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can the sun rise too late, or sun set too early?

9 Sep

london 7.22am 13C monday 2019 cloudy

spain is the same latitude as uk, and should be following us with the time. they should be keeping gmt, or gmt+1, but they follow EU time which is berlin time.

london uk sunrise 6.26am, sunset 7.32pm today. vera playa spain, sunrise 7.45am sunset 8.27pm. so i would be sitting in the dark outside, and have to switch on the light now if i were in spain. i am sure i wont like it. and i think spain is losing out.

i had dreamt of living in vera playa at one stage of my life. when i was adopting the naturist lifestyle. it is a naturist place. but i dont think i would like to wake up to dark mornings, and have to wait so long for the sun to rise. granted it will also set late, but i am not too keen, or rather i am not much bothered if it sets early or late. if u are not working, it really doesnot matter when it sets… by rights it should not bother you when it rises too, but somehow it does. for me anyway. i like to wake up to daylight… in fact if it set too late, and i think too late is after 10 pm, i mean who wants the sun up after that time really !! i wont like it. i was thinking in the nordic countries, the sun may never set at all in summer, and i know i would hate that. i think i can use that word here. it would really affect my sleep rhythm. 

perhaps when they are able to determine what time to fix permanently, getting rid of the need to switch to summer time, (it is going to be the law,  EU allows each country to decide which one to fix, whether  winter time, or summer time to keep permanently) , they can do it so that they get gmt at least for 6 months of the year and have sunrise and sunset in its proper time.

that means keeping to the present winter time which is gmt+1. so when it is summer, and the uk switch to summertime, they will get to be the same time as uk.

so today , in the future, they would be having sunrise at 6.45am, sunset at 7.27pm. i suppose it will please some and irritate others. haha. not to mention if all the countries can fix their time, there will be a lot of mismatch throughout the year between some countries. i would predict chaos, when u have to change your watch when you cross into another country, and you wont know when to change as there are no borders points between boundaries to tell you that you have moved into the territory of the other country.

as it is most of the time they wake up to a dark morning. i think to wait for the sun to rise at 7.45am is really very late in the day for sunrise. 

i got plenty of time

20 May

london 7.42pm 18C cloudy monday 2019

this morning my email told me one of my books that i borrowed from the library is due for renewal. i can renew online but when i did, i find that the book cannot be renewed, as there was someone else has wanted to borrow it and so has reserved it. this means i have to go to the library to return it today. but i have not finished reading it, so i took it out and began to do so. i have allready read half way, and it was quite quick to finish it in about 2hrs or so. and it was still only about 11am. it was a fantasy novel called truthwitch, by susan dennard. its ok as a novel , at least it interested me enough to want to finish it before i return it.

but i was thinking, i have a luxury that i have that not many people get. i mean i got time. that is something we dont think much of until we are so overworked and got no time to do everything at work. or no time at home to do anything we like, because most of us have things or people that demand our time. but not me. haha.

then when i took the bus to come back, the 360 bus came first and that takes me to vauxhall and i decided to take that as i just decided to go to the tesco to buy sultanas, which i have run out of. so that is what i did, at vauxhall taking the 196 bus to the tesco instead of walking there.

the bus services esp the 196, is much more frequent during weekdays so there is not long to wait for a bus to come. there was no bargains so early at the tesco, so i just bought the sultanas.

it is one of the quirks of marketting, that sultanas in the cake section, (so it is meant to be used for baking) is much cheaper than if u buy it on the other sections. the strange thing is this… other dried fruits similar to sultanas, like raisins for eg, are much more expensive. it always puzzles me why it should be so. both are from grapes. i use my sultanas in my porridge so i like the cheapest i could get. 

there was basmati rice laila rice on a special reduced price of £10 for 10kg. it is not always present on the shelf, as it can get all sold out. but this time, there were plenty of bags of it. i had allready bought one before, and thought of buying another. but when i lifted it to put in my basket, it was so heavy that i changed my mind. i can wait to buy it another time, maybe when i got my shopping trolley with me. there is no hurry to buy another 10kg of rice. 



bits of news

7 Apr

london 7C 9.45am brightcloudy (lowest was 3C at about 7am) friday 2017

quite a chilly start this morning. i see it was 3C when i woke up, but usually it should not feel chilly in the flat. a bit puzzling that, until i walk into the kitchen and saw simon have left the window wide open.he has come back from his mum’s early this morning.  he smokes, and often leave it open to clear the smell. so that explains the chill in the flat.

added. its 11am 10C and bright sunshine outside now, streaming in through my sitting room windows. sometimes i call this room my lounge. i wonder which is more appropriate. to me both describes to perfection the type of activity that i use it for. haha. 

browsing the news i read that malaysia is not doing its F1 grand prix next year. this year’s race in oct will be its last. malaysia was one of the original countries that make up the numbers of the first grandprix circuit when it started in 1999. it seems dwindling numbers (of spectators) is the reason. i guess malaysians must have come to realise what i know allready , that it is really boring to watch cars go round and round the same track. new countries have been added , france and germany (the latter can only do it biannually).

added. 11.29am sat 8.4.17 15C sunny . i was thinking the monaco grand prix is rather nice to watch, just because they drive through all the famous landmarks … today i read that from monday new road rules allow for motorsports in public roads. other races like bikes, marathons, are allready allowed. and they are so disruptive. so i cannot imagine how much more it will be to allow the grand prix to take over a weekend in london. but if we can charge them an arm and a leg, it will be profitable. unlike all those marathons and bike races which we get now where we get no money from them and hell of a lot of disruption.

added. 6.07pm 16C sunny. earlier i had an appointment with the doctor. yes, afraid the foot is still not doing well. it is much improved in that it is not so swollen, but one part is still quite painful so i got another 7day course of the 2nd antibiotic given to me. the doctor who saw me said these things take time, and may require a long course of antibiotics. ah well, looks like i have to endure it. it will be worth it when it heals completely. i shall always appreciate it and look at my healthy feet with great respect and homage once it gets better.  

i find i want to stay put and put my feet up as often as i can. so i shall have a lot of my activities curtailed in the coming weeks. times like this make me glad (not for the first time either,) that i am not working, or dont need to work. i was wondering how i shall do the shopping as my ginger is running low, and it is quite a effort to go to brixton for that. but fortunately there is no rush… because john, my usa friend had been cooking and i can get to eat his efforts. it saves me having to cook which is quite helpful in my circumstances. so far i have not done much food shopping for a long length of time, the longest length of time in fact.

i got this foot infection on 22.3.17. so about 16 days. its really nice not to live alone. i got two living with me, john and simon. and it is very nice to have them around.

and i find it is really nice to not have any goals or lists to do…i think it suits me very well. i daresay most people wont like it… as they are convinced that to live you must be useful, or have goals, or do something… they feel guilty if they are not doing anything, because they feel they are wasting their time and to them time is precious, they must fill it up with lots of useful things to do. but to me it is such a luxury that i am not controlled by other people’s agenda, i dont have to keep any appointments, or meet up with other people to suit their plans. i can have nothing planned at all and feel very delighted at it. i am very rich in time. no one can buy it, nor can i give it away as a donation to anyone else.  it is all mine to spend it. and everyday it is used up, but miraculously, it is replenished without any effort on your part the next day. it is a cup that is constantly refilled every day. 

time travel

26 Mar

london 8.53am saturday 2016 10.3C cloudy/drizzly

Mar. 26, 2016RiseSetActual Time5:48 AM GMT6:24 PM GMT

Length of Day 12h 35m

Tomorrow will be 3m58s longer.

i put today’s sunrise and sunset times here so that i can compare with tomorrow, when the clocks go forward, just to see how it affects it. actually i know how it will look. it will just be sunrise time 6.48am… instead of 5.48am.  

i know the mornings will be darker immediately after the change. i usually wake up at about 6.30am, and it is quite dark this morning because of the rain clouds. even though the sun has allready risen at 5.48am. well, correction, not exactly dark, more darkish… i dont think there is any way of describing degrees of dimness , or brightness… but lets say it was a grey morning this morning.

tomorrow i shall find it darker.  though with our english weather, it can be so cloudy with dark rain clouds,like it is this morning that it can be just like today , grey ,and i see no difference. it is forecast to be raining tomorrow so i expect it might be grey like this morning , no difference at all or slighter darker shade of grey haha. 

so  tomorrow , i am eager to see what difference it will make.

there are plenty of people who get disturbed by this change of the clocks,( like francessay) but i have come to welcome it and enjoy it. it gives a bit of variety to the year, and provides a bit of a hiccup to the everyday movement of time.

twice a year we get this jump in the time…it’s  a taste of  time travel. don’t you think?

i have a feeling i shall notice the later sunset on sunday more than the late sunrise;  or rather notice the light lasting longer than usual on that day … though i would not bet on it, if i were you. with forecast of rain , thunderstorms in fact on sunday, it might well be the sun is hidden and the whole thing just remain grey.

it is the unpredictable nature of the english weather that makes it so endearing to me. 

i think those rings are great for keeping the eggs in one place while frying them. and those breads u see are caribbean breads. they toast nicely and remind me of the bread u can get in the continent. very dense.  a large 800mg loaf was being sold for 9p reduced from £1.80.

the effect on sunrise/sunset time when the clocks move forwrd tomorrow

29 Mar


I am curious to see how changing the clocks will affect the time of sunrise and sunset. so i shall copy today’s times of sunrise and sunset and I shall copy tomorrow’s when the clocks go forwrd and lets see what the difference is. I can guess what will happen because it is very unlikely that the sunrise will be at 4.43am, since the whole aim of this exercise of moving the clocks is to make the sunrise later and more importantly so that sunset will be later. so it is easy to guess that sunrise will be 6.43am, and sunset will be 7.28pm tomorrow. right now the mornings are very bright because the sun will rise early. tomorrow we will find the day dawns later and the mornings for those early risers like me will be darker.

Mar. 29, 2014 Rise Set
Actual Time 5:43 AM GMT 6:28 PM GMT
Civil Twilight 5:09 AM GMT 7:02 PM GMT
Nautical Twilight 4:29 AM GMT 7:42 PM GMT
Astronomical Twilight 3:46 AM GMT 8:26 PM GMT
Moon 4:52 AM GMT 5:10 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 13h 52m
Length of Day
12h 45m
Tomorrow will be 3m 58s longer.

it seems we are going to have warm weather next week.

Added. 30.3.14 sunday 7.11am

yesterday it was 20C at 2pm. and 12C at midnight. now it is 8C. i woke today at about 7am and it is quite bright. 

Mar. 30, 2014 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:40 AM BST 7:30 PM BST
Civil Twilight 6:07 AM BST 8:04 PM BST
Nautical Twilight 5:26 AM BST 8:44 PM BST
Astronomical Twilight 4:43 AM BST 9:28 PM BST
Moon 6:19 AM BST 7:28 PM BST
Length of Visible Light 13h 57m
Length of Day
12h 49m
Tomorrow will be 3m 57s longer.

I went to bed last night at about 10.30 pm, so when i woke and saw it was 7am, i thought i had slept late. but of course i moved the clock forward last night before i went to sleep so effectively i woke at 6am actually, and so got my usual 71/2-8hrs sleep. 

there is something about swimming

1 Sep

It is September now, but if we did not have calendars, I would never have suspected that it is any different from august.

But I guess that is what having time and dates makes us… we are more aware of the passing of time.

It is a nice sunny day and judging from today, it seems the nice weather we were having all august may continue through sept too.
But of course, it might not be. Either way it is ok. I don’t mind.

My friend who visited me and left about a week ago called me yesterday to say that he had been out of action for 2 or 3days, laid down by a abscess. It seems someone  hit him in the face a few weeks ago, and it had broken a molar. That caused an infection for which he had been suffering all that migraine and swollen glands when he was visiting me. He is now on a 7day course of amoxyciline.. It is a broad spectrum antibiotic, taken 3times a day.

And he will have to get that root taken out in future.

I guess the dentist will be a bit concerned about his high blood pressure that must be why he was told it will be a bit complicated. Not the actual surgery but potential risks.

Ah well, so now I know what was the cause of all that pain.

I wonder why my friend’s soul wants him to have such a lot of bother in his life. I know, u will say don’t be ridiculous, as if we have a say in what happens in our lives. It is fate! Or it is God’s will…

But when he left, I found he had forgotten to take with him a bottle of flavoured water that he bought. It was a Sainsbury still water strawberry and kiwi flavoured drink.

Waste of money , then he waste some more money by forgetting to bring it with him and suffer not having anything to drink during his journey.

But why , you will ask(or maybe u dont ask because you buy these things too?), does he waste his money on buying these sweet things? It says in bold letters there is no suger added, but they mean there is a lot of sweeteners, which they conveniently do not publish in big letters.

Why do u think these things a so sweet? Haha. Did you think there is something in rocks  that when water seeps through them that  naturally sweetens the water? A spring that in some mysterious way got sweetened by the rocks it flows through? Haha.

Ah well, people’s souls do take them through strange routes. My friend’s route in life is rocky all right and not at all sweet.

Anyway, my soul has taken me to finding a rather nice discovery recently.

I go swimming regularly, as I get a card that allows me to swim free at the local swimming pool.
I know I can swim with my eyes open underwater, but somehow got the impression that it stings the eye, or something.

it does not help matters when i see practically everyone wears goggles in the swimming pool. though i did see one guy swimming with his glasses… obviously he have to swim with his head always out of water.

In the past, I have swum in Malaysian public swimming pools and I notice that the chlorine they put in it is so strong u can smell it as soon as u enter the pool area. So it does sting the eyes.

But this public swimming pool I go to don’t seem to have that strong chlorine smell. They periodically come and collect samples of water, and don’t seem to put in a lot of chlorine and so when I finally decided the other day to open my eyes underwater, when swimming, I was really pleasantly surprised to discover it is very pleasant.

A little water leaking into the goggles seem to be really uncomfortable and disturbing, which makes u think it must be horrible to open the eyes underwater…. but a lot of water underwater is fine.

Granted you cannot see so well , unlike if u wear goggles but u can see enough to make out objects and that is fine.

Well, this is quite a revelation. And it means I don’t have to buy a new pair of goggles. Haha.
And I can do the crawl, and keep my head level when swimming, which does help with the neck muscles not being strained.

It is a thrill to discover something like this, by my own volition, and dare is say it, bravery…
I know , plenty of u will have known this already and are laughing now at this silly person discovering the wheel , as it were.

But it is a great feeling, all the same. That is why I advocate letting someone find out for themselves rather than spoon feed them with facts or advise all the time.

I have also discovered a revelation with deep water, it is so much easier to keep afloat in deep water. Somehow it is more buoyant… seems so counter intuitive, in that if u cannot swim, being in deep water is rather frightening… so u stick to the shallow end, when really that end makes it even more difficult to keep afloat…

do nothing day

4 Feb

Sunday 3.2.13
I woke up and thought it was Monday.
This was because I took a nap at 3pm and woke up at about 5pm.

I am sure a lot of us have been disorientated like this when we take an afternoon nap.

Sunday is a strange day anyway, as it has no structure. Most of us have no duties on Sunday to perform.

The funny thing is I don’t have any duties to perform the rest of the week either, seeing I am not working, and yet I experienced this disorientation today.

So maybe it is not anything to do with Sunday.

It is due to the afternoon nap. Haha.

I am in the happy position in my life that I can take a nap at any time, and any day. Such luxury!

What is strange also is that the temp outside is 9C and it is 7.15pm. So even the temperature is inverted.

It has been a low of 1.3C at about 1.30am rising steadily throughout the day to now. 9.6C. I wont know about all this temperature if not for the numerous weather websites showing the temperature for lots of places in and around London. In a way, all this information is not necessary. And in fact, can be detrimental, in that it makes people too obsessed with the weather.

Indoors it feels the same. I don’t have the heating on/ And it says 15C. I am so used to being warm in my clothes, I don’t take much notice of the temp in the flat as it does not affect me.


I haven’t gone out today so don’t really know what it feels like outside. Come to think of it, it is unusual for me not to be out at least once. I would go to the gym , or the library, or both; or to the supermarket. But today I skipped doing all that. I think it is because I got so sleepy in the afternoon, that I decided to sleep and by the time I got up, it was dark and that discourage me from going out. Not to mention, most things are shut. The library and supermarket closes by 5pm. My gym stays open 24hrs of course, but somehow I don’t fancy going there today.

Well, u know what they say about Sunday. It is the day when u can be lazy and do nothing.

London may be a major city but on Sunday a lot of shops are closed. Even my library opens after 1.30pm, and it is one of the rare branches that opens on Sunday. Many other branches of the library are shut. And supermarkets in uk are legally obliged to open only for a short time, 8hrs I think on a Sunday; unless they are small convenience stores which can open longer, and that is why so many of the named brands supermarkets have bought them.

U would think it strange that a big city like London keep these Sunday hours. But it enables workers to have a day off. And for those who want to work Sunday to earn double time. London is not like new york, which I think is truly a city that never sleeps.

I remember the restaurants were full of people even at 3am long ago when I used to visit over christmas. Granted it was the weekend, but still, I doubt u can see that kind of busy-ness in London.

I wonder if new york stays open on Christmas day? I think they do, but here in London, everywhere closes on Christmas day, even the buses and tubes, and trains.

I noticed that my thoughts tend to food. I start thinking I want to eat something, then I go to the kitchen and realise I don’t fancy anything there. It is true what they say about people eating out of habit or out of boredom.

Fortunately for me, I can overcome that urge.

And the tv is a good distraction. Now that it is after 7pm, most of the channels are on.

Though looking at what is on, I do find them rather boring too. Lots of detective and murder series.

Maybe that is why I am writing this, as there is nothing to distract me. Haha.

I could read a book , but somehow don’t feel like it.

Added. 4,2,13 read something today that made me think, but I shall make a separate post of it or this one will be very long.