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A hostage crisis is unfolding in Sydney, with a possible Islamist militant connection – Quartz

15 Dec

A hostage crisis is unfolding in Sydney, with a possible Islamist militant connection – Quartz.


i saw this , this morning, first thing when i opened my wordpress reader. it came up because of uber’s response to the spike in the cost due to the algorithm of their price structure. the higher the demand the higher the fare goes up. but it seems uber made a bad call when it said it was so concerned and said that the price hike will encourage more of the uber drivers  to go into the area to pick up people.

on the face of it, it seems logical, after all, who in their right mind will want to go into that area , esp when the police are telling everyone to get out of it. so the incentives must be there. but people are illogical… and so the tweeters rounded on uber and poured scorn on them.

but if u think about it, if the price is not raised, to $100 it seems, there will be no uber taxi to bring them out. on the other hand, you could take the metro, or whatever it is called now. the hostages are allready taken , in the cafe, so really there is no urgency to get out of the area. it seems to me people have lost a sense of perspective.

our market economy racks up the cost of doing the simplest thing. but people can chose to take it or leave it. there are cheap alternatives. people complain about how the poor are disadvantaged because of the cost of these services. but if u look at it another way, u can say the rich are being conned to spend their money by the enticement of the market…. let the rich be suckers for the hard sell, the soft sell, the sell that panders to their egos.

so u can chose to pay AUS$100 to take a uber taxi, or u can just get onto the metro at a fraction of the cost. if u chose the uber taxi dont complain about the cost. and the poor who dont want to pay, dont complain that it is not available for you and feel left out. just no need to envy them, but be smug that there are fools who will be separated from their money.

so my advise to the poor is dont be consumed with envy for the rich, and take the attitude that their so called extravagant lifestyle is simply they are just victims of the high mark up that the market puts on luxury goods that take them for suckers.

it been years since i was in sydney but they have a great and lovely double deck carriage on their train service with seat backs that can flip over to face the other way, which i thought was  a great idea , but have never seen it anywhere else in the world. perhaps they have replaced those trains now. who knows.