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a recce to the sports centre.

21 Aug

london 8.42am light rain 15.3C monday 2017

1.29pm 17.5C cloudy dry

i thought i shall go to the sports centre where i can have free swimming this morning, after the library. it is the first time i used the new membership card they gave me 2wks ago.

its been like 2yrs since i was there last. it has not changed much. you pass by the swimming pool, walking  overhead on a gangway , so u can look down and see if it is busy or not. at the time i went about 11am, it was not busy.

the changing room for men is still the same and thank goodness they use lockers which take the old £ coin. i got a token which i found at the chelsea gym on one of the circuit training sessions i had gone to, so i was able to lock up my things.

i didn’t really fancy swimming, this visit is just to make a recce to see how it is done. in fact, the card operates the swing gates at the entrance, so no need to go to reception, which is a good thing, because it is often busy.

on this visit i merely took a shower which is still the same old arrangement, a big room with communal showers. i like this arrangement, rather than cooped up inside those individual cubicles where there is hardly any room to swing your arms.

what i noticed is that they have removed the cafe on the ground floor, next to the entrance and put the reception there  and made the upstairs open space which was the former reception space into  a rest space, with vending machines and seating. i haven’t noticed any water dispensers, so hoped there are some which have escaped my notice to allow us to refill water bottles. 





31 Jan

london 8.57am 8.3C cloudy/rain sunday 2016

i have been wondering whether i should join a gym again, and concluded that the basic gyms that abound are not for me.

this morning, i got the daily newsletter from the  londonist , a offer of a free day pass to the ymca. filling in the application means they will contact you to make a appointment to decide which day. understandable as they are too busy for u to just walk in any day u like.

i had a look at their website, and it does remind me they may suit my purpose for a gym, (and swim) with steam room and sauna . only £30 a year for membership and £2 per visit. only for over 60s. haha. and their activities and classes are free to attend. i am looking at their tai chi classes. every friday at 6.30pm.

actually now that i am seeing all this, it reminds me that i do have free swimming at the queen mothers sports complex near me. i have stopped going since august, but it would be the obvious first choice if i am thinking of upping my sport activities. it’s funny, isn’t it? that here is a place so near me, that offers me all that i wish, a sport, and free… and i dont go there but instead look so far afield at places that require me to pay money and commit to going… we humans are weird… 

added 10.20am actually i wonder if that is what also makes those of us want to go abroad, to buy a place or start a business, or just to live there; usually to do with catering, a food shop, or a b&b. instead of just doing it all where they live in uk.

it is allready tough enough to do business in uk, where u know the lingo and the customs, nevermind contemplating doing it all in a foreign land with strange language and customs. 

I left my bag at the bus stop

19 Apr


I guess it is time for me to lose something. it is rare for me to lose things. but this morning i was waiting for the bus to the library. i wanted the C10, but the bus 88 was just in front of it, and in my anxiety that the following bus C10 will not stop i jumped up from the bench i was sitting on and was concentrating on putting out my hand after the bus 88 has gone, so as not to confuse the bus88 driver into thinking i wanted it. It was only after 3stops that i realise that my bag was missing. by the time i walked back the bag was gone. It contained a library book , so i hope whoever took it will try to trace me by bringing it to a library.

There were nothing valuable in there. just my swim trunk, towel, goggles, a change of underwear, t-shirt, short, socks. and a raincoat. normally i dont bring so many clothes to swim, but today i did. typical, isn’t it? 

Glad i do not put my money, or house keys or cards(library , sports centre card, waitrose card,) or my mobile phone in it. i hang them round my neck or in a pocket of my hoodie. Otherwise it would be more disastrous. It just goes to show that it is so easy to get distracted and lose concentration and see what happens … you forget things.

I am sure lots of people leave things on the bus , or bus stop. Once i saw a slab of beef left on the bench of the bus stop in vauxhall. |t was a bank holiday too, i do sympathise with whoever forgot and left it there. All i can say is that i hope whoever finds it enjoy it as much as I enjoy finding things and make full use of those things. And to those who lose it, just console yourself as i am trying to do so now that someone else will find the pleasure of finding and using it and give them your blessing. Just hope they will return the library book though. haha. i shall report the loss to my library and hope that the bag is returned to the library in case anyone wants to trace its owner.

Otherwise i shall have to pay for that book. It is a hardcover book ‘ paris, the secret life revealed’, by stephen clarke. We shall see if i recover it or if it is returned.

when i finally took the bus to the library, I discovered all the libraries in my area are closed. even though they are not supposed to close on non public holidays. only friday and monday are public holidays, but it seems they decided to take the weekend off. 


What this incident showed me is that i was right to keep the valuable stuff separate from bags which can get lost or stolen. Hang those valuable things in a bag around your neck, and never take it off. that is the tip i give you for a life where u dont lose things or get things stolen so easily. I used to wear bum bags, but they are not a good idea as they are so easy to steal. all your things in one convenient bag makes the thief’s job easy. 

I am afraid life in the world is not very happy either. sad stories of ferry capsising and killing kids on board, and sad story about pistorius trial, i just dont follow the trial as i find it too painful. my feeling is the guy has suffered enough and to me it is an accident no matter what anyone says.

and then all those civil war going on in ukraine, syria, egypt. u might call it what u like, but it is just civil war really. two strong factions within the country who want to take the country in  opposite directions… 

On a happier note, this morning, simon cooked a curry, using minced beef and turkey. i saw two packs of each thawing the fridge last night. and when i woked, it was cooked and he had gone to work. 

I put a portion in that metal dish and put it on top of the rice in my rice cooker, so it can warm up simultaneously with the rice as it cooks. 




living in london is actually very nice

3 Mar

London Monday
It’s March already and some might say the start of spring, though most of us will take after the spring equinox for the real spring to begin.

It’s quite cold outside  when I walked to the swimming pool centre yesterday, sunday. 

It’s a huge building slap bang in prime land near the victoria station. It is owned by the Westminster council but run privately. it’s a really nice place to swim, but can get quite crowded esp today (is it because it is the weekend?) when I went around 12.30pm. Though when I left at about 1.30pm the lanes were quite empty. You have to take potluck.
I think the water is warmer during the weekend, though it is not consistent. I have known the water was warm in the weekdays too. But today it was warm.
There was a sign at the desk saying the pool will be closed during some hours on some days this month. So I took note of the days and times just so I don’t go there then. I think there is some kind of gala event happening at those times. Or maybe groups have booked those times.

I thought I will meet some guys who go regularly to swim and make friends that way, but I go so haphazardly that I don’t see the same guys twice. So like the gym I don’t really make friends to find regular swim buddies. But then, swimming is one activity which u don’t need another to do. It is a great activity for introverts haha.
And it is very nice to go whenever I like without having to go at set times; if I have a swim buddy I will have to go at set times. On the other hand, having a swim buddy may force u to go more often to the centre to swim instead of laziness taking over. Though I think I am strong minded enough to go often without the need of a swim buddy to force me.

You may be wondering why I am talking so much about this swimming. It is because it is one of the activities that one can do that is enjoyable , free in my case, and healthy.

I read this article in older hood.com about living in france.

I was surprised that they still adhere so strictly to closing their shops between 12pm-2pm. I read somewhere that they are closed all day Sunday too. In uk, we are so used to everything open all day, we can go into any place and expect it to be open. Not in france it seems. And not in spain too if my experience there is anything to go by. They close their shops between 2 and 4pm I think. That is one thing I cannot stand about living in Europe. This closing of shops just when u are going out. many a time we were left hanging about waiting for the shops to open. 

I am very glad that in uk the shops open for the customers’ convenience and that is another reason to like living in uk.
The writer of that blog said she enjoys the cheap wine, the cheeses, the French food… she says she prefers eating a 3course meal and bottle of wine for 11.50euros, rather than mac donalds for 6euros. I can see why she would , but I was thinking it does make u eat more than u want. And drink more than is good for you. Is there no half way house where for 6euros u can have a cheaper French fix price lunch? Perhaps 2course and a glass of wine?

One thing in uk we don’t have… their fix price lunch menus that is so ubiquitous in Europe. It is good value for money more so if u drink, but it is still a lot to pay for lunch when most of us just want a quick snack.

I think that is why macD is so popular in the uk . Here u can have a macD for £2, get the vouchers given out in the metro or standard … you can get a big mac and u get free chips included too. Of course £2 is still £2… is not as cheap as making your own sandwich which I do… that is why even though I sometimes get tempted by those vouchers, I don’t buy it. I have eaten it once and found it was not as nice as my own homemade sandwich. I thought it was too salty and strangely not very filling. I found I want to eat some more after eating a big mac. ( do u think they put something in the food that makes u crave for it? It is very salty and yet you want more of it…does salt make people wish that?) Whilst after eating my sandwich I am full.

hottest day in 7yrs

23 Jul

London Tuesday,

Yesterday, Monday, was supposed to be the hottest day for 7yrs. 33C or so(since july 2006) .

I cannot remember what it was like in july 2006, cant say it was particularly hot for me to remember. I daresay when anyone asked us what were we doing on the hottest day in july 2013 I bet none of us will remember. Haha.

I remembered I got a blog during that time 2006, so I went back to it, and read it. Nothing very memorable. Just me saying I don’t like this hot weather even though I am a nudist. And that I shall stay indoors.

And on the actual day when it hit a high, I did not say how I spent that day. Must be quite an ordinary day. Haha. I did mention I was not affected by hay fever, and it is still so this day. I would guess this is because I am not allergic to the grass pollen at this time; unlike earlier on in the year.

Well, this time let me put it on record so that I can comeback to it years and years from now to find out how I felt about it.

Not really very much happened yesterday. It was warm, but to me, it was nothing different from the day before. That is the thing with our obsession with measuring things. If we have no instruments to tell us we would never know that day was the highest on record.

I went swimming at the queen mother swimming pool. It must be around 2.30pm. So I suppose I was in there during the hottest time of 3pm according to the online website when it hit 34C.

I remember I went to the library earlier on in the morning, and was staying on the shady side of the street and taking a route under the trees. Usually I like to walk on the sunny side.

There are lots of trees here, around where I live, so it was v cool under the trees. My flat is cool because it is shaded by the trees. The other side of my flat facing the courtyard is much warmer as the sun shines right through , so much so that I kept the curtains drawn on one window which gets the direct rays of the sun.

It felt very Mediterranean. It reminds me of the time I was in cap d’agde, the nudist town in the south of france. Then I was naked and it felt great. And it brought back rememberance of things past. Wishing it could be so now.

The Mediterranean gets this kind of heat every summer, whilst we in London only gets this every 7 yrs , if at all.

I think this time is memorable because it is for quite a long period that we are getting these temperatures in the very high 20s.… 3wks or so… that we are getting these temperatures. Other summers we get this temperature for a few days only.

Even so, it is nothing like in Malaysia. Though u wont have thought it if u hear people here complaining haha.

The library was cool making it very pleasant to stay there. After reading the papers, and borrowing a book, (clive barker, Abarat)I went to the queen mum centre and swam.

There is the initial shiver as I touched the water, then it is very pleasant. And I would swim and stay in the water, until my fingers start feeling wrinkled.

Then I would walk back after a shower there, and take a route that goes by the corner shop near me, where I wanted to get the evening standard. Its free and this shop stocks it. Usually it is handed out in tube stations. But it was too early she said, it comes after 4pm.

Then I must have slept when I came back, because the next I knew it is was about 7.30pm and I fancied walking to the supermarket to buy bread if it was going cheap.

There was Warburton bread half and half, in a different wrapper, so it must be a new line, which I found was hiding a 750mg loaf, instead of the normal 800mg ones. I bought it anyway as I like that kind of bread. It is half wholemeal , half white flour. Gone are the days when breads used to be reduced to 10p. Now they are 34p.

On the way back from the supermarket I walked through a lane, and the smell of the drains reminds me of Malaysia. U get this kind of smell only when the weather is v hot, as it always is in Malaysia, but not so common in London. Drains here don’t smell so this smell is unusual.

Anyway , that was that… hottest day in july for 7yrs.

swim, books, film

11 Jul

I decided to go swimming this morning. It is a new routine that I am trying to intiate. I am going to cancel my gym membership this month, and I shall be going swimming more often.

But as with anything new, it takes a bit of effort to start this new routine. Yesterday I had wanted to go swimming but somehow I put it off and went to the gym instead. But I have lost heart in exercising, and I went rather late in the day, at about 5.30pm when the gym is full of people and I did not fancy waiting for the exercise machines to be available. So I just took a shower instead.

This morning I did manage to get to the queen mum centre for the swim. The last time I went I got in by putting my card in the reader at the gates, but today both the gates readers and the terminal readers were not working. So I went to the desk and she said to re present the card to the terminal readers to see what activity I had booked.

But since I did not book any activities it came back with no activities have been booked and refused me entry. So back I went to the desk and she finally took my card and said the machine is not working and I have to present my card to the desk every time I want to swim.

I thought have anyone working there ever asked themselves why we have installed this expensive machinery for it not to work, but I guess that is a silly think to think of… of course no one had asked it, because machines like this are there to give some computer company free money to fleece the council tax payers.

Anyway I had a good swim, because there was hardly anyone there, which makes me make sure I go early like about 10am from now on. Such bliss when u can have the lanes almost to myself. Though I suppose I should not be wanting to be alone as don’t I want to make friends and have buddies to swim with? Maybe not. Haha.

After the swim, I decided to go to the waitrose in city hall to get a free coffee. The machine was working this time.

With my coffee I hopped onto a 24 bus, the new type of bus with open platform, such fun, reminds me of the old days.

And took it to the charing cross library where I borrowed some more books. ‘the world according to bob’ james bowen. ‘the bull of mithros’ anne zouroudi, ‘what in god’s name’ simon rich.

In the library I was reading the independent, and saw on the tv guide that ‘Brief Encounter’ showing this afternoon on tv was written by noel coward. And it occurred to me that maybe noel coward meant it to be the portrayal of a gay encounter but cloaked it in a man-woman encounter to disguise it;
Even though I have seen it many times, maybe this time if I juxtaposed celia Johnson as a man, it might make this movie take on a whole new perspective; a dilemma of a gay married man meeting another man and falling in love with him, and not free to break off his marriage and run off with this guy who is going off to Africa.

I wonder someone should cast this as a play with males, or even two females and see what happens. Though of course for another woman to go off to Africa is a bit far fetched. Haha. Though she could go there as a missionary…!!


10.7.13 wednesday
You may have read in the papers about our heat wave, that London is sweltering in it, but thank goodness I live here and I can report it is nothing of the sort.haha.

We had a few days, (correction, one day) when it hit 28C, in the past week but since then it has been blessedly down to a very comfortable 25C or so.

And either I have been staying indoors a lot or what, or I go out in the morning and afternoon, not at sunset when it seems to me the pollen is worst; but I don’t seem to be suffering hay fever much either. The pollen count is high, or so they say in the tv weather broadcasts; but I don’t get that much hay fever.

Maybe the pollen is not the kind that affects me. Who knows but I am rather glad of it whatever the reason.

Now and then I get this urge to go somewhere and do something, but I know it is silly to follow that urge, because I did it one time and it got me wandering around London aimlessly being in some place just to be going somewhere and when I arrived there not really bothered to be there in the first place.

I supposed the only thing it did is to get me to enjoy looking at people … that seems to be the only thing I like when I go wondering around London.