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i think most people find their lives boring, and work breaks up the tedium of their lives. some will go to football matches.

31 Mar

london 5.37pm 11C sunny but windy sunday 2019 sunrise 6.40am sunset 7.30pm

the wind makes it a bit chilly today. though it is quite a low temperature , being 11C, when u compare with 19C yesterday.

its been cloudy earlier in the day, though now it is blue sky and still very bright even now. that is the most obvious effect of the change to summertime.

this morning, i had wanted to take the bus to the paddington library, but all the buses were disrupted, and there seem to be a lot of people at the bus stop, so much so that the no 2 bus that normally is quite empty, were so full that they are refusing to take any more passengers even though people are getting off the bus.

seeing the buses so crowded, i thought i had better go to the library by tube, but when i walked up to pimlico station, it was closed.

when i did get the bus to victoria , i found out that there is no tube service between victoria and brixton on the victoria line. and the tube services northbound were disrupted.

someone who was waiting  on the platform  told me it is the wembley football game that is causing all this , with the weight of supporters heading to the stadium for today’s match.

so i decided to abort my trip to the library. i was thinking what is this with human beings wanting to watch football matches. i think it is quite silly to travel miles to pack into a stadium to watch a football match, a bunch of people chasing after a ball, all trying to aim it between two posts. have they got nothing better to do? and i have to answer myself and say, yes, they have nothing better to do.

when u think about it, most people really have boring lives where the highlight for them is a football match where they can rub against each other and sing songs, and cheer or groan. if people are not working, almost all will find their lives terribly boring, i bet. 

added 8.06am monday 1.4.19. i read today about a mum being neglected when her husband decided to go to that wembley football match instead of be with her on mother day. and the other mums not sympathising with her.

bus rides, bus jams, free birthday doughnut,but no free hamburger

7 Jun

london 4.47pm 20C cloudy/sunny wednesday 2017

saw lots of leaves and branches on the sidewalk around this estate as i waited for the bus to the library this morning. the estate  roads are lined with trees, and the pavements are littered with leaves , green leaves too which suggest that they have been forced to fall off the trees. must be some wind yesterday or last night. 

yesterday one of the branches fell across the road blocking the bus 88 ahead of mine, forcing the bus driver and a black cab driver who was behind him to get out and move the branch to the side walk. that was the first evidence to me that the wind must have been very strong at one time.

so there must have been a strong wind yesterday when it rained all morning… but i cant say i noticed it. inside my flat i dont hear anything. i only noticed it raining practically the whole morning…

i was out too yesterday, wanting to go and get my free hamburgers, in a pop up restaurant, called biteme, who are having their soft opening of 3 days inside a chinese restaurant near holborn.

when i arrived there about 2pm, i went downstairs , it was in the basement, but it was so deserted, no one inside, that i chickened out and climbed back up the stairs. haha.

well today i thought i shall try them again but at 12pm … thinking they might have more customers … but i was too early, i went at 12.30pm, or rather i went at 12pm but it was so deserted looking that i decided to go to the nearby krispy kreme to get my free birthday doughnut which they gave me via a email voucher. it was just because my birthday is soon. i got a cream doughnut with very sweet cream filling…it reminds me they are so sweet…once a year is enough for me.

at 12.30pm i tried them again, and saw a woman come out of the place as i approached, so thinking it might be more open now i went down, and saw 3 people huddling over a laptop, and i saw the counter with the biteme name on it, with two cooks there, and fresh minced meat on the counter… all ready to make up into patties and fry in the flat hot top behind them. but there was no one to serve me, i asked the cooks and they say take a seat, and i saw a group of people come in and they were taken to their table by a waiter who  appeared. there was a single guy who came and he too got taken to a table. i unfortunately was allready seated at a table, and i know a lot of waiters dont like u to just take a table without their permission, so i got up and walked forward, but the waiter was no where to be seen, so after a bit, i got a bit embarrassed and decided i shall give up on it… haha. the voucher is for 2 of their mini hamburgers, and i cant help thinking it cannot make much of a meal. normally it costs about £8, but this is a soft launch so u can get it for halfpriced. anyway i think i have made enough of an effort and can with good conscience cross it off my list to do. i think fate is  telling me i am not going to have that hamburger. haha. they want u to sit down and have a meal in the restaurant. it seems a lot of bother for two small patties of hamburgers. the selling point of the restaurant is that they make smaller hamburgers so u can order a variety of it and have different tastes and different hamburgers to enjoy. 

i find i enjoy travelling on the buses… usually it would be pointless to just take a bus ride without a destination, so this aborted aim is something to go for, just to let me have an excuse to ride the buses. now that my foot is so much better, and i can make my way easily without aid, i am enjoying being out and about in london.

i have noticed it is very slow going on the buses at the top end of tottenham court road and holborn. so many buses with a huge bottle neck near the centre point intersection, and also cambridge circus. it must be the traffic lights, causing all this jams, because once clear of cambridge circus , it is empty roads. i got the 38, and i can see behind me a row of 38s, stretching out along the road, a string of them… all catching up with each other on this stretch.

i went back to chinatown to that shop that was selling the reduced foods, and bought a 12pack carton of that instant noodle. i have allready finished the 5packs i bought last time. it is rather nice, made of rice noodles instead of that instant mee, and i find it much more to my liking than the instant mee. and at 10p each for 70mg it is great value for money. 

a quiet day

17 May

london 10.29am cloudy 17C wednesday 2017

rather a peaceful morning here. in fact it is usually peaceful here haha.

simon did a good cleaning of the flat recently, so everything looks nice now. its very nice to have someone else do the cleaning. haha.

and the foot is healing well, swelling going down, bruising gradually disappearing, to be replaced by normal looking skin. at one stage it got so dark the skin, i was afraid i got gangrene, but i could feel the foot and the area, so it cannot be gangrene. and i can wriggle my toes now so motor function is coming back. and what is a good sign… it does not hurt when i wriggle the toes.

i am still not putting any weight on the foot, as i want it to be completely stress free. as with any fracture, the treatment is completely no pressure on it is the secret to it healing quickly… the body will do the rest of the work, and do its magic in repairing the fracture. so it is crucial i do not put any weight on it.

so i have been using the crutches in the flat, and when i go out and also  wearing the surgical boot. i am glad to be more mobile now with those two aids. i can get about quite nimbly so much so that i am seriously considering going to the battersea powerstation do during the coming bank holiday weekend. they have been having these functions tempting us with activities for children, and free coffee, once they even have a free pop up sourdough pizza. but that is over now, so not going to have it this coming bank holiday. but even so if we get fine weather end of this month, i might go there.

there is heavy rain forecast today which makes me reluctant to go out. i was thinking of going to the library, but i shall go tomorrow i think, when it wont rain. it is supposed to be raining heavily now, 100% chance of precipitation, they said. haha. but looking out of the window, there is no rain. just goes to show… their predictions are not always accurate for your area. 

added.8.50pm 14C. rain. i took two naps, and woke up to see it rain. so that is good, people may not like it to rain, but if what they say about a drought is correct, this rain, and more of it, may get rid of it. what a perfect weather system, when it seems like there will be shortage of water, it starts to rain a lot. that i think is just perfect. 

past times

5 May

london tuesday 2015 1.43pm

i was passing the recycling bins just now and it just struck me that i dont find anything to take anymore unlike in the past when i find such a lot of nice things.

i know the eastern europeans have cotton on to how lucrative the things are that people throw away here in uk, they can take and resell, so that there are not much things now that we can find anymore; but maybe another reason why things are scarce i  think may be due to people realising there are  men who make a business of it, they raid recycling bins and run off with the stuff.  and so people who live here are less willing to put out old stuff or get rid of stuff by just putting them out in the recycling area. in fact the authorities have resorted to putting a lock on each bin. 

there is a tv program called ‘wastemen’ tonight that seems to say as much… at least from the blurb written about it. i shall see it tonight and find out. added. 9.11pm i tried to see it but the first few tracks of it  was rather boring so i did not. haha. i know nowadays i have very short attention span. that is why i like if it was a written account rather than a film, it is quicker to read about it, and you can get the story immediately. unlike a film when it takes its own sweet time to tell the story. there is a lot of visuals so it is good for people who wants it spelt out in colour. 

i have this theory about it, that it is big business now , unlike the amateurish old ways when people just discard stuff they dont want. now people collect these things and sell it off ebay, or send it overseas for 2nd hand markets in gambia; to take just one example.

anyway it did occur to me as i passed the recycling bins just now; that i have not seen anything worth while to take for a long time now.

it is just as well that i have gone over that phase of my life when i would enjoy finding such things. i have everything i need now so collecting these cast offs is not so crucial.

now, i am more focused on finding things to do, and experiencing things that i would like to experience.

in the past, i would eat out, and buy fashionable clothes to wear, and see films, or plays, or ballet, or opera; or go to see art whether in the block buster art exhibitions, or just to the free public galleries to see their permanent collections. but i seem to have gone off them now. and i would travel too, both within and without the uk. but i have gone off them now. 

instead i take grocery shopping and finding food bargains now  as new pleasure experiences.  more so now when every where the supermarkets are vieing with each other to give reduced prices and special offers.

i am looking around to see what other experiences i can discover that are new and not known by others, so that they dont catch on and become more expensive. i used to frequent charity shops and bought some real bargains, but nowadays charity shops are expensive. see what i mean, when i say when everyone cotton on to it as great places to get things, it then becomes expensive for what it is.

i think pound shops, and 99p shops, are beginning to succomb to that trend too. they are becoming popular as people realise that they can be bargains, but now i see they are not such good bargains anymore. not everything is a bargain, u have to be savvy and search out the good buys.

another thing i am into is seeing films on tv. ever since we bought a hd tv, and big screen tv, i find watching films so much more enjoyable, and also with the youview box given to me by talk talk, i get to see lots more channels and on hd too. the hd really do make a big difference in viewing pleasure. so that is another thing i am into now that is new from my olden days. and of course, the internet and blogging and just surfing the net and reading the news online has become a big part of my life now too. recently saw ‘dredd’. i did not realise that it was a sequel to the first film ‘judge dredd’ starring sylvestor stallon, which i did not find that interesting. but this one is really good, much to my surprise. i am glad i did not connect that it is a sequel to the first film, otherwise i would not have bothered to see it. 

so i am keeping my eyes peeled for new avenues of fun to do. to discover them before others find out and before it  becomes expensive or too crowded and so not  interesting to do anymore.

though there are some things when it is better if more people get into it. gay things mainly and sexual things. haha.

i thought i shall post something

18 Aug

london sunday 2014

it is the height of summer now, at least if u just take the calendar evidence, we should be having high heat but we are not. haha. purists might say the height of summer is at the summer solstice, when it is the longest day. now the days are shortening, and it is sunset at 8.19pm and sunrise at 5.48am.  but that is british summer time. so actually if u follow GMT, sunrise is 4.48am, and sunset is 7.19pm. it is funny to me that the sun seem to favour the early morning, rising so early and setting relatively early too.

so what is my life like in london now? just the same old, same old. Usually nothing much happens in britain in august. people go away on holiday , the politicians are all away as parliament have their summer recess. so those who are well connected will be leaving the city for their country estates, or abroad. schools are closed too for the summer holidays. those of us who chose to remain , out of poverty or just because we dont like all that travelling, or dont have kids, who like me in other words will stay in london.

i wonder what they do to amuse themselves. dont get me wrong, there are lots of things to do in london, esp for tourists, and they always have lists , like 101 things to do in london, where the things they list are quite mundane.

the great thing about london, and maybe any great city are the niche interests that abound to anyone who are interested in it and can find out where they are. anything starting from sexual interests onwards. so no need to just take the lists they publish in papers which u might find rather tame. 

maybe they take advantage of the john lewis tea time offer that comes with their members’ card. once a month we get free cakes and tea/coffee at the john lewis cafe. this month i decided to go to their chelsea branch, peter jones. the cafe is on the top floor with a transparent roof.

i had walnut and coffee cake and cappuccino. rather too much caffeine. maybe i should have gone for the tea. the cake slice was quite a lot, too.

it was crowded with people, maybe it is normal for them to be so busy on a saturday afternoon. 

i was browsing the newspapers trying to find again the article listing 101 things to do in london (could not find it in the end)and accidentally brought up this from slate. it is about why there are all these different yogurts from different countries. there is nothing to distinguish yogurt native to  one country from another.  i have not thought about it but it is true, and yet we have all these yogurts from all these countries selling in supermarkets… strange. take the quiz, you would be amazed at the answer. i only got 2 right. 

monday 2014, 18.8.14 

i wrote the above but did not post it as i thought it was rather mundane . this morning i read in my online news that there has been a huge procession in central london by a hindu community to celebrate their new temple in north london. i missed that. but i am used to knowing there are lots of things in london that i can miss very easily and i am glad i dont have fomo.( a condition known as fear of missing out.) 

for example, last fri/sat we can get free use of the boris bikes. usually there is a £2 daily hire, but it is waived for those two days to enable lots of people to try it out. 

i have never ridden a boris bike so dont know if it is very heavy and take effort to ride, and i dont really want to try it. this is because i got 3 bikes and can ride them free everytime haha.

except i dont do it that often anymore because i can get free bus and tube and train. even so, i dont ride the train and tube much, preferring to use the buses, and even then i dont do it much either.

i am aware that it is not really free, someone else have to pay for it, in the case of the free bus pass, it is the local council, which in my case is westminster council.

though my council is rich and can easily afford it; still, i try to save them money because i am just thrifty and dont like waste. even if it is not my money. if u say i do pay it via my council tax, i would say not really. our council tax is the lowest in the country. it is one of the paradox of life, that here in westminster where property prices are the highest in the land, we pay the lowest council tax.

I have a feeling westminster do not pay as much as the outlying councils for the free passes. it is based on usage how much travelling the holders make on the public transport. i think a lot of us in westminster dont really travel often to the outskirts of london because there is nothing in the suburbs to attract us to go there. whilst the opposite is the case where people in the suburbs would love to travel to the centre as there is everything happening in the centre. so they will use their free travel passes more often and use the tubes and trains too which cost more.

we in london get free travel even on the tubes and trains, unlike the rest of the country which can only travel free on buses and even then those bus routes are being cut. one of the advantages of living in london.

i also think walking is essential for good health. i see old people using the bus for just one stop and i think to myself be careful, or u will make yourself less fit and suffer the consequences in future.

as it is i dont cycle anymore whereas before i would cycle to brixton to buy my ginger and garlic, and tomatoes (just a few days ago,  there must be a glut because i can get 8 big fat tomatoes for 50p in brixton so much better bargain than the 50p offers in supermarkets for 6 small tomatoes and even then those special offers are not often on. or u have to buy 3 items for £1.50). 



things to do

26 Jan

My friend john, who is now in gran canaria on a two week holiday tells me he foolishly left his bumbag containing his camera, mobile, and 150Euros when he was in the sand dunes in maspalomas; it was only a brief absence, he said, and it was stolen.
Maybe john was a victim of a scam, some one luring him away with the promise of sex, and another darting in to steal.
Ah well, I guess that is always the possibility of theft when we go on holiday. I guess john will just have to jot it down to experience. Haha. First, never to bring anything valuable when u go cruising in the sand dunes. And that is it really. Haha.

He is staying in a private B&B, which I told him about from a gay website. There , gay guys let out short stays. This one is only £10 a night and very central near the yumbo centre and dunes. What is the catch you ask. Well you will have to tolerate the antics of the host. Haha. In this case, john tells me he was woken up by loud cries of pain lasting an hour or so he said. It was some kind of sex antics which the host was indulging in with another, in the living room where he sleeps. Ah well, haha, u have to take the rough with the smooth I guess. At least john was not forced to take part… the host seems to be into S&M. (john was a bit worried before he left as the host changed his profile to say he was into bareback sex and rough sex… but of course, you can always decline to take part and no one will force you too. So it is quite safe to stay at these places. It will just be noisy if the guy gets lucky and happen to bring someone back for sex when you are staying there.
I pity the neighbours more. Imagine having to hear all those cries in the middle of the night for years.

I think john must be glad that he only agreed to stay one week, moving on to a couple he knows are naturists, living in a village in the countryside.

Ah well, sometimes I wonder why we travel … maybe I am just getting old, but it seems a lot of bother for nothing. U can get sex in your home town easy, no need to spend money travelling miles away living in uncomfortable places, eating dodgy food … and getting things stolen. Haha.

Here in London, I went to a event set up by a group called yelp.com they are a website that allows members who join (and it is free to join) to post reviews of anything … but most of the posts seems to be about eating places, and any businesses that wants u to spend money.
It is like trip adviser, but they say they are different because they are very selective in whose reviews get featured. They have a way of weeding out fake reviews or reviews by owners. They ask owners of business not to ask customers to review them.
I used to join another website that they took over, that is why I am on their email list.
I am rather supportive of them as it is a good thing, because they organise free events and invite members to attend.
The event I went to was their time travellers ball, held at the marriot hotel near grosvenor square, Mayfair. And very nice it was and just the right duration, 2hrs from 8pm-10pm.
I should have taken everyone’s name and search for their reviews online, but I forgot. Just goes to show I have lost all my networking skills, that is assuming I had any in the first place. Haha.

I guess with the Chinese new year coming up and a festival in Chinatown and Trafalgar square, on 2feb, someone could organise something.

Though for me, the crowd is too much and I tend to leave. But never mind me, I am just a loner, and don’t like crowds.

added. 3.2.14. i enjoyed the chinese new year show in trafalgar square. there was a lion dance, two guys leaping dangerously on top of pillars. very daring. and a dragon dance. actually the old fashioned chinese lion dance is the traditional one. i wonder when the dragon came in. nowadays the lion dance is a two man affair, but i can remember it was a troupe of guys climbing on top of each other to reach the top of shop houses where there will be a packet, consisting of firecrackers which will be set on fire whilst they try to retrieve the red packet full of money.  all the while the troupe will be manipulating the lion head and make it behave in a lion like way dancing and cavorting. it was thrilling to watch but it think the art and skill required to do those things are slowly dying if not dead allready.

there was also a chinese opera singer, from china. she was dressed in a fabulous red dress with a red headgear topped by a red feather. the dress top was shimmering and glinting from the sparkles set in it. when i heard her, i was immediately cast back into olden days where such ladies wore such dresses . it has such an old fashioned air about it. the hostess also wore a sparkly cheong sam(literary translation long dress. though the chinese call it chi pow. which is not so romantic as a cheong sam. i thought it is a very sexy dress, very high collared suggesting a demure and modest person, whilst so tight fitting and curvy and ending tightly round the knees with a slit on the side. i thought it a very sexy dress. no one i know nowadays wear it anymore. only my mother wore it when she was alive. no female in my immediate family wears it anymore.

Added. 31.1.14 i got a link to this guy who lives a naked lifestyle in gran canaria. it is not illegal there. that would be another reason to go there as it is a warm place so u can be naked all year round and be able to go out and about without any clothes and really live a naked lifestyle. I do hope the prudes dont change the law at present. i wish people would be more tolerant. after all, what harm are they doing… these people who want to be naked?