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talking of the weather

13 Dec

london 10.50am sunny 5.4C (lowest 3.4C ) thursday 2018

sunrise 7.57am sunset 3.51pm. it looks like the sunset is not getting any earlier, all the movement is in the time of sunrise getting later.

its blue sky out there and sunny. i was right about the cold not hitting london , here our lowest was 3.4C. but that is central london. further out , dulwich for eg, it hit -0.4C. 

what surprised me was seeing paris so low temp today. they are 1C now and have been lowest -2C. somehow i always get this idea that it is much warmer in paris than london. i think it is because we all go during summer and it is hot in summer. 

added 2.26pm 5.5C sunny blue sky.

added. 4.42pm 4.7C dark now but dry. 


mild november

2 Dec

london 11.29am 13.3C cloudy wednesday

my perception that november was very mild has been confirmed by the record.

the times gave this as the dullest november, meaning very little sun. but verymild, being the third mildest on record, just behind 1994 and 2011. i cannot say i have noticed the lack of sunshine. but then i am not affected by it. i think if it had been cold i would have noticed the lack of sunshine, but as it was, the cloud kept the temperature higher. we all know if there is cloud, it is warmer. whilst a cloudless sky cause temperature to plunge. 

The weather in February | UK news | The Guardian

8 Mar

The weather in February | UK news | The Guardian.

this is a summary of february 2015. it seems to be the coldest february since 2010, and the sunniest february since 2008.

i had the impression that this february was quite mild, so am surprised that they say it was the coldest since 2010, which definitely was cold. haha. i remember in 2010  i noticed the furniture was cold when my bare hands happen to touch it. that was the only time that i noticed the cold and that made me think it must be a cold february. haha.

it is 18C inside the flat now, and it is 11.05pm. i dont know how true it is this reading; because this thermometer i am using is a nhs paper thermometer.  i have no heating on. of course the last few days have been warmer than normal but it does not explain this 18C inside the flat. the online weather website for london says it is 9.2C outside now.

today, sunday, i thought of going to the naked sunbathing area in highgate but it was cloudy and not very warm. so did not go. yesterday, saturday, was the best day , sunny and high of 15C. and as usual, people who like this kind of thing should grab that good day when it comes and not wait for a warmer day.

but really , even at the highest 15C, it was not really very warm. haha. what with a cold wind blowing. that is why i did not take it as anything special and go out of my way to use it. did not even go out to the courtyard and sunbathe. its not really that warm actually. haha.

it is spring, and spring is not warm, no matter what the headlines screaming it is warmer than greece will  tell you. haha.

thankgoodness i am not really interested in having hot temperatures. i like whatever the temperature is … i much prefer this not- so- warm spring than the 32C now in singapore, as mentioned by garfieldhugs in her blog.

i have noticed the cherry blossoms and daffodils are still not in bloom.

my indoor temperature now caught up with the outside temperature.

23 Jul

london wednesday 2014

My flat had been quite cool throughout the recent heat wave, but now the indoor temperature has caught up with the outdoor one. it is 27C inside the flat now. still very pleasant, as the outside temperature has kept within 28C at its highest peak for some days now.

this outdoor temperature is just right. and i hope it remains that , even though the weather forecast says the heat wave will continue.

i am sure everyone else in the rest of the world must be laughing a bit at our calling it a heatwave.

i too dont think it is a real heat wave. a real one would be 35C or more. or 40C which in some parts of the world is the normal temperature. but i am sure people will indulge us our excitement, because we are like children who have not seen the snow… summers are rarely warm for long.

There has been some warnings that people might die from this, but i figure that anyone who dies from a 30C peak temperature , is so weak that it might be amercy to let them die and that it is their time is up. 

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 i have been reading two new books i borrowed from the library. the libraries have lots of new books published very recently. it is really nice to feel and smell new hardbacks. the incarnations, by susan barker, and raiders of the nile by steven saylor. 

the dish is mixed veg over rice; (celery,cauliflower leaves, onions, ginger, a can of tomatoes and a piece of frozen white fish), a very quick dish to prepare and cook. I know it is a bit strange to be eating a hot dish on such a warm day like this, but i had salad for lunch and so felt a desire to eat something different for dinner. I fancied some rice basically. haha. 

do without heating in the home

27 Feb


I practise this, and have not had the heating on for 4winters now. i am so used to it, that i dont notice the cold anymore when i am in the flat. i dont even bother to buy a thermometer to find out what the temperature is in my flat. 

but a year ago, friends have given me a nhs thermometer, a very simple one on a leaflet that shows the temperature using some mechanism that is not mercury. 

a digital thermometer. 

and i found out that even in the coldest night, the lowest it has gone is 12C. though since the thermometer is graded only to register 9C, and nothing below, i guess i wont know if it does go below 9C. haha.

We have been so brainwashed to believe that we will die if we dont have the house heated up.

As u can see in the leaflet , it warns that 12C is ‘too cold, increased risk of heart attack and strokes in vulnerable people’. It conveniently do not mention who are at risk. i think very few. but that warning will frighten everyone who are not strong minded enough to test it for themselves. The danger of these blanket warnings, is that it caters to the lowest denomination and for simplicity’s sake do not list who they are. 

now i know that you wont die from low temperatures if u are kept warm with appropriate clothing. as long as there is no wind u can survive even if the temperature is at 0C. the cold wind chill is a big factor in how cold u feel. 


anyway below is the link to someone who also practises the same thing as me and who asked this question in the guardian . 

This year I’ve gone without heating apart from the rare use of a wood-burning stove. I’ve managed well, but friends and family take a dim view of my low indoor temperatures. Meanwhile I find their homes intolerably overheated. Can you back up my assertion that my way is the ethical way?



good morning

7 Feb

8.28am 7.2.13 Friday
Another day dawns, and this time from a blue cloudless sky. The air is refreshingly cold outside, according to my temperature website for London it is 1.7C . Windchill is -1.4C.

In my flat it is 15C. Quite pleasant.

The lowest temperature was 1.6C which was only half an hour ago. It is now gradually going up as the sun comes up , sunrise is 7.28am .

And now I can see the sun striking the highest bit of chimney stack on the block of flats opposite mine.

It’s good to be alive and well. And I greet all you people out there in cyber land in the internet all over the world, with your sunrise and hope u too are experiencing the joy of a new day wherever you live.