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Why I have resigned from the Telegraph | openDemocracy

18 Feb

Why I have resigned from the Telegraph | openDemocracy.

this is important. it is an article by peter obourne, who resigned recently as the telegraph’s chief political commentator. he has held the post for the past 5yrs. and he gives the reason why, that the telegraph has allowed the editorial content to be influenced by their advertisers. specifically in the case of HSBC.

i can see that all the newspapers must take into account their advertisers, as they are their paymasters. and it would be folly to antagonise them. that is why there is so many uncritical articles about fashion, or brands, or favourable articles about big businesses.  it is something that all newspaper readers should bear in mind when they read the articles .

and if a newspaper is critical of something, ask yourself are they big advertisers, if not that might be the reason why the paper can afford to be critical of it.

and i think we must not forget the readership too. no newspaper can afford to print articles critical of its main readership.

in the final analysis, i think there is no truly unbiased newspaper. that is why maybe a reader who want a rounded viewpoint is well advised to read a lot of other newspapers and glean his information from a wide variety of sources.

another article commenting  on the above.

its interesting that hsbc has stopped the bank account of some of their muslim customers, without any explanation. recently , i got a letter from first direct, which is owned by hsbc, asking me to send them photocopy of my passport , signed by an authority (and they gave a list of those who can sign) or my account will be closed.

i sent the document and got a reply praising me for being such a good customer.

i thought it rather strange at the time, though i accept that it might be the bank trying to establish that i am a legal person entitled to own a bank account and not some one who is bogus.

it is one of the strangest anomalies that banks dont really check who you are when u shift your account to them. they check when u first start a bank account. but if u have held an account for years, and moved banks they dont ask u to identify yourself.