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12 Nov

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this article in a new magazine aeon, which i got from a newsfeed, explains about people who are in transition. not only male/female but race black/white and a weird one transdisabled. pretending to be disabled. there is a link in that page ‘how flexible is gender, what about sexual orientation.’ and asking people to join the conversation which i find more fascinating. do people who change genders change their sexual orientation too? one post by crispin sartwell is interesting. he posits that it is camouflage. he calls it aesthetics repertoires. it reminds me of nature documentaries where animals mimick what they wish to attract. or even plants mimicking female insects to attract male insects (like some orchid species). i saw a doc of it once, a david attenborough program showing a orchid that looks so much like a female wasp, that it attracts a lot of male wasps to futilely mate with it, and in the process they get dumped with pollen or a clump of pollen gets attached to them which then get to the stigma of another orchid when they start humping it… so the flower does it to get an advantage.  and might not those who trans be those who take on the colouring and appearance of what they hope to attract? so if we apply this hypothesis to all those egs of transition… what do we get? 

i have been puzzled why people trans, this article gives some insight into it, showing that it is not just happening now, but has been going on way into the past and in many different ways.

its people being attracted to a very different way of life, and immersing themselves in it. the title of the piece in aeon is imposters. stripped of everything, that is the basis of their deception. whatever they say, they are not what they say they are. but our world is quite tolerant of self expression, so if someone says it is what they are, we tend to accept them for it. esp if no one else is harmed by it. this has not always been so, in the past. 

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8 Nov

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i read this editorial in the independent and it makes quite a lot of sense. 

quote’This is an unconvincing attempt to co-opt one of the favourite rhetorical devices of Tony Blair’s: the third way. Mr Cameron seeks to pretend that there are two extremes in this debate – those who want to stay in the EU, come what may, and those who want to come out regardless of what he negotiates. He propounds the moderate, sceptical but pragmatic middle way. 

However, there isn’t really a third way. There is in or out.’ unquote.

added. 9.11.15 a report saying for 2013, the EU’s total pension liabilities are £35.8billion (€45.7bn) representing a bill for the British taxpayer of £4bn.

A growing part of the EU pensions bill is the cost of paying for retired MEPs.

Under a scheme created by the European Parliament in 2009, MEPs pay no contributions to their pensions which 100 per cent funded by the taxpayer.

The pension is currently worth £13,760 for each five year time served as MEP.

In just five years, the scheme’s total liabilities have grown to over £230million.

i think this alone, the pension costs is enough for me to vote for brexit.

this article is saying it is worst than that. germany and france have high pension liabilities too, and they have lots of old people. they have to keep being members of the EU to be able to pay those pensions. and they need the uk in, to pay for that . added.11.11.15 katie hopkins in this article spells it out nicely to what we actually want. 

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i am at the library now, and decided to post the above that i made earlier. i thought i could add more stuff but really there are lots of stuff to add but it is quite pointless. haha. take for eg the big bathroom issue in america, where it might be the cause of a lbgt bill being voted out. in america federal law do not provide a lgbt anti discrimination law, so each state has to vote on it. and this one has been voted out because of fears that a man can invade women’s public toilets by invoking that he is a woman. 

there has been calls by other gay people to separate the T from lgbt, because of this kind of thing happening.

i think others might say when people in other parts of the world are being killed, and not surviving at all, all this fuss seems a bit like a storm in a teacup. which is true too, but then we all have our little concerns, and they are as important to us as all those big world issues. so even if all the rest of the world is having a shitty time, it does not mean we just lie down and give up trying to improve ours. it wont help them nor us. it makes me realise that in life there will always be people having shitty times and always others having the time of their lives and living well. that is life. 

added. 2.32pm sunday 10.4.16

quite a honest exposure of the perks and expenses that MEP(members of european parliament) can claim and how costly it is to upkeep them. it is no wonder so many MEPs want the EU to go on. it is a gravy train. on top of that they are guaranteed a generous pension.

Even on a top business class fare, you could make a tidy sum. If you flew EasyJet, you could trouser the better part of £800 a week — tax-free, because it counted as expenses rather than income.

 added. 7.30pm 10.4.16 another reason to get out of the EU. overuled our tax laws by EU so that uk have to pay back (refund) tax.