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16 Jan



this is a tea pot given to me recently by my friend when he came to visit and stay at my place. 

he said it was a present from someone who gave him permission to pass it on. he knows me, that i would not like him to buy things for me. most other people will be mortified to be told or to find out that their present was a second hand one. haha. but i hope my friends know me by now not to go out and buy me new stuff. 

it is rather nice of him of bring me a tea pot. he did not know i have broken mine, and am using a old one that has its spout broken. 

it looked like it is made of brass, or metal, but really it is porcelain, glazed to look like metal. and design to mimic an ancient chinese pot. 

quite nice, but and i immediately tested it by putting a tea ball, a sample that was given to me to try which i have lying about the flat for ages as even though i am chinese, i am not really into these korean designer tea leaves … i find them too weak. 

the tea is from AHAE.com and called tea of teas, green tea candy.

i have not noticed it before, but turning the box upside down i saw this ….ingredients; green tea 15%, sugar,rice, grapeseedoil,sesame oil, malt. why all these added stuff i wonder when just 100% green tea would be fine by itself. i noticed also the sell by date, 1.7.2012. so maybe that might explain why it was given as a free sample and why it did not smell of anything now. 

though i once had japanese green tea in a restaurant that must have some infused herbs in them, because it smelt so fragrant. 

anyway, the tea was very weak, and hasn’t got any flavour. still, i shall give it another chance, and refill it with hot water and see if more brewing brings out its flavour. the pot have a lid, but as u can see it can fall out easily if u tilt the pot too far. and u have to put a finger on it whilst u pour the tea. 

i think i shall use it to make chinese tea .

the trouble with tea pots that are not insulated is that the tea gets cold in them. 

but i rejoice in having two tea pots to play with now. 

i continue to like the old one with the broken spout. 

with the cold weather we are having now the hot tea is great to warm me. 

my friend i discovered to my delight is even better at resisting the cold than i. he goes round my flat in shorts. when even i am wrapped up. i was a bit worried that he might find my flat too cold, but i am glad he does not. it is -2C outside according to the weather website for london, but it is pleasant inside the flat. 

he told me rather an interesting thing that happened to him. 

he was at the supermarket near westminster tube station, and it was late, and he saw a warburton white bread reduced to 35p. so he took it to the counter, and without thinking placed it with the other side up, and the cashier saw a label saying old price 36p reduced  to 0.03p. then the cashier did a strange thing. he took a pen and scratched that out and charged him 35p. 

i did not know they can do that. i would have objected and at least have insisted that he charge me the more recently reduced price. and i think if u had objected he would have done it. but my friend did not notice this price and was prepared to pay 35p anyway. perhaps someone made a mistake because i have never known any shop to reduce it by such a small amount. haha. the lowest i have bought a loaf of bread is 10p. 


i discovered that the tea ball i put in the teapot is not tea. found this out when i emptied the pot expecting to find tea leaves and there was nothing. it was candy, as it said so, but i was not paying attention because i noticed the words ‘tea of teas’, which must be somekind of trade mark or something and assumed it was tea.

In a way they are confusing the customer. it never occurred to me that it was some kind of sweet which u take to combat insomnia.I have not eaten another one, as somehow it puts me off. tea flavoured sweets sounds so weird. 

it may be useful one day

14 Jan


I had a bodum tea pot, a clear glass pot which I have been using for brewing my tea. It is very nice, and I learnt something from it… that u don’t need a filter for the tea leaves.

It is perfectly possible to let some tea get onto the cup as you can see it at the bottom of the cup. This can only work if u drink your tea black, no milk in other words as the milk make the tea opaque.

So that made me realise u don’t need a filter for tea leaves.

Then recently I broke that tea pot. I was rolling out pastry and accidentally shoved the pot off the table and crashed on to the floor.

And now I am using a old tea pot that I like and have its spout broken but kept all this time. I like it that was why I did not throw it away. Usually when the spout got broken u throw away the pot as it is not good anymore . You would think the tea will dribble all over the place when u pour tea out.

But since I broke my bodum, I was forced to use it and to my surprise I found it poured tea very well, even with that broken spout.

Hmm, so now I get to use a tea pot whose pattern I really like and back to square one as it were.

It was like my bodum stage had never happened.

The reason why I am writing all this down, such mundane goings on, u will think, is because I have been reading blogs saying declutter and throw away things that are broken, and u are not going to use anymore.

Well, if I had thrown this old tea pot away I wont be able to reuse it now. So I am beginning to think not all broken things should be thrown away. That chestnut excuse that it might come in useful some day, can be true. Haha.

Anyway it certainly came true for this old tea pot.

And I discovered another joy, it pours tea effortlessly, whereas the bodum one has a lid with a slot from which the tea flows out and that slot restricts the flow.

The set has lovely tea cups, with patterns both inside and out. But I don’t drink tea from a cup anymore. Though now I am using it I might.
The thing with tea cups is that u only need to pour out that amount of tea and drink it hot.

If u use a mug, as I have been doing, I realise I don’t drink it all and what remains go cold. So there is something to be said about using tea cups, and these are real pretty. So maybe this is another one of those things that I kept and can be useful one day, and their time has come. i notice my habits change when circumstances happen that force me to change and then i find i like the new situation. which is why i dont mind things changing. it can lead to better things. or different things that might not be better but just as good.