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telephone and car, letting go

2 Aug

london 10.14am 17C sunny thursday 2018

i just had a online conversation with talk talk, my telephone and broadband provider. it was a chat function on their website that enabled me to contact them and have a real time conversation. usually we have to call them on the phone. i wanted to give notice to them that i dont want to take up their £3 a month subscription to the free sim card that they gave me. at the moment, i get free calls for 200mins and unlimited text and 500MB of data on the mobile but this will end in sept. i just had to give notice and let them know i dont want to join their plan where i have to pay £3 a month. and it was all done painlessly in a short conversation online. isn’t technology great? so now i have the use of it till 1sept, when it will close. and since i dont want to keep the number, that number will disappear forever. (or more probably, it will be given to another person.)

i shall replace the sim with an ASDA pay- as- i -go sim where the tariff is quite low. i wont be using my landline phone to make calls, as talk talk charges a lot to use it. i still keep the contract to supply my landline telephone and broadband , it expires in 2020. so that wont change. it is only £20 a month for unlimited broadband and landline for incoming calls only.

i think i might be unusual in not wanting to keep this talktalk mobile number. most people want to keep it. but i hardly make any calls and it is easy to inform friends of any new mobile numbers or in my case reverting to an old number. i think people can get to love a phone number… and be reluctant to move their mobile supplier, in case they lose the number. but nowadays u can get that number to follow you. it can be a bother though. 

simon too have been letting go recently. he told me he had sold his car. he took it to a garage for its MOT test and it passed. and he asked the tester if he wants to buy it and they agreed on £400. it is an old Ford Ka. and he told me while he was parking it, his clutch stopped working. haha. by that time he had allready sold it. so he was quite glad he got rid of it just in time. the garage he sold it too can most probably replace the old clutch and resell it for a profit.

simon will save a lot more money by getting rid of the car. there is really no reason to keep a car in central london. for some people, letting go is easier than for others.


13 Apr

london 1.24pm 10.9C cloudy air quality low friday 2018

i got a call on my landline phone and a computer voice said my internet will be taken down . fortunately i am immune to these calls now, so i stopped listening and put down the phone on it. it is the first time i am getting this kind of call by a computer generated voice instead of a human being, and first time they use this ploy of  telling me my internet will  be shut down. 

i can see that someone who is not as calm as i am might be fooled into following their instructions…or even get worried about the loss of their internet and be really anxious about it especially if their business depands on being online;  and might prompt them to start  following the voice instructions.

i can ignore these calls because i could not care less if my internet went down. if and when it does i shall deal with it. otherwise any calls like this i shall treat as scam and not even think it might be legit. if it is legit they will call again. 

i can understand a report which says practically everyone nowadays don’t bother to answer their landline anymore, as it is invariably a call from scam merchants. i still do pick up the land phone though when it rings. maybe more fool me. haha. though if no one answers immediately i ruthlessly put down the phone. 

i get free calls from my mobile phone, and so far i dont get any scam there so now all my interactions on the phone is via the mobile phone.

i suppose life is getting back to normal now that i am getting scam calls on the landline. hahah.


talktalk tariff

19 Oct

london 7.22pm 12.9C (is that correct!! seems very warm for this time) dry,wednesday 2016

i got an email from talktalk telling me they are going to raise the tariff in november. this is for the broadband package.

for my package which is just broadband and nothing else really, it is going to be raised from £7.50 to £9 a month. well i actually get it free now. until 16.2.17 when it expires. it was rather nice of talktalk to let me off paying for 18months. when i first got onto the contract, i did not realise it can go up. it started at £5 a month, then £7.50 now £9 a month. but luckily the next day i saw an advert from talktalk saying new customers can get it free… so i just asked if i could have that instead. and theycame back and said they will waive the fee for the 18months that i contracted for. so it turns out to be just as well. otherwise i would have locked myself into an 18 month contract on a monthly tariff that kept rising… so i am grateful to whoever decided to let me off.

and since i got 18 months free with them, i dont think i mind have to pay the £9 come feb 2017… but i am hoping i can persuade them to let me on their cheaper package of £22.75 a month, including the line rental. i dont know how it will apply to me as i have just recently paid a lump sum for the line rental to get a cheaper rate. so i shall enquire nearer the expiry date.

but we are now so used to having broadband at home, it is unthinkable now to get rid of it. it gives us  hd tv and catch up tv as well as the broadband. nowadays with so many having mobile phones, no one makes calls on the landline anymore. haha. my telephone is never used unless we forget and make a call by mistake. it is more expensive to make calls on it now than on just an ordinary pay as i go mobile phone.

 modern life has changed for us. this is the future coming to us now. everyone have their own personal phone now. no sharing it with others.


line rental with talktalk

21 Aug

london 6.10pm 20.3C cloudy sunday 2016

a snap shot in time, where i tell you how much my telephone line rental costs now. i renewed it for another 18months and so got the discount rate of £15 a month, compared to the usual £17.90 a month. it totaled £270.81 . so that is me fixed with them, talktalk, till april 2018. ie 18 months. it does mean i am tied to them for that long , and maybe there is no incentive for them to give me a good deal when my broadband contract expires in feb2017. we shall see. 

currently i am on their free mobile offer, which they gave us as apology for that hacking of their system. i get 100mins of free calls plus 250 text messages a month. it will end on 16.12.16

and i have free broadband too. that usually costs £5 a month. but i managed to get it free, and that contract ends 17.2.17. the broadband is the only thing that makes me want to keep this landline … some of the other broadband suppliers, vodaphone i think, are bundling up their broadband with their line rental. but it is more expensive (£25 a month)than talktalk.i wonder if talktalk will be doing that. but i think if they dont,  i shall continue with them if they just give me a £5 a month broadband only contract.( they are giving it for £3.75 a month now) i have come to realise that broadband is too necessary for us. it is one of those things with us humans. once we get a taste for it, we will form habits round it, and find it indispensable. that is what broadband has been for us.

so far i have resisted smartphones, and i doubt i shall take to it… the screen is too small and you cannot touch type on it.

i have taken to chrome book, and abandoned windows. and i have got used to the smaller screen in chromebook and in fact, prefers it to the 15″ screen i got with my windows laptop. looking back on it, it seems so big and heavy. it is 2016, and it is the future, to those who in 1995 are trying to guess what life will be like. well now that we all are living in this future age, what is life like? i am retired, so not working. so that is the difference. and getting older, and not travelling a lot abroad anymore (its my decision not to travel). so lifestyle wise, that has been the biggest change for me. but in terms of gadgets, and furniture and appearance , nothing has changed, my flat still looks like it is set in the 50s, the decor of the previous owners. haha. i have changed nothing major. the kitchen shelves and cupboards are the same , even the same colour. only things i have changed is the cooker, and the fridge. you might even say the flat has regressed… because i have not decorated or painted… and it has become a bit worn. it shows its age, i just dont like doing any big decoration as i cannot stand the mess and disruption. haha.

 and i have disconnected the gas supply so the old air gas boiler is not working and is left in the cupboard, which i use as a storage space. i think the  1995 man that i was would not find anything changed at all if i were to get time travelled and come in now. i think i will be very comfortable with what i find, perhaps even be  comforted that everything looks like it was before. and if i were to go out , i doubt there are any obvious changes either. the estate looks exactly like what it was long ago. the walls of the blocks of flats are cleaner now, not black, and are showing the red bricks but all is still the same. 





Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

my landline phone, and my nokia mobile which just makes calls and text. they are perfectly suitable for my needs.

more found things- beanies

26 Jan


25.12.13 friday
I have been finding beanies and woolly hats in the street these few days.
I think because I was in north London.
There seem to be more people dropping their beanies there than in south London, at least the waterloo area, which is that part of south London that I frequent rather a lot as it is near my gym.

As usual, it is a generalisation, and though people always say never generalise it is still something we humans do. There is some grain of truth in all generalisations. I guess north London is more populous so there are so many more people to drop things. But I found two beanies in the same street.

What was I doing in north west london area on a Friday afternoon?. I went there to have a sex session with a friend in his house.

It was on his street that I found the two beanies. ( I have discovered that is what they are called. Why are they called beanies? I have no idea. Maybe an american (it sounds american) company makes them and so the name became generic, like hoover.

And going there I found a metro newspaper , which is given away free in the morning. There I saw an advert by co op supermarket giving chicken at £1.84 a kg.

So after our sex session, I stop off at oxford st tube, and walked to the co op in brewer st. and bought the chicken. And then took the bus back without much waiting for it and which drop me right by my place.

It is not often we get chicken at this price. My 1.6kg chicken cost about £3.
Ever since they stop battery chickens and imposed more stringent conditions, we have no more £2.50 chickens which is rather a pity. But this price is still a good bargain.

I roasted it and quite delicious too, more so because I haven’t eaten chicken for some time. I have been eating pork since I was able to get it reduced price at the supermarkets. The promotion is on till end of this weekend, and I hope there is still some more chicken left on Sunday for me to buy another one. I just remembered a friend from Bournemouth , the same one who visited me a few weeks ago, is making another visit to me next week. He might enjoy the chicken.

There is a special joy in eating chicken when u had not eaten it for some time. You forget how delicious it can be and eating it now reminds me of it. Such is the easy way I get my joy. Coupled that with the free beanies I pick up on the street; I ask you how can I not be happy?

I was chatting with a guy who first contacted me via a gay website for naked meets that was set up by my friend. He wanted to chat on the phone rather than communicate via email.

Last time I called him , I got his answer machine and when he called me he got my answer machine and so back and forth. I told him that is why I don’t make calls, preferring emails, but he said he much prefer calls, as he can get to know a person very quickly by talking to them.

I said I get all these free calls on my landline but never have much chance of using it as my friends don’t really like to chat for a long time on the phone.

I can understand why too, as calls invariably come when u are sitting down to watch a favourite tv program. Or u got something to do .

And then u run out of things to talk about. He said oh no, not if u are intelligent and have an interest in the world, but I think he may be wrong there. But maybe anyone reading this can correct me.

I said it usually turn to gossip, and that can be rather a waste of time. He said he loves gossip. So there is straight away, a difference between us. Haha.

He said he does not only talk of gossip, but of world affairs and world economics too. Rather surprising to hear that, as it is a dry topic , economics.

I said don’t u find that because there is no solution to the economic crisis, talk on it tends to go round and round? He said that is the fun of it. Well, that is the difference between us then. I don’t find it much fun to talk round and round on something. Waste of time really. But maybe others disagree.

Also, I don’t think it that awful that there is no growth and we go into a triple dip. So what ? Maybe that is an ignorant talking, maybe if there is someone out there who knows about economics they can tell me why it is such a bad think that there is no growth. Why is it a good thing to have growth all the time? It only encourages govts to spend… because growth means the govt get increasing income from taxes etc.

added.26.1.13 the market dont seem to mind. it  is above 6.200 , the highest its been since 2008. it took 5yrs but the market seems to have regain all the losses since 2008. so people may have forgotten that even if there is a recession,measured as minus growth for 3 consecutive quarters,  it is a technical one. the base activity is still the same as 2008 before the recession hit. 

It is the govt’s problem if it’s tax take is reduced. It might make it live within its means. In that they have to lay off more civil servants and employ less people and have less spending. That is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

The news came out that employment rose during this time, a time of supposedly low or negative growth, so where goes the theory that low or negative growth means less employment?

My friend say there will be worst to come, and that 5yrs from now, we shall look back and consider we had a good time now. He cites as an example that we shall have less restaurants and such because the recession would have killed a lot of businesses.

I said maybe the restaurants will stop raising their prices so much and get down to more basic cooking and stop using expensive meats and jacking up the prices with unnecessary expensive garnishes and ingredients. And be forced to reduce their prices. That would be a good thing from a customer’s point of view.

But of course all this may be a lot of hot air, and I am talking rubbish. Haha. I don’t know how economics works and don’t really want to know. I don’t run the country, thank goodness. Haha.

I think that if the prices in restaurants become too much for people, because they are not earning enough, and the economy is not booming, making people less carefree about spending, it will force restaurants to keep their prices down and source cheaper cuts of meat while making it appetising.

That is a good thing , cut prices across the board.

I am sure there is a flaw somewhere to this line of reasoning.Image

But don’t write in to tell me. I don’t care.

just a recent 2day post

23 Jan


23.1.13 wednesday

I am quite surprised that there are so many bloggers still, I thought everyone have gone to twitter, facebook, or whatever those social networks are called. But wordpress is still very active, and tumblr as well.

I used to be with blogspot, and they don’t have the kind of connection that wordpress (and tumblr too for all I know) seem to make available for its members.

This article in the telegraph today says old people are likely to be cut out of the mainstream if they don’t join a social network. I cannot find the link , so maybe the editors have removed it as they realise that they are wrong to assume that just because u are not on a social network u are cut off from society.

I think if u are not on the internet, or have some access to it, u will be cut off from the mainstream. Being able to get online is far more important than being in a social network. Libraries give free daily 1hr access to anyone who joins the library, and in England at least it is easy to join the library. But for a gay guy, it has its disadvantage , in that it wont allow access to gay websites like gaydar, etc.

That is why I still have a landline, as it allows me to get free broadband. I got talk talk. And it is cheap, landline rental is £9.50 (because I pay a year’s rental in advance) and monthly dues for the package which includes free broadband is £3.50. I get free calls (up to 1hr per call) locally and nationally in the evenings and weekends, and a special concession for me, I get free local calls (02 numbers for London) anytime. I get free international calls too, to certain countries, but I never use them.

I thought in the past that I will close this landline if ever London gives us free broadband throughout the city… but I think even if it does, I have second thoughts about closing my landline, because it is v likely they will restrict access to gay websites. And it is nice to be able to call and chat with friends free.

I am using my blog as some kind of diary. For my own enjoyment. Not many use it like that.

Many use their blogs as a means of instruction, or imparting knowledge. Or as a means of trying out their communicating skills, or publicising their business, or humour or story -telling or poetry to entertain others.

And they all seem to want a lot of viewers and visitors. I wonder why?

22.1.13 tuesday
I was wondering when is Chinese new year this year. And I saw an advert in the online newspaper , the independent, an advert placed by amoy , saying they are cooking at various places in uk over the following weekends until ending in London on the 10feb, which is when Chinese new year starts.

The coming year will be of the snake.
This one is the year of the dragon.

Not that I know what the difference is.

I might go and see them cook, and hopefully sample it, in Trafalgar square on the 10th feb, or at observation point, Gabriel wharf on the 9th feb. the 9th feb one might be less busy.

There will be a big celebration with stage show in Trafalgar sq on the 10th feb. This year the celebration is on the actual Chinese new year day itself as it is on a Sunday.


It is a chance for the Chinese businesses and restaurants in and around Chinatown in London to make their profit by attracting lots of people to come into central London that weekend.

There will be lion dances.

This year Chinese new year is rather early in february.

Long ago, we used to meet at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown on new year eve for dinner get together. But it is usually a hectic affair, with the restaurant very full and everything was so rushed and expensive too. And the food suffered as a consequence of this.

Now, we don’t do that anymore. At least not me.

You might say how sad to lose touch like that with friends. It is rather sad, but we have lost touch with each other because we have no more common interests anymore. That is the reason why we stop seeing each other.

Rather sad, that , but friends come and go, and sometimes when our interests diverge, there is nothing to say to each other anymore. So we go off and find new friends or find new interests.