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water quality

12 Aug


Yesterday a waterman came to check our mains water in the kitchen.

Today, another one came to tell us the water sent for testing from our pipe came back contaminated with bacteria. we had been drinking straight from the tap for a long time, and none of us had got sick, which was explained by the waterman as that the contamination was not a lot. 

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it seems  an attachment to the tap which had been there since we bought the place had been harbouring bacteria.

the previous waterman was inexperienced and did not know that we should remove it. I told him it had been there ever since we bought the flat like 22yrs ago, so maybe he thought it was a fixed part of the tap, because in the form he said there was no attachment. 

 anyway this waterman today was more experienced and told me to remove it.

i had always thought the attachment makes the water come out in a  jet and i thought it  makes it more easy to wash things, but when i removed it and noticed how dirty the insides were, and saw the water flow was ok, and does not make a difference to how we wash our dishes, i realised we dont really need it at all.

i had thought of buying a replacement as the rubber join is leaking. but now i know it can harbour bacteria, and that it makes no difference to our ability to wash dishes using the flow from the tap without the attachment; i am not going to bother getting a replacement.

but it seems both of us have been drinking this water straight from the tap without realising and we have been doing that all these years.  

just as well the bacteria count is low or who knows what kind of trouble it would give us to our insides. perhaps we should have boiled our water and let it cool, like we do in malaysia.

so maybe a timely reminder to others reading this , if u are going to drink straight from the tap, the waterman say let the water run for a minute or so , to clear the water that is left in the pipes, (esp if u live on the first floor, or higher, as there are all that pipe running up from ground level, to ensure there is enough chlorine in it, as the chlorine do get evaporated if left standing. ) and make sure u dont attach anything to the tap. and if u dont like the taste of chlorine, just put a open jug of water in the fridge so that the chlorine can evaporate. 

just as a comparison, when the previous waterman took the sample and tested it for chlorine, it was 0.16 part per million. but when this one took the water , he let it run for a long time, and took the sample and the chlorine read 0.5 parts per million. that was a higher concentration is it seems that is concentration wanted. 

most of the time the water we drink is hot water as we tend to make coffee and tea, rather than cold water. 

our mains water had never been checked like this in all the time i have stayed here. the waterman says they pick households to check the water by random process, that is why ours had not been checked for so long.