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31 Aug

london 12.17pm 20.1C sunny thursday 2017

i really felt like having veg, so i bought these two at sainsburys. it is only £1. and made with a egg sauce, it is delicious. i use half a stock cube, so that it gives it that slight salty ness.

celery and brocolli are local veg, so wont be affected by the £ exchange rate. we should eat more of them really instead of buying imported veg.

brocolli also have calcium, which is not something that we can guess. it is counter intuitive, a green veg that is also calcium rich, when we associate calcium with dairy products. the reason why i thought i should have more calcium in my diet is because the doctor’s note , which was sent to me, (it is part of their policy of sending to patients what the doctor wrote), says the fracture in my foot might be due to a lack of calcium, and that they should keep that in mind. it is quite possible of course that due to a lack of calcium, the bones in my foot are less strong, and so fracture easily… so i thought i better increase my calcium and do a lot more exercise… exercise is the best medicine. really.

its really a beautiful day out there, blue sky , sunny… and i want to stay in to see this tv film tintin ,secret of the unicorn.2011.

sigh, torn between two desires. i guess the outdoors will have to wait. dr seuss, cat with a hat, is also on in another channel and at first i was torn between the two, but after seeing the dr seuss for a bit, i realise it is too childish for me. both are animation movies, but the tintin one is really very realistic. this film is very british, with british turn of phrase and pronounciation, which is unusual, because the original tintin is belgium.

tintin exhibition

13 Nov

london 4.39pm friday 2015

this drawing epitomises for me the tintin character. hiking with his dog snowy. it is quite  serious story lines in the cartoons now that i am able to browse some of the cartoons that are on sale in the shop. they say there are lots of laughs there, but it has pass over my head. maybe the humour is very serious too and too high brow for me to understand. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

somerset house has a nice terrace where u can watch the sunset over the thames. it was high tide when i was there. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

view over the thames, the boats are riding high as the water is at hightide. at low tide, the boats would be below street level.

do u like the cartoon tintin?

12 Nov

london 8.46pm thursday 2015

there is a free exhibition tintin in somerset house today 12nov 2015 till 31 jan 2016. i have seen the comics but might borrow them again in the library just to refresh my memory of them. its interesting that the original is in french, but like the asterix comics, seem to have translated to the english very well.

i like the asterix comics too, with its english humour. which i think is not a direct translation of the french.

but i must remember to look again at the tintin comics.