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5 Jul


I woke up early today and went online to buy my return train ticket from Bournemouth. Earlier I had bought the forward ticket to Bournemouth from megabus for £1.50. I was going in august.
And I got that same price for today’s return ticket. Rather nice. In total I paid only £3 for a return train ticket to Bournemouth from London.
John is giving a naked party that weekend. And I intend to visit studland bay and get a dose of the naked lifestyle.

Then I found I have lost the first ticket which I had printed at the library. I hope no one found it and used it or come that day there will be two of us using the same ticket.

Today is supposed to be ‘readnaked’ day. I wonder who decides to call what or is it just someone saying so and if enough of us talk about it, it becomes so.



The Battersea consortium owned by malaysians must have huge political clout, if they can get both david cameron , the british prime minister,and dato razak, (surely that must be wrong, he must be a tun by now haha. Like his father, or maybe they don’t want to give him the tun title as he might be confused with his father, who was the 2nd prime minister succeeding Tunku Abdul Rahman.)the Malaysian prime minister to attend the inauguration of the building works to start on the Battersea station itself. Later, I found out that even the mayor of London boris was there as well.

They have asked for planning permission to knock down the chimneys and rebuild new replicas. If they can put up facades that mimics the chimneys whilst enabling it to be converted to flats I suppose that would be the best solution.

I don’t quite see how they will have flats built in that structure as it wont have river views, or any views at all, as the external wall is one solid brick with no openings. Ideal for a shopping and cinema complex I should think. And there is nothing to stop them from knocking holes in it for the views. And to put a restaurant on top of one of the chimneys haha. Not sure how much u can alter if the building is a listed one. 

Razak was here for the Islamic world finance forum to be held in London in oct. it is the first time in its 10yrs existence that it was held outside an Islamic country.

Such great advertisement for that Battersea development, the whole world will get to know of it and with all that political backing (the uk govt even gave the go ahead for the northern line extension to that area, I suppose because the US embassy will be there as well) flats there will be in demand. With the USA embassy to be built near there, and with its riverside views , its got itself a winner there.

I guess its time has come.

Fueled no doubt by this surge in the housing demand by overseas buyers in London.

I can see its effect where I live, a small pub in a corner near me has been pulled down, and a 9storey apartment block will be built in its place.
And it is not the only one. Small plots of land have been built on or small blocks of old office buildings have been changed to flats.

I wonder whether there will be a glut of these. But as long as the £ is so low, overseas demand will continue. Overseas buyers can buy to let, and have capital appreciation as well. And to provide a bolt hole for them in London.

It is now 4.8Rm to £1, whilst in 2009 it went as high as 7Rm to a £1.

We here see meals go up from an average of £5 to £10, but to the overseas person, it has not gone up by much because their currency have strengthened.

Added.9.7.13 read here about boris making a joke , when nazib mentioned that 68% of university students in malaysia are women, he said, they are there to find husbands.

There has been lots of criticism from the guardian readers about that … some saying well if they are the majority there wont be that many males to chose from and would defeat the purpose if they are there to find husbands. People dont realise that it is not getting hitch whilst doing your degree, that would be a no no, as u must graduate with a degree. it is the perception that your marriage prospects to a future husband will be greatly enhanced if you have a degree. someone mentioned in teh comments about UAE being similar with 70% university students are women. and then he went on to say why. because men can get jobs easily or can go into the army etc. women have none of those options.In malaysia, there is a malay quota that must be filled by the universities, and it might be there are not enough malay males applying . it might be the  malay males have better job offers with  scholarship prospects to study overseas and have no need to go to the local universities. and of course males from other races will not get a chance to get in, because of the quota. also the language of instruction is in malay, so the degrees are not recognised worldwide and that severely restricts the job prospects. as a side effect of this, namely malay medium of instruction, the students are not fluent in english which will again impede their job prospects. even in malaysia itself as so many jobs require fluent english as a basic skill. 

Aside 9 Jan


I went to ikea for their free breakfast again. This time I arrived at the tube nearest my flat at about 9am.

The tube train took me to queens park and terminated there. And to continue the journey I took the overground train which was the next train arriving there.

In the past, it was not an integrated service where the oyster card for the tube is accepted for the trains as well. But since they made the whole system run on the oyster card, we can take any train or tube.

So I arrived at the bus station to ikea at 9.40 am, just in time to catch the bus.

It was a shorter queue this time for the breakfast. I enjoyed the meal, much more than the last time. Maybe because I put some mayonnaise on it. There was vinegar sachet as well, which I thought was ketchup and poured vinegar. I must have improved the taste.

Since I had already seen the products last time I went, I did not stay long and left at about 11.30am .

I thought of visiting crouch end, to see what their charity shops have to offer, and I found out from the train map inside the carriage that I could change at Willesden junction and go to gospel oak and change there for the train to barking, which stops at crouch hill.

It was only when I neared crouch hill that I realised it is not crouch end. I asked a woman who was also leaving the train there whether it is near crouch end, she said yes.

I thought I could walk there , but a bus came along so I took it and glad I did. Because it was a up and down hill route.

Crouch end itself was a disappointment. The charity shops were limited in stock and pricey. And I fail to see what the attraction was to living there. There are no supermarkets, and so things were pricey and it was miles to the tube station, Finsbury park.
It is a posher area than Finsbury park I suppose.

Whilst I was browsing in the charity shops I realised that I have everything I need. I wanted trainers, and I found two pairs.

I was looking at the shoes they have on sale in the charity shops and branded ones are priced about £12 a pair. So I am rather lucky to have found those reebok trainers.

So really there is no need to go haunting the charity shops. Also I realised I have still held on to the habit of visiting charity shops but I am really realising now that my charity shopping days are over. I prefer to find things in recycling bins for free now.

It was a pleasant way to spend time. I seldom go to north London so this was a way to see it and realise there is nothing I miss by not going there. Haha.

The overground train is really very nice, the carriages are joined by flexible joins and so there are no doors. You can walk from one end to the other. And this I did to try to get away from those people talking on their mobile phone. Though I was unsuccessful because I was moving from one chatterer to find they were scattered throughout the length of the train.

I am following a blog by carly-dee in yacantgohome.wordpress.com who is a fantastic talent with poetry and I was thinking when I was fleeing the chatterers and finding them everywhere and being made to listen in to their gossiping; that she would certainly be able to come up with something wonderfully expressive of my feelings. Wish I can write poetry like her. A poetry expressing my futile attempts to get away from all these people talking inanely in their mobiles and gossiping and forcing all of us to hear them dishing their friends haha.

I was comparing it to the peace and quiet of the tube when it is underground and no one can make calls. Such bliss.

And I was thinking they are introducing it in planes and imagining it must be hell for those who have to listen to someone talking continuously throughout the flight with no way of getting away. They might have to hand out ear plugs with the ear phones.