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25 Oct

london 8.47pm 13.9C dry tuesday 2016

a little taste of the past. i went to the opening of erotic art in a gallery in south london. they do this every year, this exhibition of erotic art. whilst there, a man standing next to me with his friend, all three of us admiring a painting of a naked man in oils, looked at me and said i remember you. and made to shake my hand. i said, where did we meet? he said in one of these exhibitions. the one in holloway … and i said oh u mean the naked one, where we were all naked as well as the paintings. i said it was a lovely one that. he said he will organise another one like that soon, in january  he said. i will send u notice of it. well, it would be good if he can organise something like that. not sure if any paintings were sold because of it, because most of us who went there go there because we can be naked.

well this one has lots of paintings of naked women, that naked man we were admiring was only one of three such, most of the women in the paintings  seem to be done posing on tip toe. funny that… maybe it improves a woman’s line of body to be standing on tip toe, and maybe that is why women like wearing heels. anyway it was a bit of nostalgia reminds me of those old days when i used to go to many naturist events.

its halloween this weekend so everything has that theme now. films on tv have that element now. film 4 doing films focusing on fear. we here in uk dont celebrate halloween as much as america. here we do guy fawkes, so fireworks will be the order of the night this coming weekend. i quite like the low key celebrations here.

all that treating and tricking that they do in america is just too much really and i know i shall dislike kids ringing my bell and expect to be given treats… usually sweets and i really think sweets are the devil’s food. one should never give kids sweets, they will get addicted to it and you will be cursing them to a life time of health problems. and if u make like u are not at home and ignore the door bell, the kids will do the trick on you, something nasty to you, like litter your lawn with poo or something. frankly it sounds like blackmail and intimidation. 

eating well has nothing to do with if u are rich or poor

6 Dec

london 12.31pm,13.9C cloudy sunday 2015

i saw the heading of her article saying it is hard to eat well when you are poor, and did not read further as i thought that is not true. i did not bother to comment on it as i thought i shall not harp on it.

i dont know where we get this belief that eating well is hard when you are poor.

in the past, poor people have never considered only the rich eat well. people who dont have much money know how to cook and use everything around them to make great meals and lack of money have never been a barrier to having great meals. do u know that oysters, eels were  poor man’s food? i can still remember eating eels and mash with liquor  (its really mashed peas) and so cheaply too. it was in the 80s. now there are no such food anymore. 

also in the past it is true poor people dont eat a lot of sweet things, because those were luxuries that only the rich can afford. now everyone and his mother eat too much sweet things.

just yesterday i was at a shop in oxford st that shows free films as part of their promotion. they are a soap shop that makes the soap looks like sweets. and they were giving away popcorn and lots of sweets of all types. even i was tempted to ask for it, until i realise i dont really eat them.

i have not bothered to eat sweets for a long time now. dont know when it began but it is easy for me as when i was a kid i never was given any sweets so i never did get into the habit of putting sweet things in my mouth.

it is a tragedy , to my way of thinking, to give children sweets.  but i bet no one else thinks so. so much so that children now are given sweets as a treat. it is giving them a lot of trouble in their future. if u want to kill someone with kindness, give them sweets. 

 but now people have lost that skill of cooking from scratch and with anything to hand;  and rely on manufactured foodstuffs for their meals. that is why this reporter can say such a thing and not be laughed out of court. however this morning i read in the letters column of some people who deign to reply to her



Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer

3 Nov

Supermarkets are driven by profits, not the urge to keep us healthy | Comment is free | The Observer.

a very funny article poking fun at the govt for trying to dictate what the supermarkets can or cannot put next to the checkout counter.

mitchell was taught by his parents that people who impulse buy sweets at the checkout, are foolish, and if only all parents taught their children this there would not be this kids screaming at the counter because the parents said no.  it is common sense really.

i always wonder why parents always have to answer all the questions asked by kids. if the child asks for sweets, say nothing. such questions are not worthy of a reply. and faced with no response the kid will just forget about it. but say no, and it is like waving a red flag in front of that bull of a kid.


i also read this article in the same paper, about a woman journalist who is worried about being cold. she is so used to getting warm from a central heated house, she has forgotten that u can be warm with clothing alone. no need to warm up all the air inside a house to keep warm. and the govt is no better and feeding on this fear by saying the house must be kept at 20C.

As a consequence of her thinking that the only way to keep warm is to central heat the house she become anxious and fearful… a state of affairs that seem to afflict even normal people nowadays. people seem to be anxious about the smallest things these days.