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1 Dec

london 4pm 13.7C rain saturday 2018

13.1C 8pm dry

its dark now. i had a 3hr nap at about 4pm. earlier on i went to the victoria library to read the papers. and than i thought of going to the international borneo festival, held in a church near paddington. i thought they might have stalls selling food and malaysian groceries, but no. so i left.

coming back, i walked past the recycling bins and saw a pewter (added. simon tells me it is stainless steel)teapot, it looked unused in that the inside was clean and not tea stained. so i took it. tea pots can always come in useful. its been quite a while since i saw anything to pick up at the recycling bins. 

Digital StillCamera

added 8.16pm . i have to write about my hotmail accounts, there have been no spam at all for long periods at a time. i am so surprised. hope it keeps up and that my reporting the spam emails as phishing is the reason why it has been filtered out.