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no point buying a smart tv

5 Sep

london 7.30am monday 2016 rain 15.2C

In the past, Google API changes have resulted in YouTube no longer working on older Apple TVs and other devices running previous OS versions. 50 Sony BRAVIA TVs models released in 2012 are about to loose support for YouTube playback due to recent changes made by Google.

Sony does not cite the exact specification change, but Google recently announced that all YouTube connections will soon be encrypted with HTTPS. link

this is saying all those 2012 smart tvs are not working with google changing their encryption to https. it suggests people just use chromecast instead. that would mean no point buying a smart tv, really. i myself cannot see the point of buying smart tvs. glad to see my instinct has held true. haha.

i think it also apply to old laptops too. my chromebook has always only connected me to urls only if that urls have https. it is a safety feature that i appreciate a lot. because it means someone trying to hack into it wont be able to see anything that i type into my chromebook and steal info.

 and i have noticed some library users cannot log onto the library free wifi . i think it is because of this https and they were using old laptops with old software.

 the library tried to remedy it by removing the https , because for a time i could not log on with my chromebook though others in the library could. i brought it to the attention of the librarian to be told well others could, so it is your problem. or words to that effect. so i was resigned to not being able to log on in the library. but recently it has been fixed. and i could log on. 

contactless cards fraud

22 Jan

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this is interesting, relatives are using their granny’s contactless card to steal small sums of money.

Elderly people who have contactless bank cards are having cash stolen by family and friends who are taking advantage of their lack of digital awareness, a charity has warned.

Action for Elderly Abuse said it had received a spike in complaints from older people about small, regular sums of money taken by those close to them, such as carers or relatives, who have easy access to their cards.

The attacks are so regular they account for more than 50 per cent of 7,700 financial abuse cases reported in 2015, with £19million having been stolen, conned or coerced from victims. Most perpetrators are family members, while the majority of victims are women over the age of 80.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3411362/Families-use-contactless-cards-steal-elderly.html#ixzz3xyFcHTew

i recently got a new replacement card from my bank with the contactless function. i lost it, because i accidentally threw away the letter with it inside.

luckily i had not used it yet, the first use needs my password. but this report makes me realise how dangerous it is to have lying about the house, once i have activated it. anyone can use it to make payments of less than £30. it is like finding a lot of money lying around. as we know, any new innovation that makes it easy to use the card, means it is easy to steal money from it too. i wonder if it is possible to ask for a ordinary debit card without the contactless function. 

windows 10 upgrade pulled

25 Nov

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this story about windows 10 having to cancel its november update (does it upgrade every month? or is it just a reference to this upgrade. how many times now have windows 10 upgraded since it first came into existence, does anyone know?)because when u do it on a windows 10 computer , it does not remember your privacy settings and bring them all back to the default setting.

it makes me realise that the way windows operate is not the way to go. everytime it has to update it has to persuade each individual to allow it.

that is a very bad way to do business. unlike chrome that do it all in the background so that the end user dont even know it and does not require his permission to upgrade. and chrome upgrades centrally which does not affect any settings that the user has selected. 

i can see someone might be shaking his head and muttering ‘you fool’, chrome is able to dig out all your data and use it and there is nothing u can do about it. he is right of course. 

in the end, i think it comes to this question of  how much u want to give them for the free use of their facillities. and with chrome it seems the answer is ‘ it is everything’. haha. 

another item is this.. that for android users , it seems google can override the controls and allow remote snooping if asked to do so by the govt.

this is useful to detect terrorists, but privacy fears have made google encrypt the device that have lollipop (android whatsist number 5)installed. so even if the govt insists google allow them access to that phone , no one can read the encrypted stuff.

maybe with the terrorist factor coming into prominence, we might have to accept that allowing surveillance is not a bad thing after all. but perhaps u disagree. i wonder if that means we will have to accept being bombed and shot at like in paris as a price of keeping our privacy.

even then there is no guarantee that even if we invade everyone’s privacy that we can detect  the terrorists amongst the huge amount of data to wade through. it would be like finding a needle in a  haystack. though i can think of one situation when it can be useful , for eg, finding the mobile phone of a terrorist who  has committed an assault on the public and be able to search through that phone to find out info about his contacts. 

added. interesting this

By default Windows 10 Home is allowed to control your bandwidth usage, install any software it wants whenever it wants (without providing detailed information on what these updates do), display ads in the Start Menu (currently it has been limited to app advertisements), send your hardware details and any changes you make to Microsoft and even log your browser history and keystrokes which the Windows End User Licence Agreement (EULA) states you allow Microsoft to use for analysis.