making money. It is just that the profit does not filter down to the poor workers in the fields. the capitalist system would like to make us believe that there is a trickle down effect, and that the workers in the lowest chain will benefit. but it is not so. the boss and middle men take all the profits and squeeze the workers as much as they can, and because the workers are too many… and they all fight each other to work , the pay gets smaller and smaller and still these poor people continue to want to work. the bananas have make the whole area a monopoly employer and there is no competition for workers from other businesses. I have often wondered why people continue to want to work in these poorly paid jobs, like pakistanis, filipinos, indians going in droves to dubai , abu dhabi, qatar…for shitty jobs low paid , not being paid, and terrible working and living conditions and get abused as well, why??? are their home places so bad that they prefer to go and work for slave wages there??? 

added.27.2.14 this article about the filipino maids being shafted in doha, is one of many we read in the press. i have a feeling none of these press articles ever get published in the filipines, that is why the poor saps never know what they are getting into when they come to the middle east to work. and the filipino embassy do not stop these bad firms from recruiting in phillipines. i suppose there is no money to be made by vetting these firms and a lot of money to be made getting bribes from them to let them carry on.

Someone commented there that part of the problem in qatar is because the indian run firms in gatar are the ones exploiting their fellow men, so it is not only qatar owned businesses. it was in response to another comment stating that india is turning a blind eye to the safety of construction workers in India itself, and is earning so much money from money sent back by its migrant workers, it does not care to stop that cash cow. 

 But lets get back to holidays, i like staying in london all year round, so much so that i dont fancy travelling abroad anymore. john, my friend who lives in poole is starving for winter sun, and usually he would be in thailand now, staying for about 1or 2mnths. this year he has decided not to go. and is now feeling the effects. he had been to gran canaria. maybe he got robbed that put him off going there again. after thailand, any place will find it difficult to live up to expectations for him , i think. anyway he is thinking of his summer holidays and he knows a guy who has a house near capdagde, and I got a email from him today when he asked me if i would like to go as his friend has invited me too. I had a look at the flight prices and boy, they are expensive. £200 by ryanair to beziers. too much but it is august so i guess some might say it is the norm.

I told john i wont be joining him, but encourage him to go alone and suss out capadage; and  tell me if capdagde is as good as it used to be when we visited it in the late 90s. i have not been back since then. I hear from forums that it has become very textile, in that people dont get naked anymore in the town, only at the beach. the whole ethos is that it is a place to live a naked lifestyle, but i think the straights have decided it is a place for the hedonist lifestyle and that does not include full nudity. so capdagde for me has lost it. i confess, i myself have gone off the naked lifestyle. it is nice to have, but not practical, living in northern climes like uk, where we have winter and summers are not that hot. i find i prefer such a climate, rather than the really hot weather u get in the tropics or desert areas. so i dont mind letting the naked lifestyle go. Many areas of the world are turning its back on nudity, or becoming less tolerant of allowing it. San francisco has made it illegal to be naked in the city, so also barcelona. and many nude beaches are reverting to textile. quite a worrying prospect for those who want to live the naked lifestyle. 

Added. EVen France, the home of naturism, has convicted a guy who goes about naked, of exhibitionism and put him under house arrest for 1month. shame on france. this video shows how conflicted nakedness is even amongst nudists/naturists. 

Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer

3 Nov

Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer.

a very funny article poking fun at the govt for trying to dictate what the supermarkets can or cannot put next to the checkout counter.

mitchell was taught by his parents that people who impulse buy sweets at the checkout, are foolish, and if only all parents taught their children this there would not be this kids screaming at the counter because the parents said no.  it is common sense really.

i always wonder why parents always have to answer all the questions asked by kids. if the child asks for sweets, say nothing. such questions are not worthy of a reply. and faced with no response the kid will just forget about it. but say no, and it is like waving a red flag in front of that bull of a kid.


i also read this article in the same paper, about a woman journalist who is worried about being cold. she is so used to getting warm from a central heated house, she has forgotten that u can be warm with clothing alone. no need to warm up all the air inside a house to keep warm. and the govt is no better and feeding on this fear by saying the house must be kept at 20C.

As a consequence of her thinking that the only way to keep warm is to central heat the house she become anxious and fearful… a state of affairs that seem to afflict even normal people nowadays. people seem to be anxious about the smallest things these days.

we humans are so great and so exasperating as well

29 Oct

London Tuesday 29.13.10
I was in the sainsburys after my swim, and a old lady asked the woman stacking the bread where the 50/50 bread 400mg was kept. She pointed it out, at the top shelf and the old lady asked me to take one down for her. So I did.
It cost 75p. She saw the end date was 1nov, and asked me to look at the others on the shelf if any were later. But none were.
Then I noticed on the middle shelf the 50/50 bread was costing £1.25. For the same 400mg. It turned out these had their crust removed.

Now I wonder what market research made Sainsbury think people will pay almost double to have the crust removed. I know. It is to cater to those who aspire to being uppercrust and serve cucumber sandwiches. It seems u must have crustless bread for that. And it is a bother to cut them off not to mention u can never get a sharp edge to it, or a uniform shape. So that bread is to appeal for the upwardly mobile.

The old lady was muttering that she cannot finish off hers, when she found there were no bread that expires longer than 1nov. I said u can freeze it. She went off and another lady came by looking for bread. And we both marvelled at the price of crustless bread . Though when I mentioned they can be freezed and keep for a long time, she said she never buy frozen , she only eats fresh.

Hmm, I wonder if she knows that a lot of the so called fresh have been lying around in the shop or warehouse for days. And/or have been thawed from frozen. Or have been picked green and transported hundred of miles and then controlled ripened in the warehouse.

But we humans really have this remarkable ability to believe in something and find it difficult to disbelieve it even if faced with evidence.

And the converse applies, we have the same ability not to believe in something even though faced with the evidence.

In other words, this ability to refuse to change our opinion once we have made up our minds is universal and might well be a survival trait.

I would be so bold as to say all the great discoveries made by Man are made by someone who refused to believe it cannot be done or refused to give up on his belief that it can be done.

added. am rather excited about this new discovery li fi. instead of wi fi.

view from london

17 Sep

I hope everyone is enjoying their life as I do.
Here in London the season is changing. It is rather nice to watch the annual show… autumn coming round. So far the trees are still green, but there is a lot more rain of the drizzly sort.

Even though it was raining and quite heavily too, I was out today, to forage for bargain meat at the supermarket near me as well as just to get out of the flat for a change.

I went to the nearby hotel where a property developer was showing their plans for 9 millbank, a rather imposing block overlooking the thames and overlooking the gardens of the  house of parliament. These offices have wonderful unobstructed views of the thames and were built by ICI, and they are going to turn them into flats. On the other side of the road from this block is the offices of MI6. this area is full of such developments… offices being turned into flats.

here is a google streetmap view of it

I saw lots of mince beef which have to be sold today … that means they will have to be reduced. The first time I went, it was reduced from £4 to £2.50, minced beef less than 20% fat. whilst the basic minced beef(less than 23%fat) was reduced £3.85 to £1.50. They were 750mg. But I thought they will be reduced some more as the day goes by, so I returned at about 5pm, and they were reduced to £1.65 and £1.11 respectively. So I bought the cheaper ones, I bought 3packs.

And divided them into six portions and freeze 5 whilst I cook a beef bolognaise with the rest.


added. 20.33. went again to get bargain bread, bought 2 warburton white loaves for .34p each.(simon will be pleased.haha) on the way back went into the tesco and saw the beef reduced further. £1.20 and .85p, so i bought another one of the 85p. there seem to be a glut of minced beef, because i saw a lot dated tomorrow being reduced as well. 


I try not to eat a lot of meat but it is nice, now and then, to eat meat.

If left alone in the freezer these will last me a long time, but I know simon will eat them. It is a pity because he has high blood pressure and should be more careful with meat eating or overeating. Not to mention when i want to eat them, they are gone. haha. 

Ah well, his soul wants it.

I have a friend who I occasionally chat on the phone and he does not like my viewpoint , that their souls wants it. i think because it implies that whatever happens to them is what their souls wants. and i think many people balk at that… it makes them seem so unfeeling and callous at the plight of the poor, or unfortunate. 

He says it makes me appear unfeeling and callous of the feelings of others implying it is all their fault. I am sure he is right, in that it makes whoever holds these views to appear in a bad light. Haha.

But I don’t mind what others think of me. To me the soul wants to experience life, and if it wants to experience deprivation, anger etc it will bring all those about. Asking other souls to come along and do them in and give them the chance to experience these feelings.

So it is not so much asking for it, as wanting to experience it.
My soul do not want to experience all those feelings of anger, or jealousy or fear, or righteousness or poverty or debt or having really bad relationships with other human beings , that is why I don’t have those things happen to me.

I like experiencing happy feelings and so I get them.

And getting food bargains like these haha. They are very small things, and you would think what a small thing that can make me happy… my life must be really dull if this little bit can make me happy. Haha. but my soul wants it. 
Most would say you ‘do you want me to be happy? Nothing less than winning £5million (no wait make it £100million) will make me happy’. Perhaps they mistook it for greed… i think if u want to be happy u must not be greedy. 

I laugh of course, because really the happiness u get from these tiny things, (like seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset , or just seeing blue sky overhead makes me happy)is wonderful and stays with you for a long time.

So now I got a good supply of meat. I shall be going later to the other supermarket to see if I can get a new supply of reduced bread. Haha.

Simon has eaten the ones I bought. I know he likes those Warburton white bread… that is why I bought them when I saw them reduced to 34p, but normally I prefer wholemeal bread. Not least because I know simon don’t like them and so I can at least get the chance to eat them as he wont deplete them in the freezer.

I try not to eat too much bread… I know it is not fashionable but I think bread (and milk, or cheese) are not really very good for you. I daresay it is one of those silly things that u get in your head sometimes. I don’t really have a scientific reason as to why bread and dairy products are bad for you. With cheese I just don’t like that they are so salty. But bread and wholemilk can be really addictive… esp whole milk on cereals which I have a feeling is not quite as healthy as they make out.
But of course, I have a easy attitude to these things. If I get the chance, now and then I do like whole milk with cereals. And even making porridge out of whole milk gives the porridge a really rich taste. If I do have milk I want the whole milk, not the skimmed ones. To me skimmed milk is a big con. Haha.

But life to me is just eating in moderation, of the things I like rather than eat a lot of them all the time.

Deliberately depriving myself of these things now and then seems to me quite good for my soul. I think that must be why people fast. It is a way to deliberately deprive oneself of food. I think it is a way of mimicking nature. Because in nature, animals experience feast and famine, and that makes their bodies cope with the natural cycle of feast and famine.
With our modern life, where we can get food all year round, and in abundance, there is no feast and famine, anymore… and I think that makes us prone to obesity and all the diseases that comes with it. People just eat all the time and a lot of it.

By fasting, we try to bring that balance into our lives so that the body can use up its reserves of fat and hence you can maintain a good balance between obesity and starvation.

Anyway it is just a theory of mine, to explain why fasting is a good practise.

I practise a modified version of it throughout my life… rather than do like the muslims do, allocate a month for fasting and not eat anything between sunrise and sunset.

That method makes for real binge eating in between. Or at least that is what I would think, but I am sure a lot of muslims will tell me it is not so. But it is interesting that in Malaysia, during the month of Ramadan, the malay food stalls are just full of really lovely foods that u never see the rest of the year. They sell them after the sun set. That must be a great temptation to binge eat surely?

how to spot a bargain

6 Sep


In the study, 1,000 shoppers were shown a bacon promotion and asked to pick the best deal. There were four choices: A) three 175g packs with six rashers in each for £4, B) a 250g pack with eight rashers for £1.98, C) three sets of option A for £10 or D) three sets of option B for £5.

Can you work it out? Only a third of shoppers got it right, with option C, which works out at 18.52p a rasher. Option A was 22p, option B was 24.75p and option D was 20.83p.

this is a article in the telegraph about how supermarkets get you to spend more. 

At first i thought the answer was wrong. surely option D must be the right answer. this is because i compare the weights. 750mg for £5 option D, compared to 525mg for £10, option C. 

But then i have another think. what if the more expensive bacon A, has less water, less fat, unlike the B , which is half as cheap, but maybe has lots of added water or fat. 

in the end, i was just glad i dont buy bacon anymore, unless it has been reduced to 20p. Now u know why i dont buy these things at their normal prices. 

added. i confess i failed to read the question properly. A is 3x175g of bacon. so the answer C is correct, but only by very little. and if they have added water to the bacon, as they often do, then comparing weight only will not get u the best value for money. I guess by not buying bacon at all, i sidestep the whole question and makes my life easier without having to calculate the whole mess.

disliking someone on first impression

3 Aug

There was a tv program about a survey finding 50% of people living in uk find it difficult make ends meet. Someone said, don’t go shopping.
I find it very true.
I went to the aldi thinking of buying just the peaches that are in their special 6 items, I got 4 peaches for 69p which is rather nice, though as usual, the reality did not come up to expectation. I remember peaches I bought in capdagde that were juicy and sweet but these were not… maybe too unripe at this stage and I should wait for them to ripen some more.
I can understand people spending more to buy ready to eat peaches. it takes the wait out of the eating. It is difficult to know when the peaches get ripe enough… u wait too long and it becomes too soft…

and ended up spending £4.50. Granted it is buying things that I will want in the future, or being tempted by grapes 400mg for £1.09… but still… I got giant frozen prawns which at £2 each is the cheapest anywhere. Prawns are my favourite, as they go in everything and are quick to cook, and now it sits in my freezer. I go through these 200mg packs very quickly.
They are ideal for a quick meal. and now that asda is selling ramen noodle  back to 11p each instead of 15p, I shall be using a lot more of them in the instant noodle meals.
Last month I used up 3packs of these frozen prawns !!

But it just goes to show if u go to a supermarket u do end up buying things. I know others will not be so disciplined as I am and end up spending lots more than me.

So I think this may explain why so many find it difficult to make ends meet.

Also, they borrowed money in the past and are still paying it off… because one thing I have found out when u borrow, it is real difficult to pay it off piece by piece… the interest keeps raising the amount u owe, so that u will be paying 3 times more than you borrowed by the time u finished paying it off.

Simon told me of it. I happened to ask him how come he don’t go to phuket much , like he used to. I was surprised when he said he is still paying off his debts. It seemed that last time he went about 2yrs ago, he borrowed money, (and then lost it on his way there, silly fellow) and it seems he is still paying it off.

It amazed me, why he is still paying it off after so long…

He is hopeless with money… I think his soul wants it. I figured even if he pays off his debt he will find some way to get into debt again… maybe start gambling and incur triple amount of debt and make things worst. As it is , I guess u could say this debt is keeping him from spending more. He is the kind of person who just don’t have the discipline, and so need this kind of enforced discipline to prevent him from getting into worst debt.

U might be asking how come he cannot save and pay it off. He smokes and he drinks. Enough said. haha.
I bet anyone who said they cannot make ends meet you will find they have these two habits. The drinking habit is the one that destroys their savings.

I am very tolerant of others, otherwise I doubt we can be together for so long. i daresay he too is tolerant of my foibles, (glad that he too dont mind no central heating and  me not even switching on the electric heaters in winter.haha. though of course he could switch them on himself, but he does not)

I figured his life is what it is… no point getting angry at him, making the excuse that anger is for his sake. Haha. no, i dont do that… imposing what i think he ought to do , onto him. 

My feelings is that everyone has their souls desire, and if his soul desires this kind of hand to mouth life for him, so be it. Haha.

I live my life, and so able to provide shelter and a stable life for him, and he can come along for the ride. I like him around and being with him, whilst letting him do his own thing, and he let me do mine. And we get along very well and enjoy our life together. i hope i give him a sense of perspective, that you can be very happy with very little money and that money is not everything. get into debt if u like, manage it,  but dont let it overwhelm you and not see that life is really very wonderful.

Talking of tolerance, I got an email from a friend who gives parties, telling me he is not accepting another friend of mine to his parties. I introduced them to each other, as the other friend wanted to be invited to the parties.

But my party host said he did not like what he said, and more importantly how he said it.
I don’t know what they said, must ask my friend about it , but I do know that this friend don’t give a good impression when u talk to him over the phone or on email.

When he first contacted me, I felt the same too. Haha.

But he kept in touch, and after a hiatus, which I thought meant he too was not keen, he called me and told me he had a broken rib, and was out of commission that was why he had not been in contact.

Well, it might be an excuse , but we arranged to meet, as we had said so long ago when he first contacted me, and finally we did meet.

He lives in a nice house in Mayfair, inherited from his parents. He lets two rooms to mon-fri lodgers, who are straight. That way he gets income as maintaining a house can be expensive. With a flat , the cost is shared amongst all the other flats, but not if u have a house.
That is why if u are a pensioner, get rid of the house and buy a flat instead or like him , rent out rooms.

He is an older guy and set in his ways. As I suspected, he has views and they are very firm views. He likes this and not that, he wants this and not that. Quite a common thing with most people, but especially the old.
(or rather, let me qualify, if it happens in a younger guy or a good looking guy, we all forgive it.haha. Looks and youth can get u everywhere . don’t believe those guys who say otherwise. If it is an old guy, we are less tolerant of it. A sad fact of life )

I am used to it and tolerant of this; and let it slide. But I guess it might rub my host friend the wrong way.




 frozen prawns200mg are from aldi £1.99, ramen is from asda 11p. (i have noticed even i can be fooled. it used to be frozen cooked prawns at that price. but now i see from the picture that it is raw prawns. hmm not as good value as cooked prawns. i wonder if they have cooked prawns and i picked the wrong one. still maybe raw prawns have more flavour when cooked?)

added.8.8.13 i have eaten all the prawns. raw is not as nice as cooked. with the raw prawns, after cooking they shrunk, unlike the cooked ones. the prawns look big when u take them out of the pack, but after cooking they shrank a lot ,whilst the cooked prawns remain quite big after cooking. i shall buy the cooked frozen prawns from now on. 

random thoughts

28 Jul

Its Sunday, and I am having a lazy day. Usually I would go to the gym , as it is only 9.57am, and the library is not opened till 1.30pm.

But I have given up my gym membership so most probably I shall go to the sports centre swimming pool later on in the morning.Image

It’s a nice day, not that it is hot, but it looks like rain, so it is quite cool. Thank goodness. The heat wave seems to be over for a bit at least which is the nice thing about it, it does not last long.

I can keep things in perspective. Just because a high temperature is nice, too much of a nice thing can be hell.

Just look at Malaysia or any tropical country with their 35C daily temperatures for months. Hell, I tell ya.

Everyone goes into places where the airconditioning is on full blast. Wasting a huge amount of power.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get dishwashing liquid. Usually simon buys them and uses them up very quickly because he got this awful habit of squeezing a huge dollop to pots which he just wants to soak.

He can just fill the pots with water there is no need for adding such a lot of soap really.
Anyway it is now left to me to buy a new one. I guess he must have thought he has been buying them long enough. Haha.

I don’t buy them because I figured if he wont listen to me to use less, then he can jolly well buy them when they quickly run out.

I dilute the liquid by 10, and use that and it lasts me a month.

Anyway I got this brand , called daisy, costing only .61p for 500ml. It is the cheapest in the Tesco.

this tesco branch do not stock the value brand, 33p, otherwise i would buy that.
And it is really very good. Very concentrated, so that even on a 10x dilution it gives off a good lather.
In the photo I used up a third. This is because I filled up an empty fairy(its just a brand name) liquid bottle with a 10x dilution liquid. And another one for myself.
I noticed these fairy liquid type bottles don’t have small openings so u can get a big dollop of it squeezed out every time u use it. I use a spray on mine, that limit’s the amount that comes out.

It got me to thinking that people really use far more washing up liquid than they need to. As usual they wont realise it and continue to think they are sparing and careful. And then wonder why their money don’t last.

Interestingly, there was a warning on the bottle that it is not suitable for clothes. I wonder why? I know a friend who uses washing up liquid to wash his clothes. Perhaps he uses fairy liquid, because there is no such warning on the fairy liquid bottle.

I read this in the news about teresa may, the home secretary, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She is 56yrs old, it is a long time to not know u got type 1 diabetes, which is found in children, because it is a autoimmune disease which destroys the insulin producing cells.
So how come she can live to that age and is healthy and unaware of any symptoms? Makes me convinced that doctors don’t really know much about the causes of diabetes.

It is a nice cop out to call it a auto immune disease. It basically says we don’t really know how or why the body attacks its own cells so we call it an auto immune disease.

We don’t know why there is type 2 diabetes either… the cells get resistant to insulin, or the pancreas lose its ability to produce insulin. Why? and how? we don’t know. They say cells get resistant to insulin, u must ask yourself why it can even get resistant, when its whole function is geared to responding to these hormones. And why insulin in particular , why not the other hormones? It is not like antibiotics, which is a man made thing, introduced to the body as an artificial construct. This is a naturally produced product by the body .


Of course medical scientists will say they do know… sedentary lifestyle, overweight,  etc, but thin people can get diabetes too. Which makes us realise it is just doctors who don’t know but just tell you to not do those things, on the basis that it wont do any harm and might do a lot of good; just in case haha.
And now they have found out eating a lot of sweet things are not the major factor of getting it.i bet somewhere there is also not drinking wine… and they will throw in not smoking too, i bet. 

Exercise they say will prevent it. Why and how? They don’t know.

My theory is this.
Exercise depletes the oxygen and glucose in muscle cells, as it is being used up by the muscles contracting, etc. With the glucose depleted, this forces the cell to get glucose or else!… the cell will suffer. Haha.
Or rather, putting it in a scientific way, the concentration of glucose in the cell decreases setting up a differential across the cell membrane, and the glucose in the blood diffuse by osmosis from blood vessel to cell.
So does this mean that those people with type 2 diabetes never force their cells to grab glucose from the blood because they never get active enough to use up huge amounts of glucose inside the cells?

That is my theory , and that means there is no need to inject insulin. Just exercise so that the cells get glucose depleted. This will stimulate insulin production because the absorption of glucose will lower the blood glucose and that will feedback to the insulin cells in the pancreas to increase production of insulin.

Use it or lose it. If u don’t use up the glucose in the blood, it is natural for the insulin cells to reduce production of insulin, that is a natural negative feedback mechanism, but increase glucose consumption by the cells, will lower blood glucose and set up a positive feedback mechanism and start the insulin production going again.

And it would explain why exercise is a good thing.

Seems to me exercise is a good thing no matter what. u dont have to know why or what mechanism it does its goodness.

like being able to drive a car without knowing how and why an engine works , u can just make sure u do exercise and move that body of yours. break out a sweat by doing some strenuous activity in other words and do it often.

Added.1.8.13 this article about people not doing enough exercises shows the public generally is well informed of the benefits of exercise. yet they dont do it, or rather those who are not educated dont do it. perhaps that is not so surprising, as if u dont read up about it, u may never know why exercise is good for you.

even for us who know exercise is good for us, it is one thing to know it in an academic kind of way, and actually go out and do it. people may feel they have to go to a gym or something to do the exercise, but just walking is good enough. 

added 7.7.13 read this today about a guy who cured himself of diabetestype2 in 11days by diet alone. he reduced it to 800cals a day…  the reasoning behind it is that the fat in the pancreas and liver stops the cells from dealing with the suger and insulin. starving himself caused the body to use the fat stored in the liver and pancreas. 

a hot day in london

8 Jul

Its nice and warm now in London. There were a few blue bottle flies in the flat a few days ago. Now there are none to be seen. That is the good thing about London. We don’t get a lot of creepy crawlies. Now and then we get flies, but no ants, or cockroaches, or mosquitos… the latter is something I really am grateful for.

In Malaysia, we get mosquitos and it is really awful to get bitten by them, or to hear their whine near your ear in the dark when u are about to sleep and expecting to get bitten.

Those rackets that are electrified by batteries are something that I thought was a brilliant invention. U just wave them about your head and if there is a mosquito it will set it off crackling and zapping telling u that you got one of them. No need to catch them sitting on the walls and hitting them with a newspaper, or trying to clap them between your hands when they are flying about.

But I am glad I don’t need them , or mosquito coils or sprays here in London.

I was at the Trafalgar square yesterday, Sunday. It was a really hot day and first time I was able to walk around in sandals and shorts; and was surprised at the long lines of Italian students snaking their way all over the place and in Leicester square. One of them told me he was from naples.

Do Europeans organise school trips to bring students to London? The exchange rate must be very favourable for these students to do it for their parents to still be able to afford it.

added.20.7.13 read in a blog why there are so many of these italian students around. They come here for their summer camp staying with local families. 

I read in the papers that the top deck of the new buses with the open platform at the back which are used for the route 24 from Pimlico to hampstead heath are having very hot interiors in the upper deck, but I was on one yesterday, and it was fine. Quite cool, the temperature on the upper deck considering the back platform was open to the outside and allowing all the cold air to get out.

Added. 9.7.13 i saw a advert for bus assistants, who will be acting as conductors in these buses. maybe for now they are using drivers to alternate the roles, until they can fill it with these bus assistants. it is a cushy job, most probably the salary wont be as much. the best job in the buses is to be a driver, but it would suit people who are calm and collected under pressure as driving in london is a real hassle if u are impatient.

added.15.7.13 read today in this article about the advert for a passenger assistant. i dont recall the advert i read using the words customer-facing experience.  Maybe it did, and i am so used to this kind of double speak, that it is beginning to make a kind of sense and in fact may express what it want to say in a very effective way. it just goes to show george orwell has got it right that we can get used to double speak and prefer it to ordinary words.

I went into the waitrose recently opened on 2nd july beneath city hall in victoria st, hoping to get a free coffee. I saw they have reduced the prices for the sandwiches, 19p for a ham and cheese sandwich and even though I was not hungry I took one pack intending to buy it and eat with my coffee. When I went to get the coffee, the security guard told me it was not working, and then I saw a big sign over it saying it was out of order, being cleaned. Its rather soon to be cleaning it, but then maybe people were complaining of the coffee. When I drank it last time it was ok, but then I am no judge of good coffee.

Well if there was coffee, I would have bought the sandwich.As it is, I did not buy it.

Interesting that they would reduce the price of the sandwich to 19p. That is a low price.There were lots of people there buying things to eat. Do u think everyone knows that waitrose reduce its prices for these things at about 2pm on Sunday? It is news to me. I had the impression waitrose is an upmarket supermarket and those dont reduce their prices do they?

I think I may have confused them with marks and spencer because I read somewhere that M&S don’t do that, reduce their prices I mean.

But sandwiches are not really that healthy for you. Cheeses are not really that healthy for anyone. Really. Though of course, once in a while it is fine. Just as eating burgers are fine once in a while. But I was wondering with these prices it is no wonder people buy them, rather than vegetables.

Added.14.7.13 i re-read that last bit and realise i am being pedantic , saying this food or that food is not good for you. of course all foods are good for us, as it provides nutrition for our bodies. whether they are bad for you  depands on the amount you eat. any foods eaten in huge amounts at the exclusion of others (in other words, a balanced diet is what u need) will be bad for you. 

Murray finally won his first Wimbledon title. About time too, the poor chap had been thwarted in previous years by federer, but luckily for him, both nadel and federer got knocked out on the early stages by relative unknowns who were themselves gone so left the field clear for murray with only the previous holder to beat. I did not follow the matches. Just listened to the results as that was all I was interested in.
I suppose he will be in the queens birthday list next year for a knighthood. Haha.

bargain foods

2 Jul

1.7.13 monday

written yesterday
I got an email with the address outlookwemail@outlook.com

(it shows what a fake address it was because my laptop refuse to create a link on the whole address but insists on just highlighting the email@outlook.combination ) don’t click on the link for heaven’s sake as it is a fake and a scam address.

Telling me to update my account with hotmail or it will be deactivated in 24hrs.

It looked very convincing, except I am always sceptical when it goes into my junk mail folder instead of into my inbox.

If it is a legit email from hotmail, it should land in my inbox folder.

I am using windows live mail.
I don’t know if it is still operative or they intend to replace it with outlook.com;
microsoft keep changing the names of these things all the time, so I am not sure if they intend to replace hotmail.com with outlook.com

Anyway I copied and pasted the message and send it to the outlook.com feedback section which I opened… not via the link in the email but by typing it in my laptop’s whatisname… we shall see what happens if anything.

Though I doubt they will reply to me as I have not got an outlook.com account haha.
The puzzling thing is when I log onto my hotmail.com , it tells me it is called outlook now.

And I did not tell them my email address in my feedback message to them. I actually put it down, but erased it when I read a statement in the webpage saying don’t put anything personal on it.

Idiots really, one wonders why they want feedback from strangers.

That is why I use google chrome instead of explorer. With chrome I don’t ever get messages saying shut down your computer so that whatever program can be updated.

I still use hotmail, because I am so used to it.
So far they allow me to access both my hotmail accounts using windows live. So I don’t have to log on individually into my two hotmail accounts. The windows live log on automatically and grabs any messages in both the accounts at regular intervals.
They don’t allow u anymore to automatically log on from one account to another.

I suppose the day they close down windows live will be the day I move elsewhere. I don’t mean get rid of my hotmail address, but get another program that will do similar function.
I am sure there are other programs similar to it, a kind of gatherer of all your email addresses in one place.

I have been having a lot of fun buying bargain veg and meat.
First off I go to Brixton for the 50p garlic, ginger, tomatoes, onions.

Then to aldi to get their reduced price lettuce .49p , cucumber .49p. They also have 4cloves of garlic for .49p but I did not buy those.
If u fancy English strawberries, aldi is selling them 400mg for £1.39. A good price. I did not buy them though.
I got cooked frozen prawns200mg for £2.

Though I have become less enthusiastic about frozen prawns as it seems to have so much ice in them.

I enjoy the bus rides which I get to do free as I move from one supermarket to another.

Even rode on the 24 service, which is all new open platform at the back of the bus, like the old route masters. They have a conductor there just to remind u to pay which I think is a waste of a conductor really. Someone told me they are drivers and they alternate with each other to play the conductor role.

I think come winter they will shut off the open platform at the back and do without a conductor and revert to an ordinary one -man operation.

This open platform is for tourists really, and so will operate in summer for the benefit of the tourists.

I find the ride is very rough , if u sit upstairs. Some how there is more rolling and rocking upstairs than in the ordinary double deckers. Not suitable for you if u get car sick easily. Haha.

Later the night I went to sainsburys to get bread. Now they are reduced to 34p . I wonder if I shall ever see them reduced to 10p each. Those were the days. Haha. I saw a guy there taking the Crank brand wholemeal loaves, and got chatting to him. I spotted more of the loaves which he missed on the shelf and pointed them out to him, and he took all of them, with me taking one for myself. He said he loved them and considered them cheap at 34p. I told him it used to be had for 10p each. I noticed the milk powder is now back to its old price £1.01 glad they have decided to drop it from the £1.40 it rose to. 


Then at the Tesco I saw a big 2.2kg unsmoked Wiltshire gammon ham for £2.59 , reduced from £10 something. It is bacon. I intend to freeze it and eat it over a period. It is lovely to have bacon and eggs now and then.

Life is lovely. And tonight for some reason, there is no pollen in the air. I really wonder why… perhaps it was a still night, so no wind to blow pollen from the fields outside London into the centre of London. Or somewhere there was rain and it washed the pollen before the wind arrived here. So I came back without sneezing and snorting… haha.

I caught a tv program called unwrapped food… and it was talking of cornflakes, with added iron. It seems during the process of making the cornflakes they strip the maize of its kernel where all the goodness are,(because the oil in the kernel makes the flakes go rancid very quick and so cannot be stored for long) and then they add iron filings to it. What a laugh. Basically u are eating iron filings, which will most probably run right through your gut and never get absorbed and u shit it out. So much for your daily dose of iron.

Sometimes I think we are too gullible and believe whatever these people who make our processed foods tells us. First they strip the food of its natural goodness and then they add these man -made chemicals masquerading as vitamins etc and tells us it is the same thing. Rubbish of course, no way is iron in spinach or liver, or beef the same as the iron filings they add in. or the naturally occurring vitamin C in fruits is only ascorbic acid. I daresay the difference is the ease of absorption by the body of naturally occurring iron,vitamins, etc in these foodstuffs.

And guess what, it does not surprise me to hear that processed cheese, the ones in flat squares, may contain only 10%cheese. What a laugh. Now u know why people keep telling u don’t eat processed foods.