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so much suger in foods

14 Nov

london 9.42pm 13.3C (so warm even at this time) monday 2016

there cannot be anyone who  still do not know that processed foods have loads of suger. if anyone is still that ignorant, this report saying yoghurt has too much suger in it should make them never ever be able to give that excuse of ignorance again. they cannot say ‘but i did not know’.

but i can say in their defense that they know but did not realise. it is two different things. they know it is sweet when they eat the yoghurt… in fact that is the reason why they like it. they just do not realise how much suger there is in it… it is only  when they look at the label they will see it can contain as much as 5 teaspoonfuls of suger in each pot. and each pot is only 125mg. the curious thing is this… if they were to dissolve 5 teaspoonfuls of suger in 125ml of water and drink it, it would be undrinkable. it would make them sick. yet when it is in a yoghurt pot , everyone eats it like they are their favourite.

if u can find out the secret of why that is so, i think u will have discovered the biggest new discovery ever. better than the discovery of the wheel, or sliced bread. haha. 

i myself  got fooled too. i got into the habit of buying tesco basic yoghurts and got to like them. until tesco raised the price to 40p from 33p for 4. (they have since brought it down to 35p, but that sudden high price rise  have lost their mesmerising hold on me. thank goodness i got to my senses and saw it for what it was). that sudden high jump in price made me pause and really look at the label and i was really shocked to find it has 15.4g of suger, 17%. 1 teaspoonsful of suger=4gm. i would get sick eating 4 spoonsful of suger , yet i was able to eat that yoghurt and like it without even noticing how sweet it was. … how do they do it? how did they hide the sweetness? they must have got vinegar (which is acetic acid) in it, a lot…or some kind of acid… citric acid perhaps. that is the only way they can use so much suger to neutralise that acidic taste and not make me puke with the sweetness of it. if it can happen to me, whose taste buds are very sensitive to sweet so much so that i  am always complaining of how sweet foods are…i mean i would complain that chocolates are too sweet.

 it must be real easy for anyone else to be fooled. 


not really free food

13 Jul

london 13.9C sunnywith clouds. wednesday 2016

got an email this morning from krispie kreme, saying to celebrate their 79th anniversary they are selling a dozen of their doughnuts for 79p. there is a voucher in the email . i shall get it. haha. i did not know they are that old a company… how come i only heard of them in the last few years or so? maybe they are like pokemon, which seems to have been around since the 90s, but i dont know much about them till now, when it seems to have caught viral with the new game on smartphones.

and yesterday i got an email from ikea saying every wednesday in july they are selling their meat balls meal in the restaurant for £1. i was going to get that but they also gave a £5voucher to redeem at the store. i shall see if there is a minimum spend, if not,  i will buy their frozen meat balls 1kg for £4.35 with it. haha. i dont recall eating their meat balls before… even though i hear so much about it. i was thinking their meat balls can be good in noodles, and be like the beef balls that we can get in chinatown which are similar to the fish balls. though they might disintegrate when boiled in noodle soups…

i get this offer because i have a ikea family card. anyone can apply. and u get free coffee too at the store in the weekdays. i shall be going to the store this morning.

it is fun to get these offers. i wonder if it happens elsewhere all over the world too? or is it just in uk. or do u think we get this offer from ikea in uk because of the bad publicity they are getting now from those chest of drawers falling on little kids and killing them? they are so light, that they can fall over when the drawer is pulled out, and unbalance it. those old fashioned drawers made of heavy oak make a lot of sense now.

i dont recall any one giving us free offers like this in malaysia when i was growing up there. not even samplings of food.

here we get people giving us food to sample all the time. i dont know if it really encourages people to buy. sometimes after eating the sample i find it falls way below my expectations and make me not want to buy. and even those that i like, i dont buy… but maybe it is just me. if i am not hungry i am not tempted to buy. and when i am hungry my own cooking is so delicious, i eat that instead of buying from outside.

part of the reason i dont buy outside food is because i find them salty. only myself it seems, no one else have that problem. so i guess it is me. when you dont add salt to your home cooked meals, u soon lose the taste for salt, and u can actually taste the food and that makes you even less willing to salt the food. and it makes your tastebuds very sensitive to salt, so that every outside food is way too salty for me.

added. 7.14pm friday 15.7.16 i wonder is that the reason why i have not eaten pizza for so long? i dont even remember when i last ate one. the cheese is v salty in those. i remember pizza because i saw a dominos buy 1 get 1 free pizza offer advertised in the metro free newspaper today and was quite tempted until i realise it is very likely to be so salty. whenever i make cheese on toasted sandwich at home, ( it is not often)i use so little cheese and that is why it tastes great. some might say but that defeats the purpose of eating cheese on toast… haha. you are supposed to slather it on and pile it high. well, not for me is all i can say to that.

it is the same with suger, i find everything i buy outside way too sweet. but strangely i dont mind eating sweets once in a while. after all i like eating the krispie kreme, and they are sweet. but not overly sweet i think. at least not too bad if drank with unsweetened coffee which is the best drink to accompany it. i think i shall find it difficult to finish off the dozen doughnuts. hope they can keep for a week, or more… i wonder if frozen will retain their taste? frozen krispie kreme!!

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

one of the stalls in the eid festival in trafalgar square . very tempting. not free of course, £7

suger and obesity

4 Jan


Read this article in the guardian about suger being the cause of obesity. 
It works like this. The suger raises blood levels which raises insulin levels and the insulin deactivates the leptin hormone, which is released by fat cells when they are full to tell the body to stop storing fat. 
Whatever the mechanism, it seems suger is the culprit.

And suger is everywhere hidden in processed foods. That is why people advise u not to eat too much of those processed foods.

It cited an eg, asking how much suger do u think in those bottles of flavoured water that they sell instead of just plain water. 
They are delicious to drink, even for me, which makes me suspect them. Haha.

They have the flavour of whatever fruit is on the label, most probably chemically induced because we all know how clever they are at mimicking flavours with laboratory made chemicals, but it seems they have a lot of suger in them as well.

And all those low fat foods sold in ready made meals, or yoghurt or whatever, it seems removing the fat makes it tastes awful so they compensate by using lots of suger in the form of corn suger.

So the article argues that obese people are not to blame. By eating all those processed foods, drinking soda, etc, they don’t realise they are eating a lot of suger . Their high suger intake makes them fat, and makes them gluttonous. And they don’t realise they are eating so much suger.


I think I had suspected long ago that a lot of processed foods have suger in it, and that suger is not good for you. That is why I stopped adding suger to my foods or drink. And stopped eating processed meals, or pizza, or cakes, or cereals. I don’t have desserts.

Fortunately, it is not a Chinese custom to have a sweet dessert after a meal. nor to have a starter for that matter.

We just put all the dishes on the table and eat. It stops us overeating, because if u have food coming one after the other as courses, u tend to eat more.

Whereas once you have all the food in front of you, and u soon eat your fill, the dishes all get emptied and that automatically means u stop eating.

Most people dont ask the hostess to refill the empty dishes and bring in more food. once the initial hunger is appeased most of us will have enough.  Haha.

It is no hardship not to eat those sweet things, though many of u reading this must be thinking, what a sad life to deprive yourself of all those goodies. Haha.

Well, it is easy to stop eating those things because I have not made myself crave them. It is all in the mind. I just made up my mind that I don’t like sweet things. And as a child I have never been given sweets as a treat so never get to believe that sweets are a treat. Something that parents should refrain from if they don’t want their children to develop a sweet tooth.