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more ways to get fooled by hacks

9 Dec

london 7.56am 13.3C (is this mild or what!!) friday 2016

i got this from my overspill in my wordpress reader. it was talking of a worm that warns you your phone is 28.1% damaged and says download this google app and it will clean up your phone.

the writer of the article  says ‘As any user of Android will tell you updates from Google are non existent, and anything that could infect your phone, well is pretty much your problem’.

well, that is news to me, but then i am not a smartphone user, but i am so used to chrome automatically upgrading and correcting my chromebook, i assume android , being owned by google will also do so. but i have to admit i got fooled when i read that instruction to download the worm. it looks so authentic. i am glad i dont have a smartphone so dont have to deal with all this. and what if it infects all the devices that are connected with it now that google allows you to synch every device u have together with each other?

and this bbc article says talktalk instructions to us not to worry about changing our password is astonishing. i dont agree with that article actually. they feature in the photo the same router as my old one. i was not hacked in that it worked and i did not lose my broadband. but it seems it is vulnerable. one wonders whether it could be used as part of that internet of things (IOT) that has been used to bring down websites. mine is not on all the time, which kind of sidestepped the whole issue really. seems to me they should be advising everyone to switch it off if they are not using it for a long period.  

hmm, i got a new router from talk talk when i got this new package with them. so they are gradually changing the router anyway. i can understand them not telling everyone to change their password. i bet they dont want to trigger that and having to deal with lots of us novices attempting to change our passwords and messing the whole thing up. leading to a lot of irate customers, creating this problem that will be quite difficult to solve online. 

even now i dont know how to change my password. i just use the one printed on the router itself. this new router i got dont have anything printed on it to tell me what the password is. i have to rely on a card sent with it. lose that card and you are in trouble. so i make sure i copy that password in my telephone book and in a file in my chrome drive.

i think talk talk is just being practical, and not blanket call everyone to change their password. after all, i was not hacked, so to disrupt so many of us just to correct those few that got hacked… seems rather an over reaction. and even if they say those people have their information taken, what can those hackers do with it? nothing… really . it is not sensitive info like bank accounts is it? none of that is in the router. why should it?

talktalk has this really useful chat line when u log onto your account online. you can actually chat (by that i mean write messages) to someone in the company who will answer your queries and even change packages, and discuss what is best for you). i like that.

i was thinking if u get  a phone call from someone saying they are from talktalk, you could log onto your account and ask them did u send someone to talk to me on the phone? and verify it. 


no one shouted at  tesco bank when it had so many of its customers having money withdrawn from their accounts by hackers. that is serious…money was stolen from accounts. is that serious or not? but they all kept quiet and no one condemns tesco bank for poor security to allow it to happen. will tesco bank be fined heavily for it? i bet not. so why all this shouting over talktalk handling this? sounds these media are biased.

lets face it, if u are foolish nowadays to give your bank account details to some one on the phone who just ask you for it, you are a real fool, and deserve to be parted from your money. there is no hope for you. kick yourself hard and go and stand at that corner with a dunce cap on your head.



8 Dec

london 8.39am 12.1C cloudy thursday 2016

i have the overspill on my wordpress reader and this morning it delivered something new to me. well actually it always delivered something new haha. but this time it is about gadgets. specifically it talked of how making gadgets has become so easy but also a great idea can be copied easily too. but it make me realise there is a company that sells cheap razors online. and mattresses online. its strange that i have not heard of them. it is because they advertise in facebook and word of mouth via social media. and i dont haunt social media. but then i am not  in the market for those things.

come to think of it, i consume a lot of tv and the internet. so talk talk has come into my life and established itself with me. i am their type of customer i think. though they must hope there are more of me but who would spend more money on watching films on netflik and their other services. they will be able to find those people too, because so many like watching films and the latest films too. and so many like to talk on mobile and use smartphones. 

i have always noticed razors are very expensive and have got round it by buying from the £ shop where disposable razors can be bought 5 for £1. though i have noticed that seems to be getting limited choice now. now i read that this company does a subscription service of $1 a month to try and then $3 a month. (it is in america, dont think they have come to uk) and they send u the razors every month. its great if u use up a lot of razors, but i dont.

a 5 for £1 razor pack can last me a year. haha. i reuse each razor many times. and i dont shave everyday neither. looking at the website of their supplier, dorco, they still cost a bit. £6 or so for a 4pack. so my poundshop £1 pack is still the best value for me. makes you wonder how that £1 shop can do it, giving us such cheap razors and still have to support all those stores with staff costs and rent. and for us no need to bother about postage costs or having to hang around the flat waiting for the courier to come. perhaps they cannot do it anymore. remember it was quite some time since i bought those razors, still using them, and at that time there were quite a lot of those £1 shops, with different owners. now i think there is only one, poundland.  i have not been to that shop since i bought those razors, so it might be they are no more sold anymore in any £ shops. certainly when i was in poundland in brixton, i could not find any of those razors. 

added. 12.08pm 13.9C cloudy. a courier came and delivered the new router that talktalk says they will give me when i started the new broadband package. lucky i was in to open the door for him, because the package was too big to slip through my letter box.

 it is easy to set up and now we are both online with it. they say it is faster, but i cannot see the difference. though simon did say he noticed it is faster in his windows laptop.

ah well, now we got a spare router that works fine really but it is nice to have a spare, just in case.

talktalk says  i should keep this router on all the time. i am thinking whether i should ignore that and do what i normally do, switch it off when overnight, or when i go out. maybe if they are kept on all the time, the speed will increase. there used to be a button which when pressed tells u what speed you are getting. but i cannot find it now. or maybe it does not exist in this chromebook.

i am old fashioned thinking these gadgets need to warm up and catchup on the speed, but i think that is old hat now. they should all work instantly… so i dont think keeping it on all the time will improve the speed.

 even in the old router the speed was tolerable, it is not instant, in that it takes a slight delay for the page to come up, but not very much delay, the main text appears and it is the adverts that take some time to download and i am not bothered with the adverts really, so could not careless if they take their time to download.

 and the tv programs works well on the tv, they can be seen without any freezing. 




new broadband plus free sim card calls with talktalk

5 Dec

london 3.54pm 7.4C cloudy monday 2016

today i just agreed on a new package for broadband and free calls on mobile with talktalk. it is £22.95 a month. includes the line rental.  for that i get unlimited broadband, plus 200mins of chat, unlimited text, 500MB of data. and they will refund the balance of the lump sum payment i made to pay the line rental, so i dont lose out. even factoring in the cheaper line rental i was paying before, £15 a month, as opposed to about £19 now, it still works out cheaper. and i get the free chat on mobile. 

i suppose it is the best i could get. though my previous package cannot be beat. it is free. haha. but i suppose it is not possible to get that again. i consider it a gift from talktalk. i actually contracted to pay £5 monthly for a broadband only package. a day later i wrote to ask if i can get it free, because i just read their advert saying they are giving it for free to new subscribers . and they kindly said they will give me a free discount. and it was a really great offer, because subsequently that monthly fee increased to £7, and then recently to £9 and it was all discounted so that i got it free for about 18months. really amazing.

this one they promise the price will be fixed for the duration of the 18month contract. that means it will expire june 2018. ah well, previously i only got broadband, no free calls on the mobile. this one includes free calls on the mobile and other things. and i get a new router too… maybe after that hacking of the router in the news recently, they must have decided they better give us a more secure router. but lets face it, whatever the price, i cannot do without broad band anymore. haha. i am in thrall to broadband now. i consider it indispensable now. they were clever to link it to the tv… with it we can get HD, (high definition) and that really makes a big difference to the viewing experience.

i have a friend who watches a lot of films, and is not on HD. he says he does not miss it. well, it is because he had not seen it. i think once he has experienced it he wont go back. but right now he gets to be able to record the films on his tv(his tv is still the old fashioned kind with the fat tube sticking out at the back) on his digital recorder. he says by doing so he is able to fast forward any adverts.

the HD tv wont allow him to record films on that digital recorder. or at least i dont think so. certainly my video recorder has long ago been thrown away because it cannot be used once we changed to digital tv. well,

it does bring home to me that i am living in the future. so depandant on wifi, and these electronic gadgets. it is wifi… that one has become a big game changer. it is hard to think of that time when we were perfectly happy to have no wifi signals. 

talktalk tariff

19 Oct

london 7.22pm 12.9C (is that correct!! seems very warm for this time) dry,wednesday 2016

i got an email from talktalk telling me they are going to raise the tariff in november. this is for the broadband package.

for my package which is just broadband and nothing else really, it is going to be raised from £7.50 to £9 a month. well i actually get it free now. until 16.2.17 when it expires. it was rather nice of talktalk to let me off paying for 18months. when i first got onto the contract, i did not realise it can go up. it started at £5 a month, then £7.50 now £9 a month. but luckily the next day i saw an advert from talktalk saying new customers can get it free… so i just asked if i could have that instead. and theycame back and said they will waive the fee for the 18months that i contracted for. so it turns out to be just as well. otherwise i would have locked myself into an 18 month contract on a monthly tariff that kept rising… so i am grateful to whoever decided to let me off.

and since i got 18 months free with them, i dont think i mind have to pay the £9 come feb 2017… but i am hoping i can persuade them to let me on their cheaper package of £22.75 a month, including the line rental. i dont know how it will apply to me as i have just recently paid a lump sum for the line rental to get a cheaper rate. so i shall enquire nearer the expiry date.

but we are now so used to having broadband at home, it is unthinkable now to get rid of it. it gives us  hd tv and catch up tv as well as the broadband. nowadays with so many having mobile phones, no one makes calls on the landline anymore. haha. my telephone is never used unless we forget and make a call by mistake. it is more expensive to make calls on it now than on just an ordinary pay as i go mobile phone.

 modern life has changed for us. this is the future coming to us now. everyone have their own personal phone now. no sharing it with others.


a small backpack will do

2 Oct

london 11.52am 15.6C sunny sunday 2016

i had bought a ikea shoulder pack recently but i find that it is too bulky and i dont really need to be carrying so much. so i found this sleeping bag cover in the flat. and it serves the purpose of carrying my chromebook, a water bottle, the charger and a folded umbrella. and that is really all i need. a gym bag would be good too, but i dont seem to find any around the flat. i thought i had a number of them collected over the years but they have all disappeared.

added 8.55pm 13.1C dry sunday 2016 i went to chinatown as i have booked to join a dim sum workshop in the community centre there. i thought we were going to be taught how to make siu mai , har kow, chee cheong fun, but today it was how to make egg tarts. it was well attended with the others who must be regulars as they were all equipped with the equipment for it. and the chef was talking in cantonese which i dont know. haha;. so i just said to him i shall watch. secretly i did not really want to make them, just eat them, haha. and also i had wanted to make the har kow, etc.

after his instructions, they all set to making it and i just found a settee to sit down. they were all standing at the table to make it. well i decided i dont want to wait for the tarts to get cooked, and left. it was rather a nice look in to what the old folks are doing. it was a so called silver sunday… so i assume it was set up for the over 50s. though there were some younger women at the table.  on other tables there were lessons in making a fish out of old red chinese new year packets (ang pow). and another table how to write chinese script on red paper.

i popped into the grocery shops in chinatown and saw pure sesame oil 150ml , (the same brand, astor, that i bought before),being sold for 99p instead of the usual £1.99. when i bought them they were £1.70. just because the labels were stained. not from the contents because they all had sealed bottle caps. so i bought 3. it should last me some time. i was running out too, so it was a lucky happenstance. now everything i cook will have a dash or three,or five of sesame oil added to it. haha.

i got an email from talk talk, saying they are increasing our free mobile sim plan. from 100 free talk to 200mins, unlimited text and 500MB of data a month. i enquired the chat help line on their website and found out my contract where i get it free expires on 7.1.17. and it would cost £5 a month after that if i want to continue. i am thinking of not continueing. so must remember to give 1 month notice on 6.12.16.  

but someone i got in contact with in the older person gay website told me i should get a smartphone as it is so much better. its a pity i dont have anyone with a spare smartphone to lend me to use just to see if i like it.

he got a spare but he said it is very old and unreliable, and he does not want to lend it to me or i will get the wrong impression with it. he has a point i suppose. though it surprised me that smartphones have such different performances. he mentioned he could get grindr, skype and whatsapp. well if that is all , i doubt whether i will be impressed. i am not a big fan of them. i suppose he could say instagram, twitter, facebook… all those social media, but i dont like any of them. so what else?? come on, there must be more than that to make all those smartphone users so obsessed with it.what can it do that my chrome book cannot, even assuming  it is something that appeals to me in the first place. i think not. people may get the feeling they are missing out if they dont get smartphones. after all they keep hearing their friends on it and shouting its praises. but i dare say a lot of it is hype.

i see some people using it to find when the next bus is coming. well i suppose that is useful to know, but then, you have to take that bus anyway, so what is the use of knowing when it comes? if there is an alternative bus to take that might be useful … but it really does not save u much time, esp in london where buses are so frequent.

added. i have noticed that they are replacing some of the bus shelters with new ones that are longer. so preparing for the cold weather to come i suppose. but they have removed the side glass partition, that provides some wind break. is that an improvement i wonder. ? i would have thought it quite important that wind break. perhaps it is early days, and the side glass partition is on the way and will be installed. or perhaps it is only the bus stop opposite the victoria coach station. that stop must be a busy one. 


call charges on 08 numbers

14 Sep

london 26.7C sunny wednesday 2016 yesterday’s high was 34C.

i find something new today. my phone bill came and i was surprised to find £1.20 to pay for last months usage. when i got into the details, i saw a 0845 number has been called on my mobile. i asked simon and he said he used it to call esure, his car insurance. they put him on hold so he stopped the call. and it took about 4mins.

0845 numbers are supposed to be charged at the local rate. when i looked into the esure website i saw they say they charge 5p a minute for the call. yet talk talk charged me 30p a minute. i read the small print in talktalk and they say they add 25p a minute on top of the local call charge . so it is talk talk that is charging me a lot for the call. on my landline they add 7.5p a minute on top of what is charged by the other side.

so that is something new i find… that talk talk is bunging on costs on top. in the past we thought the other side was over charging us, but since the govt forced the phone companies to break down the cost and inform us of it, we now know who the real culprit is. it is the phone company. 

i googled the number and there is a website that asks people to report a number to find out if it is a scam number. this number was mentioned. but i was able to comment on it and tell them it is a legit number, but not to call it with their mobile, or landline. basically it is best not to use any 08 numbers at all just because all the  phone companies adds their own cost onto it. 

it kind of warns me not to have a mobile with them. i have free calls but it seems 08 numbers are not included in the free calls. i bet many people are fooled by these charges. i shall move back to my asda pay as u go sim card when this free call period is over.



my talk talk sim has arrived.

17 Dec

london 2.21pm thursday

I am superexcited at getting it in the post today, when i got back from the library. they have been very quick in fulfilling the order. i called to order it on 15th dec, they confirmed it the same day, and on 16th gave me the phone number and that it is on the way, and today i got it. 

i was so impatient to use it i sent off two text messages to my friends to tell them of the new mobile number before i realise it has to be activated. which i did online.

and it was switched on quite quickly and i re-sent the text messages again. this time i got the notification that the text has been sent. 

to get 100 mins of talk and 250 texts in a month is really wonderful. i wont use it all as i dont have that many friends to talk to or to text. and my phone is a ordinary mobile phone so i wont be using the 250mb of data.

now i shall seek new friends who i can call and text. haha. 

added 3.16pm. i made a call to a friend, and used up 25mins of my 100mins. so it looks like it  can be too easy to go over the limit.

in the past we used to chat for an hour , then hang up and dial again and chat again. this was free using the talktalk free calls on the landline. then we got out of the habit of doing it, and i think i shall have to be careful not to take up that habit again. haha. i think once we start getting the habit of long chats, it can be dangerous. haha. maybe i shall text them instead. haha. or use email.