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8 Oct

I saw a tv program  called ‘gadget man‘ channel 4, episode 6 about  miniature gadgets and the presenter ,Richard ayoade, built a small cubic space and stock it with small gadgets and movable walls to create 5 rooms in it.
But at the end of the program my thought was that the gadgets were all expensive and unnecessary. And even the cube can be lived in without all those gadgets and moving walls. Just have the bedroom in the loft, and a enclosed space for the toilet/shower; and the rest can be used as an open space where u can do everything without moving walls about. Like this tiny house where there is no need to make moveable walls. 

He said there are 12,000 people per square mile in London. Is that supposed to be crowded?
How can that be? I live in London, and I walk about the street, and sometimes I don’t see anyone as I walk out from my flat and through the housing estate and reach the main street. Where is everybody then? And I live right in the centre of London.

It is one of the characteristics of uk towns. The streets are rather empty, when u compare with streets in s.e.asia, or India, or china, where there are people everywhere. I wonder how many per square mile in hongkong , for eg, or Tokyo? 67,000 and 11,300 respectively.
Fascinating read that website.
Google is so wonderful. Instant answers. And London was nowhere mentioned. Its seems its population peaked in 1951. London is not rated as a megacity.
The facts about paris is interesting. Fastest growing city in Europe, and now is a megacity with more than 10million. Most of it in the suburbs which stretch over more than 1000miles. The historical core (ville de paris)has declined in population. It appears that paris is experiencing the flight into the suburbs, though I think it is the poor who are going into the suburbs,  unlike other cities where it is the rich deserting the centre.
This is a little diversion and off topic, but worth a good look , it is about mega cities.

I think people here stay indoors in london, unlike in India, or asia, where people practically live in the streets and do everything outside.

I can understand that in winter, when the streets can be cold and windy, but it has been very mild and this summer has been warm, and yet hardly any one in the streets where I live, which suggests to me that it is the way of life here and nothing to do with how cold or rainy it is.

I think also many people commute into London, so they come in morning, and leave evening, and stay inside their offices most of the time. Only during lunch time they come out, then u can see the crowds. I once walked in the city of London during office hours and it was like a ghost town, so empty of people; until lunch time came and suddenly hordes of people just appeared .

That may explain why u cannot get away from people in those Asiatic places, whilst here in London, it is easy to get away from people.

When we visit s.e.asia or china or India, it is a novelty for us to see so much street life , but after some time, it can get very tiring. Its noisy too. Here in London, it is v quiet, at least where I live.

Now and then, I get reminded how glad I am to be living in London.

I have a feeling that London is dominated by a population of transients. At any one time, I am sure the transients are the majority. By transients I mean people visiting or working temporarily (up to 1 or 2 yrs) . They come and go. And these people are not counted as they don’t stay long enough. They are the ones who sustain the services in London, restaurants, hotels, theatre, opera, pubs, nightlife, fashion, retail shops, etc

added. i should also include amongst transients those who commute daily to london from outside london. google unfortunately could not come up with the numbers who commute from outside london. there are 14 underground stations that are outside the greater london area. 

added. saw this today about the uk weather. it explains why it is so changeable. i love this weather, because it changes all the time. we all who live here will know that if it is a south wind, it is likely to be warm. which is why i like weather reports that gives us the direction of the wind. this one tells us why.