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10 Aug

london 1.42pm 21C sunny saturday 2019

9.15pm 18C dry

its a quiet day today. quite windy. i went to the westfield shopping complex in shepherd’s bush because there was a free burrito given by the vue cinema to promote its film. they mentioned it when i got the burrito, but i forgot what it is and have to google it to find out. it is playmobil, the movie.

there was no one waiting to get the free burito at the van where they were dishing it out, so that i was surprised , because these free food offers usually attract a long queue. i got there at about 12pm. i was expecting to see my other friends who go to these free food offers. perhaps they had eaten it and gone… it was only half a burrito they were giving out. 

it was quite  difficult  to get there… that might explain it. the hammersmith and circle lines was closed, and that line gets u to wood lane, which is the nearest tube station to the white city square, where the van was.

this westfield complex is a big complex of shops, with one end opening near shepherd’s bush tube. and the other end near this wood lane tube. i know the hammersmith line is closed because i had wanted to get there and took the tube to hammersmith, but the station was closed. that was why i had to retrace my steps back to earls court, and had to come out of the station to catch the bus c10, which drop me off at white city, its destination.

if i had known i would have taken the c10 right from the start because it goes from victoria. ah well, at least it gave me some experience of the west london area, a place i dont normally go to. it has a lot of traffic jams, that is the impression i got from my grandstand seat on the bus.

it has no congestion charge, that is why it encourages private car owners to go there and clog up the streets. and i was thinking, serves them all right for voting against the congestion charge , they get to go there free, but suffer long traffic jams, and being stuck in traffic for like forever…fortunately the jam was not on our lane, so the bus i was in was able to sail past allthat stationary traffic on the other side. 

i would have thought it better to pay the charge and get free flowing traffic , with all those unable or unwilling to pay to stop coming in and adding to traffic. but perhaps that is a capitalist view point, which may not stand well with socialist people who want everything to be free for everyone. the way i look at it, i think it unfair that car owners can come into london free, whilst those who use the tube or buses have to pay to get there. so to be fairer, they should charge car owners a fee to come into london. and maybe use the money generated to make it cheaper for tube and bus fares.

 added. i just realise that there is no congestion charge on weekends, even in the central zone. so that might explain why the victoria area was also locked solid with a traffic jam grid locking everything, so that when the bus c10 whcih i took to get back, came to the victoria coach station, and i got off there, i saw the whole area was locked solid and not moving… well it might be bad for them,but i had a sense of grim satisfaction walking past all that grid locked traffic, thinking serves them all right for coming into central london in their cars. 




traffic jam

3 Jun

london 9.11pm 22C dry blue sky and light still out there. sunset 9.11pm. sunday 2018 high 27C.

i was caught in a huge traffic jam in park lane this afternoon. i was coming back from the paddington library, and the 36bus made such a long detour at marble arch. instead of going east down oxford st which is the usual route when this kind of thing happens; it went west, all the way west before it could turn south and travel to kensington high st, before turning east again to hit hydepark corner and resume its route to victoria. if we had been able to go down park lane, we could have done that journey in a fraction of the time we took to travel that detour.

i tried to go online to find out what caused that huge hold up from marble arch  down park lane to hydepark corner, but could not find any reference to it. usually it would be caused by  some demonstration or something similar. a marathon perhaps.  it was about 1pm. but no warning of any protest march this weekend. so it must be an accident. i did debate with myself whether i should just get off and take the tube, but decided that since i was in no hurry, i shall just consider it as a unscheduled bus tour of west london. haha. quite a lot of the passengers must have thought the same, because a big number of them sat on the bus all the way before getting off at victoria. if i were catching the train at victoria, i doubt i would have the patience to sit it out for so long.

there was a young chinese guy with a huge suitcase on wheels got on the bus same time as me, near the paddington library, and he only got off at the junction with harvey nicholls, the department store near harrods. i thought at first he was going to paddington station, but the bus did not go there at all, being diverted to by- pass the station. road works blocked the route.

then when i see he was still on the bus when we took the detour, i thought he was going to victoria, but he was checking his mobile phone so i guess he must know where he is. if he had wanted victoria he got off too soon, if he had waited a short time, we would have hit hydepark corner and from there it is a short ride to victoria.

it was a warm day today, but the bus was nicely airconditioned downstairs, so it was quite pleasant.

long delays during the weekends are quite a common thing in london. most sensible people , or those in a hurry would take the tube really. and i found out recently that the district line is very nicely airconditioned nowadays , with tube trains that are one continuous carriage, with no doors between carriage, so that u can look down the whole length of the train from where u are sitting. in the past it was very stuffy travelling underground which is a good reason to avoid it, but not now with the vast improvement in the trains. but rush hour is still horrendous, so that reason to avoid it still remains.

traffic jams

8 Sep

london 5.37pm 22.2C sunny thursday 2016

yesterday had a high of 28.3C. but that was only for a day, today it got back to normal.

i had first hand experience of what they meant when they said london had a highest amount of traffic jams in europe. at least that was what i read here. i was googling traffic jams yesterday because i got caught up in one in parliament square. it was due to a demonstration of marchers who blocked one carriageway on westminster bridge. it is quite a common occurrence in the centre of london. i think the congestion charge prevents the usual reason for a traffic jam, ie the sheer amount of traffic. at least in central london. but it mightnot be the case in this part of london that i was in today. 

i thought central london’s constant protest marches are the reason for making london the most traffic jammed city in europe.  but today i went to shepherds bush by bus, hoping to buy morrisons’ basic instant coffee. (they were sold out too, earlier i had gone to the morrisons’ in camberwell and they were sold out as well. i saw lots of empty shelves in morrisons’ shepherd bush branch. )

 anyway both going there, via the 148 bus along the north side of hydepark, and coming back on the c1, through knightsbridge, there was very slow moving traffic. i wonder why… perhaps it was just the sheer amount of traffic. so that is the reason for the huge traffic jams in that area.

i am certainly not going to grumble when my bus in the central area congestion zone  is jammed because of a demonstration. at least here in central london, i dont get jammed because of the sheer volume of traffic. so taking the bus within the congestion zone is quite pleasant, with the buses able to move at a good rate at normal times, when there are no marches in protest against something or other, in their dedicated bus lanes. 

heading to shepherds bush, i saw a lorry with a extra long load attached to it, and other heavy goods vehicles in the long line of traffic. dont know if they might have added to the congestion.

i was thinking are the residents regretting not having a congestion charge now? long ago the congestion charge area covered this section of london, but when boris got in , it was abolished. i was thinking it might be good to get it back.

certainly i am glad i dont live in that area, even though it encompassed some of the choicest properties.  it is no fun to have all that money and cannot drive your car or even go anywhere because of those traffic jams. even those poorer people who have to rely on the buses are in trouble, because the buses are caught in the jam too.

u might say let them use the tube, but some parts of that area are bereft of tube stations and are quite a long way from one. it surprised me too, this is supposedly an expensive area to live but there are huge areas where only the buses serve it.  if u look at the map you can see three areas nottinghill area, kensington area, chelsea area are bereft of tubes stations. 

the c1 meandered all round that area and i could see it linked a lot of places that are oasis of isolation from the nearest tube stations. it is quite a hefty walk to the nearest tube station. and if the buses cannot  run smoothly because of the traffic jams, i dont think it is that good a place to live in.

added. i pulled up a link to the c1 route, and there i find a status alert, and it is Buses serving Holland Park Roundabout, W11 are delayed up to forty minutes due to a burst watermain. so that was why my bus 148 got diverted. 

Digital StillCamera

this is what asda’s basic instant coffee looks like. funny why they always make the labels look so unappealing. but the coffee is made from coffee beans, so as far as i am concerned its good enough. haha. 47p for 100mg. and it comes in a glass jar too. i made a cup justnow , cant say i can taste any difference from the tesco, or morrisons basic instant. the morrisons have a more bitter taste, and that i find i like. as i grow older, i like bitter taste now. so once i shall stock up on more of morrisons.  somehow i associate coffee with a slight bitter taste. that tastes like real coffee to me. maybe because i grew up on malaysian coffee, and it has a bitter taste.and we always sweeten it with condensed milk.  it has a strong  aroma because it is ground coffee and filtered through cloth filters. aroma is something that all instants dont have anymore.

in the past nescafe instant has this aroma, but not any more. at least not their classic blend.

i saw a tv cooking program and learnt that there are two beans robusta and arabica. the robusta gives it a bitter taste but not much aroma, whilst the arabica is milder so less bitter, and have more aroma. it looks like i like the robusta then. 

this link gives the difference between robusta and arabica

added. 4.39pm 5.10.16 wednesday. when i went to asda  to buy another , the price has gone up to 59p. morrisons , which comes in a vacuum pack has gone up to 58p from 50p. little did i realise that 47p was a swan song, and not to be seen again maybe forever. 



bike puncture

16 Jun

london 12.23pm tuesday 2015

yesterday, simon came back from work and said he had a puncture in his bike tyre and had to walk with the bike all the way home.

hmm, it made me remember what is awful about a bike, it can get a puncture. i have 3bikes for oh 5yrs, and i never have a puncture, but recently a few days ago when john and i checked the bikes in the bike shed in preparation for the naked bike ride , one of the bikes have a front wheel puncture. and now simon got a puncture.

i am glad i dont cycle anymore. i got a freedom pass now so no need to cycle, when i can get free bus and tubes. i now roam far and wide to buy my groceries, going to far flung budget supermarkets like aldi, where previously they were too far to cycle. though this month i noticed i have only been shopping in tesco. so their fight back to wrest market share from aldi seems to be working, at least with me… they have attracted my custom.

oh that reminds me i am running out of ginger and need to bus to brixton to get them. perhaps i shall do so today, as it is a bright sunny day out there. later, i think, as right now, the traffic across vauxhall bridge is really bad. i just have a taste of it because i took the bus back from the library, and we were long delayed trying to cross the jam. all those road works to improve the bike lanes have created a bad jam practically everyday at certain times of the day.

really my advise to any driver thinking of driving into central london. just forget it. 

i have no idea how to repair a bike puncture. is it difficult? or expensive? well, simon will find out. by rights all those who ride bikes should learn to repair a bike puncture because it must be quite a common thing to happen. though i never had a puncture in all the years i have the bikes until now. and two comes along… 


5 Aug

Yesterday all the bridges from albert bridge in the west to southwark bridge in the east were closed to motor traffic, so the buses were all diverted.

It was a first anniversary of the bike marathons during the Olympic games last year, and today was supposed to re-enact that day.

So roads were blocked right out to the south west into surrey. I bet the motorists are not too well pleased, and also the bus passengers. Even during the Olympics the buses were not affected much, unlike today.

I hope they don’t repeat it next year. Businesses must be affected in central London when no buses can run through it and people can only get around via the tube.

I was waiting for the bus in Vauxhall, and heard an elderly woman asking the staff whether they could buy the ticket on board. She could. Later I asked her why she did not get a oyster card. She said they can track her movements and she does not want that. she says she is too old for that.

Well, well, I have heard people say this, and this is the first time I actually see someone doing it. Preferring to pay cash and the double fare rather than get an oyster card.

I think she is wealthy. Because at her age she could get the freedom pass too and get all bus travel free. But of course if she feels that way about the oyster card, she will feel likewise about the freedom pass. She was travelling with an old man, so maybe he too feels like her.

Later, when I was being driven during the food delivery with the charity I was doing volunteering that day…the driver got really impatient at someone driving a laden car in front of him and criticising the driver of the said car.
I think the car was driving slowly because the back window was filled with bags, blocking the rear mirror view. But my driver was still angry about it.
Later we got into a traffic jam in Brixton, and in trying to avoid it I suggested he try another route, through a housing estate to find that we were blocked from going through it and had to return to our starting point.

At which stage he said he is going into the jam and saying to me he is stressed at me being so agitated about it. He said ‘your looking at the map makes me stressed‘.
How interesting, he interpreted my referring to the map as me being stressed at the jam.

I told him I was not looking at the map to check on him, but to see if his sat nav gave me a better route. That made him calmer.

Truthfully his driving was stressing me out a bit. Haha. Though I dare not say so, because I know it makes drivers angry with you if u tell them their driving made u stressed.

I said it is strange to me that u are ok with traffic jams, but u were so angry at the other driver… he said when the road is clear and the person was driving so slowly , he cannot stand it, but traffic jams are ok.

That gave me an insight into the mindset of drivers.
To me I hate being stuck in a jam and would find another way to avoid it, but not so with drivers.

That might explain why I always see a long line of traffic stretching from the Vauxhall bridge road and the drivers patiently waiting… instead of just turning round or move out and find an alternative route..

This is why.

Added 7.7.13 . i think the sat nav has conditioned the drivers to accept traffic jams as something inevitable and unavoidable, and no point trying to avoid it;  they might well be right too. because look at that incident when in trying to by pass the jam i got us into a blind alley through that housing estate which ended up where we started. And when we did go back to that jam, it miraculously unwound itself , the road was free and we had an easy run. 

In the past when I see this long line of traffic stuck at the Vauxhall bridge road, I always say their souls wants it…. It is my stock phrase when I see people behaving in a way to me that is inexplicable… it seems it is very true. Their souls really want it.

Which explains why cars still come into London even with a congestion charge … so that the traffic jams remain just as bad as before.

If the mayor were to impose a 20mph speed limit… now that would be really throwing the cat among the pigeons…that would really get the motorist’s goat… if nothing else so many will break that limit, it would be a bonanza of fines for council… haha.