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thaipusam in malaysia

31 Jan

london 9.47am 9.5C rain wednesday 2018.

i read in a blog that it is thaipusam today and it was celebrated in penang where it seems to be celebrated  in a big way. in a way it is surprising that penang celebrates it in such a big way, because i think penang is mainly chinese, but it seems to have a big indian population by the look of those pictures. or it draws indians from the other nearby states to penang. i am sure in kl they will be at the batu caves and little india.

here in london, it is not recognised , or rather no one has booked trafalgar square for it.

i remember thaipusam as unique for its kavadi carriers. and coconut chomping . and maybe there are none in uk to carry that tradition. there is a lot of significance for those kavadi carriers, they undergo all that for religious reasons and not just as a tourist attraction. and i can imagine no one here is into it in sufficient numbers to make it worthy to form a procession around. its possible that all that tongue and body piercings may be too much for the westerners to stomach.

added. 12.30pm 6.7C sunny. interestingly the temperature has plummetted and it is sunny. it had rain earlier but i dont think that accounts for the sudden drop in temp. 

here in london, the bus system allows us to ride 2 times on a single fare of £1.50 as long as it is within an hour of each other. but today, i read that is extended to unlimited amounts of ride within an hour for the price of a single fare £1.50. quite good for short journeys to the supermarkets for eg. i am thinking that milk offer that i got, i see there is another batch of expiry date june 2018 being sold for £1.19 for 6litrs. it is still a nice bargain price, considering that normal price is  £4.60. they are heavy, and this hopper fare means u can cart two back at a time and make a few more trips to get more. though i would wait till it expires on that day in june for it to be reduced even further. that is if u can wait that long and if u can accept that it might all be sold out by the time june comes.

i am not affected by bus fares because i got a freedom pass and it is free for me anyway. but i suppose other people  will like this. it does make living in london rather lovely, dont you think?

when i hear my friends living in the country or near other towns in uk complaining of high bus fares or even that their infrequent bus services have been cut further i realise it is more fun living in london. 

thaipusam tomorrow

23 Jan

london saturday 2016 11.34am 10.6C sunny , its warming up.

i was browsing my wordpress reader and saw a post by tropical expat who commented on the dengue fever vaccine in malaysia being only 47% effective and may be dangerous to children under 9, which begs the question why it is used at all… he gave a link to the sun newspaper in malaysia, and that was where i found out that thaipusam is tomorrow. it is a public holiday in malaysia, but here in uk, we dont hear of it. no one is holding a celebration in trafalgar square for it.

it is a hindu festival celebrated by tamils, according to wikipedia. i guess there are not enough tamils here who would bring a bit of colour to london by walking about near naked with a kavadi. a bit cold for it now.

i remember now that it is well known for the devotees skewering themselves seemingly without suffering any pain. or if there is pain, they are able to suppress it. it’s a very strange custom. and for the tremendous crowds in batu caves, in malaysia. and the breaking of coconuts.