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8 Aug

Yesterday I was at the swimming pool and they have a communal shower area, with no partitions. Very old fashioned nowadays, because with all this paedophilic scares every one has started renovating the shower area to include partitions.

But not this one. And sometimes fathers will bring in their children to use the showers. So far no one has objected to other guys there going naked and soaping themselves. Thank goodness.

Sometimes the kid is a boy, other times it is a girl.

But everyone carries on naked or otherwise irregardless, and no one objects. This I find rather refreshing and I hope it continues and no one start complaining to management about it. It will only take one prude to do it and there goes all our choices.

I have been observing the behaviour of some of the children , one yesterday , a girl whose behaviour was very interesting.
She was whining and complaining when the father was soaping her. The father was impatient with her saying why she always kick up a fuss every time she showers after the swim. And threatening to stop taking her swimming if she is going to be like that. That set her whining again that she wants to swim.

I wonder why she is behaving like that. The problem is the child is too young to say what is really bothering her. I see her rubbing her eyes as she was under the shower with soap in her hair, so is it because of the soap in her eyes? But she can shut her eyes to prevent the soap getting to it … so why whine?
~Are kids so useless these days and never know how to use common sense because they have always been told what to do and never get to think for themselves?

I was also wondering why the father don’t get her to wash herself. Let her put the soap on her hair and scrub it, let her scrub herself… what’s wrong with that? Then no complaints as she can make sure she don’t get soap in her eyes.

The father was mentioning he must clean her thoroughly to get the chlorine off her. So maybe he was rubbing her too roughly, not realising that chlorine can easily be removed by the water and no need to scrub the skin so roughly.

Ah, parents and children who don’t really know what they are doing.

I am glad I don’t have children. Haha.