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service charge for next year £1293.00

10 Mar

london 3.01pm 16C cloudy tuesday 2020


two plants in our courtyard. a lemon tree just outside the door to the block of my flat, and a camelia potted plant near the garden bench. 

its quite a mild day actually. 16C at this time of year, early march is a heat wave haha.

if not for the news i read in the online papers i would not know that italy is now in total lock down, which is a first for a whole country. i wonder how it will be implemented and whether it will do what is hoped, to stop any more infections. they must see what wuhan did to control the spread and thought they will have to do it to prevent more spread, for which the hospitals are totally unprepared and will be overwhelmed. unlike the chinese who can conjure up a hospital in a short time, europe cannot do that kind of thing. perhaps they should follow singapore, and see how they do it instead of following wuhan. 

and also that our stockmarket has fallen by 8%. 

here in the uk, we hope to stop the spread by asking people to self isolate. even those with colds and flu- like symptoms, because it is difficult to tell the difference. it would require everyone to cooperate, because it just needs one person to break that to be a superspreader to a lot of people. the trouble is u can be infected and not show symptoms. so maybe self isolate even if u are healthy and show no symptoms. just limit the time you mix with big crowds, and confined spaces.

if everyone does this, businesses will suffer. but they are allready suffering now, so it is something they will all have to tolerate till this is over. the online businesses and deliveries wont be affected so those will continue. 

i am glad we here in uk are not in lockdown. and i hope it wont be necessary. 

added. as usual life still need to go on, and so today i got the bill for the service charge for the next year for my flat. £1293. usually they charge me half yearly, but they change it this year and charge the full amount for the year. it is an estimate bill, they will adjust in sept once they know the exact cost. but they want us to pay it in advance now. some might be able to pay it in monthly installments. it is about £100 a month.