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why are there so many thai restaurants in uk

11 Dec

london 10am 8.4C sunny tuesday 2018

i have noticed there are a lot of thai, korean, taiwanese eating places opening in london and i read in this article that it might be due to a deliberate policy by their govts to promote their cuisine and for trade of the ingredients .

the article ask why there are so many thai restaurants in usa. when thais only form a small % of the population. and come to think of it, there are a lot of thai restaurants here in london too. far more than the numbers of thais in london.

and recently i have myself noticed a lot of bulgogi and bibimpap mentioned with the opening of korean style restaurants. and also dumpling restaurants, taiwanese style, has opened in london … in covent garden, featuring their specialist dumpling, with soup inside it. perhaps that one is not sponsored by the taiwanese govt, but who knows. 

i know malaysia has tried to promote more malaysian restaurants , its good for tourism as well as trade. but i think that has been put on hold some time ago. malaysia now have to be more frugal now. 

but recently there has been a roti chanai place opened up in victoria , but that might be helped by  india govt.  in that article, they say the thai govt wants to be  big in halal trade as well, especially  eyeing the middle eastern countries. 

a japanese curry house,coco ichibana is opening in covent gdn, london tomorrow. its a really strange one that, just curry sauce and rice, top up with pork cutlet, or hamburger, or egg, or sausage etc. and they have built a whole chain just using that basic base. 

it follows Din Tai Fung, JollibeeTaco Bell, Halal Guys, and HaiDiLao as notable international openings and/or announcements in the capital in the last six months. its interesting that so many of these international brands are starting to open a branch in london. at this rate, you could tout london as the place to eat the world’s cuisine without bothering to travel there.

fusion dishes

22 May

london 7.19am 12.6C sunday 2016

london has always indulged in mixing and matching, taking local indigenous dishes and mixing it up with their version. one example comes to mind, the invention of new indian curry dishes here in indian takeaways and curry houses   that u cannot find in india. america does it too… chop suey being a famous example.

usually it is the native cooks of those countries , coming to live here, who have adapted their traditional dishes from their countries of origin who have altered the dish due to the lack of ingredients or cater to local tastes… this article asks why thai foods have not been given that treatment… and now it seems some white chefs have done it… thai fusion foods has arrived. what is different this time is that it is done by white guys who have gone to thailand and tasted the dishes come back here to try to recreate it and have to adapt the ingredients they can get as well as apply it to new ways. that is how fusion dishes come about. and it looks like thai dishes are getting that treatment. when we hear that indian curry houses are finding it hard to get traditional indian cooks from india into this country because of the obstacles imposed by govt against such immigration, maybe the answer is here… to train locals or to allow locals to create their own version of indian foods… i think there are some indian restaurants that do this …fusion restaurants.

 when u can buy traditional dishes from supermarkets, it might be traditional curry houses are doomed. and fusion restaurants may be the ones that flourish and will be the future.

“Pad Thai is not even a very traditional Thai dish,” laughs Ben Chapman, co-founder of Smoking Goat. “It was basically introduced by the Thai government [in the 40s] to get people to eat more rice noodles.”



a display of flowers being manipulated to spell a word, or create a display. i saw it at my local library, to commemorate father’s day perhaps.