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free book

2 May

london 5.40pm 12.6C sunny wednesday 2018

i went to the chelsea library while waiting for my circuit class to start and saw this book there. the muse by jessie burton. when i tried to borrow it, the library wont recognise it, and looking in the front page i saw it has no library identifying code. so i asked the desk , and she said it is free. i did not ask why, as i did not want to appear to be looking a gift horse in the mouth…so took it anyway… i think it is because the cityread london 2018 is touting the book as their book for reading in book clubs , and organising sessions where readers can talk about it.  it is first time that i see a commercial book being given away free. the author is famous for another book, the miniaturist, which has sold a million copies it seems. this one came out in 2016. 

i am puzzled by this cityread. they are a charity, and have been doing this since 2012, from their website that i saw for the first time when i googled them.  but i live here, and this is the first time i heard of them. this year they have got the library involved which may be why this year i heard of them. even then, it is only the chelsea library that is giving these free books. chelsea library is part of the fulham and kensington council libraries. i can borrow books from them as they have linked up with westminster libraries.  i go often to the westminster libraries, and i never see any of this there.